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  1. A Survey and Evaluation on the Special Physical Fitness Training in the Elite Female Boxers of Liaoning Province,LiuLian/Shenyang Institute of Physical,0/12
  2. Gray Correlation Analysis on Biomechanical Factors Associated with Forward Fencing Lunge Velocity,PengDaoFu/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/21
  3. Cycling Venues Cadence Technical Movement Practical Research,WangMin/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/14
  4. The Analysis and Research on the Results of Training Load Monitoring of Beijing Taekwondo Team during the Preparing for the12th National Ganes,WangFei/Capital Institute of Physical Education,0/4
  5. Stretching Training on the Boxers Movement Damage Prevention of Observation and Analysis,YangShengQi/Capital Institute of Physical Education,0/4
  6. The Experimental Study on Technique and EMG of Freestyle in Swimming Flume,FanNianChun/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/83
  7. Expeirmental Study on the Youth Rowing Athletes Core Stability Strength Training,GuoYunCong/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/142
  8. The Research of Microcirculation Index in Male Rower Application of State Monitoring Function,ZhuTianJun/Xi'an Institute of Physical Education,0/2
  9. Study of Competition Rounds Features of Yachting Based on Target Ranking,HanRui/Wuhan Institute of Physical Education,0/4
  10. China women's water polo team part land training physical regulation scheme and its trial in Sichuan's verification,WangJiaZuo/Chengdu Institute of Physical Education,0/16
  11. Effect of women's Water Polo Athletes bone density status survey and land training on the bone mineral density and physical fitness index,LiuLiQun/Chengdu Institute of Physical Education,0/19
  12. Methodology Research on Kinematic Parameters Analysis during Swimming Flip Turns Technical Process,LiZhengYan/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/12
  13. The Study on the Effects of Taijiquan Upon Cardiovascular Function of60-69Year Old People,DuMeiYan/Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,0/19
  14. Table Tennis and Long Distance Running on7-8and False Myopia Among Pupils in Improving Experimental Comparison Injury,XiaoBaiJuan/Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,0/14
  15. The Influences of Different Virtual Situations on Perception and Action Performance of Tennis Players,YangYongTao/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/71
  16. Electrical Characteristics of Muscle Group in Forehand Arm during Simulate Long Time Tennis Match,WeiHuaZhu/Hunan Normal University,0/1
  17. Physiological Variables Monitoring in Female Adolescent Handball Players during the Pre-competition Training,CaoCan/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/33
  18. Biomechanical Analysis on Jump-Serving Technique of Elite Male Volleyball Players of Shandong,WuZuo/Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,0/6
  19. The Features Research andy fMRI Research of Basketball Athletes in the Course of Visual-Motion Perceptual Anticipation,WuYin/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/113
  20. Biomechanical Study of the Take off Action of the Trampoline Athletes-Zhou Xinyi,LiGuangKai/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/17
  21. Computer Simulation of Kinetic Relationship between Human and Apparatus in Gymnastics Vaulting Based on LifeMod,LiXuHong/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/33
  22. The Study on Physiology and Psychology Effect of Yoga Practice Female White-collar,QiuRuMei/Xinjiang Normal University,0/23
  23. Kinematic Analysis on Technique of Chinese Elite High Jumpers,SunYingHui/Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,0/10
  24. Characteristics of Motor Coordination in Discus Throwing,LinHuiJie/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/75
  25. Kinematic Analysis of Shandong Elite Race Walkers in Training and Compition,TanTianTian/Shandong Institute of Physical Education and Sports,0/8
  26. The Practical Application of Research and Training Center of Excellent Athletes Rate Monitoring,LiuBing/Liaoning Normal University,0/50
  27. Comparison and Research on Nondestructive and Comprehensive Monitoring of Physical Function in the Elite Male Athletes(Hockey,Walking Race),HeYuLong/Capital Institute of Physical Education,0/2
  28. Research on the Features of the Physical Form and Special Quality of Athletes of Different Sport Events in Jiangsu Province,GaoZuo/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/60
  29. Chronic Noise Exposure Causes Persistence of tau Hyperphosphorylation and Formation of NFT tau in the Rat Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex,ZhuLiXing/Tianjin Institute of Physical Education,0/6
  30. A Comparative Study of Different Augmented Feedback's Impact on Learning of Rolling Manipulation Skill,SunZuo/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/8
  31. Comparisons of Physical Activity and Energy Consumption in PE-Major and Non PE-Major College Students,ZhengShan/Capital Institute of Physical Education,0/14
  32. Research on the Nursing Home Elderly's Social Support、Daily Living Skills、Mood State and Exercise Intervention in Nanchang,ZouLiHua/Jiangxi Normal University,0/43
  33. Accessing Effects of Bioelectricity Interference Current in Acute Fatigue Test,XuHanZuo/Chengdu Institute of Physical Education,0/9
  34. Research on Zheng's number one steaming and washing medicine for soft tissue of rats with IL-1 beta, PGE2 impact injury,WuShuang/Chengdu Institute of Physical Education,0/2
  35. Effects and Mechanisms of Overtraining and Glutamine Supplement on Macrophages Function,XiaoWeiHua/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/35
  36. Lifestyle Modification on Expression of Toll-like Receptor4and Insulin Resistance in High-fat-induced Obese Rats,ZhaoXianLi/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/78
  37. The Modeling Experimental Research of Walking and Running Energy Expenditure Based on Pressure Sensors and Accelerometer,SunBo/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/118
  38. Systematic Physiology and Biochemistry Training Monitoring of Long Distance Swimming Event,ZhouChaoYan/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/214
  39. The Effect of Different Doses of Branched-chain Amino Acids Supplemented on Serotonin and Its Precursors in Hypothalamic of Exercise Rat,TangFang/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/6
  40. Research on the System Construction of Student Fitness Health Testing and Early Warning,GuZhongKe/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/27
  41. Correlation Study of Physical Activity and Fitness of Adults in Jiangsu Province,ZhangZengNa/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/6
  42. Influence of L-carnitine Supplementation on the Carnitine Concentrations in Serum and the Activity of H~+K~+-ATPase of Well-trained SD Rats' Mitochondria of Skeletal Muscle,LiuGang/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/13
  43. The Effect of Thermal Environment on Hypothalamic Extracellular Fluid Monoamine Neurotransmitter of Recovering from Exhaustive Swimming Rats,ZhangNianYun/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/5
  44. Exploration about the Relationship of Triaxial Acceleration Counts and Energy Expenditure in Walking and Jogging,GuanPeiPei/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/26
  45. Preliminary Analysis of Energy Expenditure Features about Ascending and Descending the Stairs on the Young People,DingXiaoZuo/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/12
  46. Energy Expenditure of Walking,Jogging and Cycling at Different Intensity in20-30People,LiuChunHui/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/37
  47. Analysis and Research on Energy Expenditure of the Purple Mountain Climbing in Different Speed,SunQiang/Nanjing Institute of Physical Education,0/6
  48. Study on Chronic Low Back Pain of Sanda Athletes,ZhouTong/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/96
  49. Methodology Study on Monitoring Energy Expenditure of Common Physical Activity in11-14Year-old Adolescents,ZhuLin/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/127
  50. Error Analysis of Motion Image Measurment Method,JiaYi/Shanghai Institute of Physical Education,0/38

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