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  1. The construction and expression of pSecTag-TAT-Bcl2l1 plasmid vector,LiuQiao/Beijing Union Medical College,0/4
  2. Experimental Study on the Prevention of Cataplasia of End Plate and Myatrophy with Muscle Satellite Cells Transfected with Acid Fibroblast Growth Factor Gene,CaiJinKui/Southern Medical University,,0/28
  3. Gene-modified MSCS by rAAV2-eGFP Could Evade the Specific Immune Response Against Wide-type AAV2and Effectively Transduce the Target Gene When Allotransplanted into the Rat's Brain,ZhengHaiYan/Zhejiang University,0/6
  4. A Research on the Mechanism of Improving rAAV Vector's Gene Expression Efficiency Through miR-133,JiaoLan/Huaqiao University,0/1
  5. The Effection of Rnai to the FOXO3a Gene Expression in Myoblasts Cell Line L6,DingJie/Shanxi Medical,0/13
  6. Expression Vector Mediated by Human β-globin MAR Functions as Stable Episomes in CHO Cells,WuXiangZuo/Xinxiang Medical,0/2
  7. Synthesis and Biological Properties of Peptided Lipids,ChenMeiLing/Liaoning Normal University,0/14
  8. In vitro and in vivo Rep-RBE site-specific integration of hemophilia B gene therapy mediated by the system.,ZhangAMin/Yangzhou University,0/15
  9. Lentivirus Mediated Blimp1-shRNA Gene Therapy Regulates the Differentiation of Bone Marrow-derived Dendritic Procursors(Pre-DCs),LiXing/Huazhong University of Science and Technology,0/1
  10. Layer-by-layer Assembled Redox-sensitive Gold Nanocomplex for Non-viral Gene Delivery,YuFeiFei/Second Military Medical University,0/32
  11. Identification of Containing PreS1Recombinant Adenovirus Gene Therapy Vector of Liver Cell Tropism,ZhangLi/Chongqing Medical University,0/12
  12. The Therapeutic Effect of Oncolytic Adenovirus SG655-mGMP on Cancer Stem Cells,LvSaiQun/Second Military Medical University,0/50
  13. Light-released DNA in Cells Based on Host-guest Interaction,NieZuoHong/Hunan University,0/0
  14. Construction of Recombinant Baculovirus Carrier of Ac-egfp and Ac-hgf Regulated by Dose of DOX and Timeliness,PanZhiMin/,0/3
  15. The Pirmary Research on the Building of Biological Pacemakers with Adipose Tissue-derived Adult Stem Cells,LiYong/,0/7
  16. The Effect of CORM-2on TM and EPCR Expression of LPS-induced HUVEC and Mice,MengXiangLin/Harbin Medical University,0/14
  17. Tanshinone ⅡA Inhibits the Oxidative Stress Reaction and its Damage on Cultured Human Peritoneal Mesothelial Cells Induced by Peritoneal Dialysis Fluid,YuLiJie/Nanjing University,0/9
  18. The Protection of Shenmai Combined Ligustrazine Injection on Liver in Sepsis Mice,Da/Chongqing Medical University,0/8
  19. The Protective Effects of Shenmai Combined with Ligustrazine Injection on Sepsis-Mice,WangLi/Chongqing Medical University,0/4
  20. The Effect of RHOA/RAC1on Isolated Lymphatic Contractile Activity in Hemorrhagic Shock Rats and Its Mechanism,SiYongHua/Hebei North University,0/6
  21. Role of Atp-Sensitive Potassium on Nitric Oxide Modulating Pumping Function of Isolated Lymphatics from Hemorrhagic Shock Rats,ZhangLiMin/Hebei North University,0/11
  22. Protective Effects and Mechanism of Edaravone on Acute Kidney Injury Induced by Sepsis,LiuLin/Central South University,0/86
  23. Study of the effect of mild hypothermia on brain protection after CPR mechanism,LiuJie/Beijing Union Medical College,0/33
  24. Species Distribution and Prognosis Related Factors Analysis of Nosocomial Fungemia,JinYiFeng/Zhejiang University,0/17
  25. The Protective Effect of HSF1on Multiple Organ Injury in Mice with Endotoxemia and Its Mechanism,ChenShuHua/Central South University,0/70
