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  1. Key Technology Research on Magneto-acoustic Imaging Based on Acoustic Source of Lorentz Force Divergence,LiuZhiPeng/Beijing Union Medical College,0/39
  2. Algorithm Research of Extracting Boundaries of Sample from Magneto-acoustic Signal Based on,MaYeTing/Beijing Union Medical College,0/6
  3. The Assessment Study of Electrically Evoked Muscle Fatigue Based on Myoelectric Signals,WangYing/Beijing Union Medical College,0/58
  4. Based on SCL-90Discover the Psychologicy of Guaduate Students at a Cancer Medical Hospital,ZhouHaiYan/Beijing Union Medical College,0/45
  5. Coil Design and Temperature Measurement of the Magnetic Stimulation,RenZheng/Beijing Union Medical College,0/12
  6. Animal Experiment on Vaginal Reconstruction and Repair of Pelvic Organs Prolapse with A Heterognous Acellular Tissue Matrix Material,ZhouYiDan/Beijing Union Medical College,0/9
  7. Experimental study on osteogenic differentiation of cells into the nano bacterial cellulose membrane of human adipose stem,ZhuoQi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/19
  8. Preparation and in Vitro Evaluation of Long-circulating Folate-conjugated Polymeric Micelles,ChenHan/Beijing Union Medical College,0/36
  9. The animal experimental study of repairing bone defects induced by magnetic nano fiber composite material,XiaoBo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/8
  10. Studying of Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation's Effects on Verbal Working Memory,LiDan/Beijing Union Medical College,0/15
  11. Influences of Combined Administration of Low-dose Gossypol and Steroid Hormone on Spermatogenesis in Rat,QianXiaoZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/16
  12. Inhibitory effect of oral administration of quercetin on the hypertrophic scar of rabbit ears,HuangJiuZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/9
  13. Protective Effect of Synbiotics on Intestinal Barrier Function after Gastrointestinal Surgery,ZhaoMingLi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/44
  14. The Anti-cancer Activities of Carboxyamidotriazole and Part of Its Mechanism,WuDanWei/Beijing Union Medical College,0/49
  15. Preparation and characterization of targeted antitumor drug EGF-E4rf4 system,NiZuoZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/29
  16. Purification, separation of Chinese Italy bee bee venom peptide structure identification, activity assay and solid phase synthesis of,MengYou/Beijing Union Medical College,0/82
  17. Research into several antiviral compounds,GaoLinYan/Beijing Union Medical College,0/86
  18. Design, Synthesis and Biological Evaluation of Cycloberberine and Sansanmycin a Derivatives,LiYangBiao/Beijing Union Medical College,0/65
  19. Discussion on Structure Optimization of amino coumarin inhibitors of Hsp90 and methods of synthesis,ZhangZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/22
  20. The Role of Motion Measurement of Diaphragm, Liver and Intrahepatic Lesions Using4DCT,LiuZhiKai/Beijing Union Medical College,0/1
  21. Application Study of Automatic Tube Current Modulation (ATCM) for Abdominal Computed Tomography (CT),WangZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/15
  22. The value of low dose spiral CT scan in diagnosis of pulmonary nodules,WengZuoZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/5
  23. Epidemiology of Drug Eruption:a4-month Prospective Survey in Peking Union Medical College Hospital,TianXiaoYin/Beijing Union Medical College,0/43
  24. Excimer laser corneal refractive surgery and corneal topography and visual quality,JinKe/Beijing Union Medical College,0/7
  25. The Research of Phacoemulsification Handpiece,XiaoYuan/Beijing Union Medical College,0/12
  26. Comparison of the general ng and the effect of corticosteroid in patients after LASIK/LASEK,ChenShiYu/Beijing Union Medical College,0/20
  27. Corneal confocal microscopy in dry eye patients with refractive operation,YuChenYing/Beijing Union Medical College,0/23
  28. The double mutant rhodopsin protein (Rho-R135G/G188R) transgenic zebrafish retinal pigment degeneration model,ChenZhe/Beijing Union Medical College,0/6
  29. In-vitro Induction and Differentiation of Retinal Stem Cells and Mesenchymal Stem Cells into Retinal Neuro-epithelial Cells,ZhangHui/Beijing Union Medical College,0/10
  30. Gene Mutation Screening of a Family with Retinitis Pigmentosa and Acropathy,JiaZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/6
  31. Study on cell culture and ability of proliferation and differentiation of rat retinal stem,ZhangZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/11
  32. Inhibitory Effects of Recombinant Human Endostatin on Oxygen-induced Retinal Neovasculariztion in Mouse,BaiZuoZhou/Beijing Union Medical College,0/15
  33. Experimental study on anti VEGF drug bevacizumab on retinal safety,FanCong/Beijing Union Medical College,0/28
  34. Analysis of genetic screening of autosomal recessive genetic and sporadic retinitis pigmentosa and clinical phenotype,HanFei/Beijing Union Medical College,0/39
  35. Identification of Serum Protein Biomarkers by Proteomic Technique for Diagnosis and Screening of Behcet's Disease with Uveitis,WangZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/4
  36. Pentacam imaging system of measuring corneal thickness, topography and refractive corneal surface after operation,LiYue/Beijing Union Medical College,0/7
  37. Application of ORA in the study of biomechanical properties of the cornea.,QiuJiaJi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/22
  38. The Effects of Repetitive Arousals on Cardiovascular System:a Better Understanding on the Pathophysiology of Cardiovascular Diseases Secondary to OSAHS,WuYanYan/Beijing Union Medical College,0/18
  39. Study on kinetics of nasal air unsteady breath,SongJie/Beijing Union Medical College,0/3
  40. The Nasal Aerodynamic Study of Empty Nose Syndrome,DiMengYang/Beijing Union Medical College,0/39
  41. Cultured adult guinea pig geniculate ganglion cells and spiral ganglion cells in vitro,DiMengYao/Beijing Union Medical College,0/5
  42. The Differentiation of Mouse Embryonic Neural Stem Cells and Otocyst Cells in Vitro,DanZuoJi/Beijing Union Medical College,0/4
  43. A Study on ALK Fusion Gene and Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma,LiuZhiMin/Beijing Union Medical College,0/52
  44. Study on the mechanism of dear epidermal malignant T cell mycosis fungoides,GuLin/Beijing Union Medical College,0/9
  45. The relationship between the expression of CIMP and P27 of insulinoma and its clinical significance,ZhouQiao/Beijing Union Medical College,0/1
  46. The mRNA Expression of IL-6in Human Adipose Tissues and Adrenal Tumors,LiLiSha/Beijing Union Medical College,0/11
  47. Study of health economics of pituitary adenoma.,YanHua/Beijing Union Medical College,0/6
  48. Expression of CYP11B1、CYP11B2and ACTH-R in Human Adrenal Tumor Tissues,YangZuo/Beijing Union Medical College,0/3
  49. The Primary Culture of Human Pheochromocytoma Cell and Physical Stimulation on This Cell,ZhangYang/Beijing Union Medical College,0/8
  50. Expression Profiles of the LH/hCG-R in Adrenal Tumors,WangJia/Beijing Union Medical College,0/11

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