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  1. Research on the Management of State Key Laboratories,XieZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/232
  2. The Dilemma and Solution of the Financial Regulatory To the Private Lending,WuZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  3. Study on the Reform and Development of China’s Tax System Since the Reform and Opening Up,JiangZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/229
  4. Online Shopping Industry Development Research,ChenZuoBing/Fujian Normal University,0/23
  5. Research about the Role of Occupation Managers in Labor Relations,ShangPengZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  6. Research on Urban Public Transportation Development in the Course of Intellectualization in Fuzhou City,PeiGaoZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  7. The Research of Farmer’s Property Income in China Based on the Perspective of Institutional Innovation,WuLiRong/Fujian Normal University,0/3
  8. Investment in Human Capital in Rural Areas in Fujian Province Poverty Reduction Mechanism,ChenHui/Fujian Normal University,0/16
  9. The Study of Policy and Implementation about the Town Building-land Increase Meanwhile Rural Building-land Decrease,LiuShuangZhen/Fujian Normal University,0/291
  10. On Building New Type of Rural Land Circulation System,SuDongFa/Fujian Normal University,0/48
  11. The Problems,Causes and Countermeasures of Fair Income Distribution in Our Country,ChenXiYing/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  12. The Ruin and Contemporary Enlightenment of The New Economic Policy,LiPiao/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  13. Research on House Exprooriation of Collective Land in Urbanization Process of China,HuangZuoZhi/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  14. The Research about Peasant-works’ Housing Problem and Solutions in the Context of Urbanization,ShiXiaoJing/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  15. The Research of the Supply Mechanism of Housing Security of the Migrant Workers,XuMeng/Fujian Normal University,0/3
  16. Comments on Gorz’s View of Labour,ZhengHongYan/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  17. Research on Promoting the Construction of Public Service Platform for Publishing,LiXiuFa/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  18. Analysis of the Cross-strait News Anchor Actual Discourse Right and Influence,XueZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/9
  19. City Television Station Spring Festival Evening Innovation,HuangXiaoJin/Fujian Normal University,0/19
  20. The Plight and Development Strategies of the City Television Late-night Talk Show,YaoMin/Fujian Normal University,0/33
  21. Folk Art of TV Programs in the Ecology of Mass Communication,ZhangRuoYu/Fujian Normal University,0/17
  22. How to Enhance the Artistic Appeal of TV Help Program,ChenTuo/Fujian Normal University,0/7
  23. Self-made Drama:Transmigration of Production and Broadcasting,GaoShan/Fujian Normal University,0/33
  24. The Entertainment Means of TV Science Program Mythbusters,GuoZuoYu/Fujian Normal University,0/62
  25. The Emotional Dimension of Reality TV Show,DuanHongJie/Fujian Normal University,0/18
  26. Research of Spectrum Optimization Management Based on Game Theoretic,HuXiaoHui/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  27. Current Situation and Countermeasures of the Development of Competitive Tennis in Fujian Province,WuQiang/Fujian Normal University,0/22
  28. On the Management of College Students in Pingyoupingxian System Reform and Improvement,HuZuoZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  29. To Improve Vocational Colleges Internal Two Management Research,LiJin/Fujian Normal University,0/5
  30. Develop the Colleges Campus Culture to Promote the Vocational Brand Competitiveness,LinShuZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/3
  31. Promote the Social Force Participating Financial Aid for the Needy Higher Education Students,ChenJing/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  32. The Industrialization of China's Higher Education Research,LinZhenSheng/Fujian Normal University,0/95
  33. A Study at Enhancing the Innovation Capacity of Fujian Universities and Colleges on Science And Technology,LiuXinYue/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  34. The Research on China's Independent College Tuition Setting,JiangZuoZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  35. Explore of Teaching Chinese in Secondary Vocational School of Inheriting Excellent Traditional Culture Education Road,PanZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/3
  36. Using the TRIZ Theory to Develop Innovative Education in Physics in Senior High School,LuQing/Fujian Normal University,0/18
  37. The Research on Metacognition Level on Chemistry Problem-solving for Senior One Students,LiuGongYuan/Fujian Normal University,0/4
  38. The Research on the Effectiveness of Chinese Reading Teaching in Middle Schools,WangYaHong/Fujian Normal University,0/151
  39. Misunderstanding of Writing Guiding from the View of Writing Evaluation,JiangLong/Fujian Normal University,0/69
  40. How to Get Out of the Plight of the Current Composition Teaching,LinXiuDan/Fujian Normal University,0/73
  41. Temporal Processing Ability in Good and Poor Chinese Readers,HuangZhenZhen/Fujian Normal University,0/0
  42. A Preliminary Study on Children's Literature of the Elementary Chinese Experimental Textbooks,HuangZongYuan/Fujian Normal University,0/1
  43. The Research of Pre-school Education Public Policy in Fuzhou City in the View of Civil Rights to Equality,ZhongLi/Fujian Normal University,0/2
  44. Research on the Current Reflective Teaching of Kindergarten,SunCaiXia/Fujian Normal University,0/92
  45. Study on Construction of Teachers Team in Preschool Education Major,LiBaoJun/Fujian Normal University,0/2
  46. A Case Study on the Education Inclination of Kindergarten to Primary School,HuangYanZuo/Fujian Normal University,0/480
  47. Research on Unequalization of Compulsory Education between Urban and Rural in Cangshan Fuzhou,LinSaiHua/Fujian Normal University,0/6
  48. A Study of Characteristics and Relations among Moral Disengagement, Empathy and Prosocial Behaviors of College Students,LuYongLan/Fujian Normal University,0/107
  49. Teaching Platform Design for General Technology Based on WebQuest,ShiXiaoFang/Fujian Normal University,0/32
  50. The Study of Marxism Unemployment Theory,WangRongYuan/Fujian Normal University,0/17

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