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  1. Discussion on Technology,Xu/Hubei University,0/6
  2. Research on the Social Control of Technology with Game Theory,ShiHaiFang/Hunan University,0/16
  3. Critique of the Economic Man Supposition,WangJuWen/Xiangtan University,0/25
  4. On the Criticism and Reflection of "Distributive Justice",QinZiZhong/Huaqiao University,0/0
  5. The Policy Mechanism of the Digital Publishing Industry and Its Significance in America, Britain and Germany,DuanShiYun/Central South University,0/95
  6. The Individual Moral Cultivation Research of Chinese Ancient Academy,DuHuaWei/Central South University,0/129
  7. From Two Yuan Contradion to Pluralistic Rebllion,ZhangZuoKe/Hubei University,0/6
  8. The Reflection and Transcendence on Western Consumer Society Based on Historical Materialism,FuGaoSheng/Huaqiao University,0/0
  9. The Study on the Weak Social-relational Autonomy,WangXiaoMei/Zhejiang University,0/36
  10. The Study on Coser's Social Conflict Theory,SunJiaXing/East China University of Science and Technology,0/90
  11. A Study of Contemporary Youth Values Education of Socialism with Chinese Characteristics,ZhouMingHui/Xiangtan University,0/49
  12. On the Pursuit of the Value of the Development of Contemporary Chinese Society,WuJun/Xiangtan University,0/20
  13. The Research on Deng Xiaoping Thought of Democratic Political Construction,MaXiaoYan/Huaqiao University,0/3
  14. An Ethics Study on Oakeshott's Political Views,WangZuo/Huaqiao University,0/1
  15. Research on Marcuse's Utopian Socialist Ideology,ChuXinXing/Huaqiao University,0/1
  16. College-graduate Village Official and Villager's Interaction in the Perspective of Mao Zedong's Mass Line,CaoDan/Xiangtan University,0/32
  17. Research on Mao Zedong's Rural Cultural Construction Thought,NieJie/Xiangtan University,0/22
  18. Search for Marx's World Outlook of Changing the World from the "theses on Feuerbach",QiaoMaoLin/Huaqiao University,0/3
  19. Study on Marx's Thought of "Community",SunYaWen/Huaqiao University,0/2
  20. Studies on Yang Du's Buddhism,JiangYeSha/Central South University,0/10
  21. The Research of Yanshou's Perfectly Fused Thought,TangJun/Central South University,0/31
  22. On Paul Liko's interpretation of Freud's doctrine of subject conception,XieShiSi/Shanghai Academy of Social Sciences,0/22
  23. Research on Xiong Xiling's Ethical Thought Thereinto His Career,LiSaiJun/Central South University,0/13
  24. On Establishment of Advertising Ethics from Commercial Deontologism,XuMing/Central South University,0/340
  25. A Study of the Unity of the Virtues,LiLiangHua/Central South University,0/99
  26. After Athletic Justice:an Ethical Critique on Competitive Sport,YangQiHu/Central South University,0/149
  27. Arguments about Contemporary Moral Relativism,GuoShaoYan/Huaqiao University,0/1
  28. Research on Hans Kung's Global Ethics,FuJiang/Central South University,0/19
  29. The Study of Military Ethic in Pre-Qin Military Force,CaoJing/Central South University,0/142
  30. "Living Together in Harmony and Unity":Xun Zi's Social Ethics Thought Study,JinZuoZuo/Central South University,0/224
  31. The Fu Ju of Lao-tzu,MaShuTing/Huaqiao University,0/3
  32. Kogaku of Japanese Confucianism's Criticism and Reconstruction of Zhuzixue,ALiMu·TuoHeTi/Nanjing University,0/35
  33. Research on Aristotle's Thought of Practical Wisdom,ZhuZuoZuo/Huaqiao University,0/4
  34. Study of Being of Parmenides,ZhouDongDong/East China University of Science and Technology,0/10
  35. Digital Network and Human Virtual Existence,YangShaoHui/Huaqiao University,0/1
  36. Multidimensional Analysis of the Scientific Outlook on Development of People-oriented,CaiLiLi/Xiangtan University,0/21
  37. Account on Unity in Conformity with Law and Purpose of Social History,YangZhenKun/Xiangtan University,0/32
  38. The People-oriented Ruling Concept and its Practice Approaches,TangQingFang/Xiangtan University,0/9
  39. Study of Marx's World History Theory and Globalized Logic,LiYongZhen/Huaqiao University,0/2
  40. Study on "Marx's Theory of Time",HuYang/Huaqiao University,0/2
  41. Fusion and Symbiosis,LiDongCai/Huaqiao University,0/6
  42. Study on the Contemporary Chinese Advanced Culture Construction,ChenDan/Huaqiao University,0/2
  43. A Review of Eagleton's Cultural Criticism Theory,ZhangZuo/Huaqiao University,0/4
  44. Aura and Entwerten of Erfahrung,YeLin/East China University of Science and Technology,0/11
  45. The Exploration of Xiangjiang River Ecological from The Ecological Aesthetic Perspective,ZhouMengZuo/Central South University,0/16
  46. The Study on Gehong’s Natural Philosophical Thoughts,LiuShiYang/Xiangtan University,0/25
  47. Ethical Reflection on the Tax System Reform in China,LiShunQiu/Central South University,0/1177
  48. Ideology in the Vision of Critical Function of the Internet,ZhangMengZhen/Huaqiao University,0/35
  49. Liberal Paradox of Consumerism,YouJianFei/Huaqiao University,0/29
  50. Ethical Demands of the Balanced Development of Compulsory Education in China,YangYang/Nanjing Normal University,0/95

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