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  1. Study on Large-sized Diamond Crystals Synthesized by MPCVD,LvJiLei/Wuhan Institute of Technology,0/91
  2. To Investigate Effect of Inner Furnace Structure on Thermal Field During Kyropoulos Growth of Sapphire by Numerical Simulation,ZhaoPanPan/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/116
  3. Research on the Ultrasonic Machining Technology of Polycrystalline Diamond and Mechanism of Ultrasonic Machining Technology,YangXiaoQing/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/37
  4. Synthesis of type IIA industrial diamond under high pressure and high temperature,LiuYanFeng/Mudanjiang Teachers College,0/29
  5. Controlled Growth and Mechanism Studies on Strip and Sheet Diamonds,HuMeiHua/Jilin University,0/85
  6. Research and Implementation of Simulation of Diamond Film Growth Based on CUDA,ZuoPing/Northeastern University,0/19
  7. The Prepare and the Performance Research of Epoxy Resin Bond Diamond Whetstone,ZhangGuoWei/Hunan University,0/103
  8. Research on the Fabrication of Ultra-fine Diamond Homogeneous Dispersing of Abrasive Polishing Disc by EPD Technique,MaoXianYan/Huaqiao University,0/29
  9. Research on Key Technology of Brazing Diamond Abrasive with Ni-Cr Alloy in Protective Furnace,MengPu/Zhongyuan Institute of Technology,0/32
  10. Research on Deposition of Miniature CVD Diamond Heat Sink,ShenFeiRong/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,0/40
  11. Research of Diamond Particles Produced by Plasma Electrolysis on the T-propanol Solutions,DengLiHua/South China University of Technology,0/47
  12. CVD Synthetic Diamond Gemological Characteristics, Identification and Application,FanChengXing/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/61
  13. Crystal Defects Analysis of Synthetic Diamonds under Several Different Conditions,LiangBaoYu/Yanshan University,0/77
  14. Study of New Iron-based Catalytic Materials for Diamond Single Crystal Synthesis under High Pressure and High Temperature,ZhangZhuangFei/Jilin University,0/63
  15. The Identification Research of Natural Crystals and Synthetic Crystals,HeYuDong/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/63
  16. Research for Filling Tourmaline and Its Characteristics of Identification,HuangTianPing/Chinese Geology University (Beijing),0/63
  17. The Influence of Depositing Conditions on the Structure and Properties of Ti-coated Diamond and Related Composites,LiZuo/Yanshan University,0/56
  18. Quality Analysis, Surface Metallization and Brazing Technology Research of MPCVD Diamond Chip,ZhanYuLong/Wuhan Institute of Technology,0/71
  19. Technology Reserch on Electroplated Diamod Ultra-thin Cutting Disc,TangYing/Henan University of Technology,0/197
  20. Research on Synthesis and Mechanism of Boron-doped Polycrystalline Diamond(PDC) Compacts,SunYanLong/Iron and Steel Research Institute,0/167
  21. Processing Technique for Single Crystal Diamond with Mechanical Lapping and Chemical Mechanical Polishing,LiQiang/Dalian University of Technology,0/131
  22. Study on Rheology of the Pyrophyllite&Ultrahigh Pressure Technique for the Cubic Press,ZhengRiSheng/Central South University,1/209
  23. Fixed Abrasive Mechanical Chemical Polishing of Single Crystal Sapphire Substrate,ZuoJiangLong/Dalian University of Technology,0/151
  24. Researches on CVD Single Crystal Diamond Growth and Diamond Field-effect Transistor,ChengShaoHeng/Jilin University,0/304
  25. The Study of the Technology of Synthesizing Big Particle and High-grade Diamond and Its Application,LiQiQuan/Central South University,0/193
  26. The Synthesis of High Quality Diamond with Super-fine Grain Size,GaoFeng/Jilin University,1/179
  27. Synthesis and Characterization of Columnar Industrial Diamond at High Temperature High Pressure,LiuWanQiang/Jilin University,0/122
  28. Synthesis of Industrial Diamond in Sulfur-added Powder System by HPHT Method,ZhouLin/Jilin University,0/87
  29. Basic Research and Thermodynamic of Relative Solution for Direct Electrosynthesis Process of p-Aminophenol,ZhaoJianHong/Zhengzhou University,2/176
  30. The Study of the Technology of Synthesizing Diamond in Powder Catalyst and Large Chamber and Its Application,LiFeiYue/Central South University,1/122
  31. Valence Electron Theory and Thermodynamics Analysis of Diamond Growth Mechanism at HPHT,LiLi/Shandong University,6/421
  32. Pressure and Temperature Calibrations for Slide-Type 6/8 Large Volume High Pressure Apparatus and Discovery of New Elemental Catalysts for Diamond Synthesis,LvShiJie/Southwest Jiaotong University,2/258
  33. Synthesis of Industrial Diamond Single Crystal Using Fluoride and Silicon as Catalyst,ZhengYouJin/Jilin University,1/170
  34. The Study and Design of High Pressure WC Anvil,HanQiGang/Jilin University,0/281
  35. Measurement on Third-Order Nonlinear Optical Susceptibility of Synthetic Diamonds,ZhaoJianXun/Jilin University,0/87
  36. Growth of High-quality Large Diamond Single Crystals in Carats Grade under HPHT,XiaoHongYu/Jilin University,2/282
  37. Study on Effect Mechanism of Iron-based Metallic Catalyst Phases in Diamond Synthesis at HPHT,TianBin/Shandong University,1/136
  38. Covalent Functionalization of Boron Doped Diamond Electrodes for Biosensor Applications,WangMei/Shandong University,2/234
  39. Study on Synthesis Technology and Mechanism of Boron-doped Diamond Single Crystal in Fe-Ni-C-B System under HPHT,LiHeSheng/Shandong University,4/285
  40. Fundamental Study on the Processing of Sapphire’s Ductile Regime Based on the Semi-fixed Abrasive Plate,ZhangKeHua/Zhejiang University of Technology,0/234
  41. HPHT diamond crystals grown Experimental and theoretical studies,TianYu/Jilin University,2/265
  42. Growth of Large High-quality Type Ⅱa Diamond Crystals and Research of the Mechanism under HPHT,LiShangSheng/Jilin University,1/201
  43. Synthesis of High Nitrogen Content Gem Diamond,ZhangYaFei/Jilin University,2/224
  44. Study on Real-time Dynamic Acoustic Emission Detection and Growth Mechanism of Diamond under HPHT,LiuLei/Shandong University,0/66
  45. Research on Mechanism of Synthesizing Diamond by Fe-based Powder Catalyst,ZhaoWenDong/Beijing Nonferrous Metal Research,0/67
  46. Synthesis of High-Quality Polycrystalline Diamond Compact (PDC) with Low Residual Stress under HPHT,JiaHongSheng/Jilin University,0/125
  47. Study on Preparation Mechanism and Process of Large Size Spherical Diamond Thick Film,LiDuoSheng/Nanjing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics,1/98
  48. Study and Design of New Catalytic Materials for Diamond Single Crystal Synthesis under High Pressure and High Temperature,LiuXiaoBing/Jilin University,0/64
  49. Research of Coarsely Granular Industrial Diamonds Synthesized by Fe-Based Powder Catalyst,LiuJian/Jilin University,0/71
  50. The Research on the Effect of Additive Metal-Aluminium on the Synthesis of cBN in the Li3N System,GuoZuo/Jilin University,0/54

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