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  1. Study on Compressive and Creep Characteristics of Watermelon,WangFang/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,1/203
  2. Study on High Intensity Pulsed Electric Field to the Biological Effects of Vegetable Seeds,ChiYanPing/Jilin University,0/205
  3. Study on Throwing/Blowing Mechanism and Optimizing Parameters of an Impeller Blower,DiZhiPing/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,7/144
  4. Coupling Bionic Research on the Aerodynamic Noise Controlling of Aerodynamic Turbine,SunShaoMing/Jilin University,1/927
  5. Research on Coupling Microstructure and Its Optical Characteristics and Bionics in Typical Butterfly Scales,QiuZhaoMei/Jilin University,3/1058
  6. Biomimetic Geometrical Structure Surfaces with Anti-abrasion Function and Their Abrasive Wear Against Soil,RongBaoJun/Jilin University,1/368
  7. Study on Friction and Lubrication Mechanism of Bionic Non-smooth Interface in Piston-linear System,YangHongXiu/Jilin University,5/547
  8. Research on μAnalysis and Synthesis of Electric Power Steering System and Test,YuanChaoChun/Jiangsu University,2/540
  9. Extraction and Activities Analysis of Bio-active Components from Rhodiola,BiHuiMin/Jilin University,0/990
  10. Study on Extraction and Functional Property of Major Activity Protein from Egg White by Pulsed Electric Field Technology,ZhangTieHua/Jilin University,4/530
  11. A Study on the Forms and Self-cleaning Mechanism of the Scales on Butterfly Wing Surface,FangYan/Jilin University,0/764
  12. Research on the Coupling Characteristics of Anti-Erosive Wear of Desert Lizard,GaoFeng/Jilin University,3/240
  13. Study on Traction Ability for Driving Wheel of the Lunar Rover,ZouMeng/Jilin University,6/450
  14. Study of the Reducing Resistance and the Genetic Optimization of the Pit Bionic Non-smooth Surface,TaoMin/Jilin University,1/354
  15. Design of Distribution Bench for Precision Measuring Spray Nozzle Integrative Performance and on Fan Spray Nozzle,LiuPingZeng/Nanjing Agricultural College,3/380
  16. Typical Bio-tribological Structures and Their Biomimetic Applications,ChenDongHui/Jilin University,9/776
  17. Research for Wettability of Cu-Zn Alloy and Stainless Steel Bionic Coupling Surface,ShangGuangRui/Jilin University,2/645
  18. Evaluation for the Performance of Agricultural Listed Companies in China and Research on Mechanism in Its Growing Process,LiuWei/Jilin University,7/1175
  19. Biomimetic Surfaces of Snapping Rolls with Lower Damage Action and Simulation of No-row Feed-in Mechanism of Corn Harvesters,HeJunLin/Jilin University,3/363
  20. On the Development of Agricultural Mechanization in the Northeast of China,LiuPeiJun/Jilin University,15/845
  21. Optimal Design and Ventilative Test of Mutual Insert Multi-span Greenhouse,WangJian/Nanjing Agricultural College,3/343
  22. Real-time Inspection Technology of Fruit Quality Using Machine Vision,RaoXiuQin/Zhejiang University,28/1528
  23. Study on Automatic Identifying Quality and Fertility of Hatching Eggs Based on Machine Vision System,YuZhiHong/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,8/289
  24. Studies on Segmentation Methods of Milk Somatic Cell Color Images,XueHeRu/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,4/344
  25. Study on the Compressibility of Leymus Chinensis and Its Stress Relaxation Characteristics Analyzed by Virtual Prototyping Technology,WangHongBo/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,8/124
  26. Study on Rheological Properties and Damage Control of Hetao Muskmelons,YangXiaoQing/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,2/106
  27. Image Analysis on Cast Iron Microstructure Based on Digital Technology,DiGaiXia/Inner Mongolia Agricultural University,3/237
  28. Study on the Linear Ultrasonic Motor Based on In-plane Bending Modes of Piezoelectric Rectangular Composite Laminated Plates,LiuRenZuo/South China Agricultural University,1/275
  29. Algorithms of 2-D Fruit Shape Detection and Classification,GuiJiangSheng/Zhejiang University,3/566
  30. Study for Crucial Technique in On-line Non-destructive Determination of Fruit Internal Quality by VIS/NIR Spectroscopy,LuHuiShan/Zhejiang University,8/810
  31. Experimental Study of Rice Moisture Stress Field Physics Parameter and Crack Mechanism under Normal Temperature,XiaoWei/Northeast Agricultural University,4/162
  32. Nondestructive Evaluation of Watermelon Internal Quality by Visible and Near-infrared Spectroscopy,TianHaiQing/Zhejiang University,13/875
  33. The New Mechanism Analysis and Optimization for Throwing Rice Seeding Orderly by Vibrating Transportation Based on the Airflow,LiJianPing/Zhejiang University,1/175
  34. Quality Detection of Several Kinds of Agricultural Products Based on Gas Sensor Array,ZhangHongMei/Zhejiang University,6/680
  35. 3D Motion Analysis of Non-rigid Object Based on Monocular Vision,HuangWenQing/Zhejiang University,2/582
  36. Features Learning and Real-time Detection of Natural Objects Based on Machine Vision,ZhouPing/Zhejiang University,3/793
  37. Soil Structure and Its Assessment for Soil Tillage Research,DingQiShuo/Nanjing Agricultural College,0/389
  38. Research of Key Technolegy of the High Performance Rice Transplante,LiGe/Zhejiang University,6/660
  39. Dynamics Analysis and Optimization of Transplanting Mechanism with Planetary Spur Gears and Elliptic Gears,YuGaoHong/Zhejiang University,4/309
  40. Research on Spray Control to Aim Toward Crop-Rows System Based on Machine Vision,RaoHongHui/Nanjing Agricultural College,2/405
  41. Experiment Evaluation and Simulation Technique on Energy Utilizing of Hybrid Electric Vehicle,ZhaoShuPeng/Agricultural University of Hebei,4/1419
  42. Researches on Driver’s Seat Suspension System of Off-Road Vehicles Based on Magnetic Spring,XuXiaoMei/Nanjing Agricultural College,9/416
  43. A Study on Symbol M-Array Based 3D Detection Approach Utilizing Binary Structured Light,YuQingCang/Zhejiang University,4/254
  44. Discrimination of LongJing-green Tea Quality by Electronic Nose,YuHuiChun/Zhejiang University,10/780
  45. Methods for Quality and Wine Age Determination of Chinese Rice Wine Based on Near Infrared Spectroscopy,YuHaiYan/Zhejiang University,14/1477
  46. Research on System Optimization of Grain Logistics,LuYingRong/Jilin University,19/2040
  47. Research on Plant Disease Recognition Based on Support Vector Machine,RenDong/Jilin University,16/531
  48. Study on Modification and Increases the Fragranceof Claret by Pulsed Electric Field Technology,LiuXueJun/Jilin University,4/656
  49. Optimization and Bionic Analysis of the Industrial Structure of Agriculture of Jilin Province,ShangXin/Jilin University,1/695
  50. Study on the Measuring Technology of Environmental Efficiency of Variable-rate Fertilization,ChenXiangFen/Jilin University,5/293

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