  26. The Protective Effect and Mechanism of Rapamycin on Liver Injury in Rat Sepsis Model,YinJianYa/Nanhua University,0/1
  27. Influence of Continuous Blood Purification Treatment on Sepsis Plasma PAF, TXB2,6-keto-PGF1α Level,ZhaoHaiHua/Hebei Medical University,0/14
  28. The Study on the Correlation about the Rhubarb Intervention Effect and Therapeutical Effect in Sepsis Rats,LiDongLiang/Hebei Medical University,0/15
  29. The Protective Effects of Glutamine on Myocardium of Septic Rats and the Mechanism,WuYue/Ningxia Medical University,0/17
  30. The Expression and Function of AOC3Gene in the Process of Severe Hemorrhagic Shock and Resuscitation in Rats,YiWei/Second Military Medical University,0/15
  31. Influence of Low Does Sodium Nitrite on Intestinal Barrier Function of Rats after Hemorrhagic Shock,ZhuZuo/Shanxi Medical,0/4
  32. The Protection Effect of rhTNFR:FC on Lung in Septic Rats,DongXiaoMin/Anhui Medical University,,0/8
  33. Protective Effect of Sodium Nitrite on Lung Injury Induced by Hemorrhagic Shock-reperfusion in Rat WEI Xiao Jun,CHEN Li,ZHU Jing,WeiXiaoJun/Shanxi Medical,0/5
  34. Xuebijing in Severe Trauma Complicated with Multiple Organ Dysfunction Syndrome in the Application of Comprehensive Evaluation,WangZhiFang/Dalian Medical University,0/11
  35. The Retrospective Investigation and Analysis of Catheter-related Bloodstream Infection in Intensive Care Unit,LiJun/Dalian Medical University,0/20
  36. Bioimpedance Analysis Evaluating Fluid Distribution in Patients on Maintenance Hemodialysis and the Effect of Adjusting the Dry Weight,QuChen/Dalian Medical University,0/32
  37. Protection of Peroxisome Proliferation Activated Receptor-β in Rat Lung with Hemorrhagic Shock-induced Acute Lung,XuChangHai/Dalian Medical University,0/4
  38. Comparison of Conventional Drilling Drainage and Minimally Invasive Treatment of Chronic Subdural Hematoma,RenHongJun/Dalian Medical University,0/18
  39. The Significance of Thoracic Electrical Bioimpedance Noninvasive Hemodynamic Monitoring in Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation,FengZuo/Dalian Medical University,0/17
  40. To Explore Clinical Efficacy of Ulinastatin on Patients with Septic Shock,WangDongFang/Dalian Medical University,0/25
  41. Analysis of Prognostic Factors for Severe Multiple Trauma Patients in ICU,WangBo/Dalian Medical University,0/24
  42. The Relationship between NT-pro-BNP Levels and Clinical Prognosis in Patients with Septic Shock,WangLiang/Dalian Medical University,0/47
  43. Copeptin, C-reactive Protein, Procakitonin Early Dynamic Monitoring of the Value of Sepsis,FengBing/Dalian Medical University,0/14
  44. The Effects of Optimized Anti-infection Therapy on Outcomes in ARDS Patients: a Multicentre, Prospective, Randomized, Open and Controlled Clinical Trial,GaoMin/Luzhou Medical College,0/10
  45. Preliminary Study on the Intradialytic Blood Pressure Changes and Influencing Factors in Maintenance Hemodialysis Patients,ChenAiQun/Beijing Union Medical College,0/69
  46. Investigation on Nicotine Regulating the Function of HuMSCs Via the Pathway of α7nACHR,ZhaoYingJie/Second Military Medical University,0/12
  47. Organ Protection of Early High Volume Hemofiltration in a Septic Shock Swine Model,ZhaoPing/Yangzhou University,0/15
  48. A Prospective of Emergent Endotracheal Intubations in Off-hour Time,TangXiaoJing/Chongqing Medical University,0/10
  49. The Early Diagnostic Value of Procalcitonin in MODS:a Meta-analysis,WangZuo/Chongqing Medical University,0/42
  50. Trauma Scoring and Preventive Antibiotics in the Occurrence of Sepsis and Trauma Care,ChenJunJian/Chongqing Medical University,0/16

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