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  1. Finite Element Analysis on the Maintenance and Strengthening of Retaining Structures in High-altitude Regions,YuanKeJia/Chang'an University,0/5
  2. Development of the Bearing Capacity of Cast-in-place Piles in Permafrost Regions during the Early Construction Stage,ZhangShouGuo/Chang'an University,0/18
  3. Research on Archcor Cable Prestressed Non-destructive Testing Methods,TanLiMing/Chongqing Jiaotong University,0/38
  4. Effect Analysis on Dynamic Compaction Soiltreatment in the Aviation Assembling Workshop,DanHuiJuan/East China Jiaotong University,0/3
  5. Numerical Analysis of MIH (Mechanical Impedance Method)for Estimation of Concrete Compressive Strength,SuShe/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/12
  6. Driving Fault-tolerance Capacity Analysis Methods of Highway Traffic Engineering Facilities,HuLiWei/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/139
  7. Study on the Double-crossing of Signal Controlled Based on the Characteristics of Drivers,ChenJun/Chang'an University,0/27
  8. Study on the Plane Layout and Application Effect of Electronic Weigh Toll Collection System,ZhaoWenBo/Chang'an University,0/7
  9. The Design and Exploiture of Highway Management Information System,WangMin/Chang'an University,0/9
  10. Research on the Risk Analysis and Route Selection Technology of Road Hazardous Materials Transportation Base on GIS-T,MengXiangMei/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/11
  11. Study on Coupling Bionic of Road Warning Pavement,ZhaoYan/Chang'an University,0/14
  12. Time-of-Day Breakpoints Identification and Traffic Network Partition Methods for Traffic Control,ZhaoWeiMing/Zhejiang University,0/31
  13. Analysis of Stability about Excavation and Support of Tunnel,WangZuoJun/East China Jiaotong University,0/8
  14. Study on Composition Design and Properties of Antiseepage and Anticrack Compound Admixture,HuangZhen/Chang'an University,0/12
  15. Seismic Analysis of Circular Tunnel Structure Based on Elastic Wave Theory,ZhouChuanZuo/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/9
  16. Propagation Performance Recognition Analysis of Blast-induced Vibration on Shallow Tunnel,HuangJiangYan/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/8
  17. Blasting Vibration on the Neighboring Frame-Shear Wall Structure of the Dynamic Response Analysis,LingLing/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/7
  18. Tunnel through the Inclined Rock Sand and Gravel Numerical Analysis of the Construction Process,RenXiaoHui/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/14
  19. Research on the Detection Technology of Tunnel Lining Based on the Respones Characteristics to Electromagnetic Wave,ChenYiLin/East China Jiaotong University,0/9
  20. The Research of Theory of Computation on the Damaged Bridges and Culverts Qin-ba Mountain,ZhaoHong/Chang'an University,0/19
  21. Research on the Hot-bonding Technique in Waterproof of Asphalt Concrete Bridge Deck,WeiWenDing/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/18
  22. Study of Grouting United Detection and Data Mining with Bridge Channels,LiangYongGuang/Hebei University of Technology,0/22
  23. Research on Collapse of Rigid Frame Bridge with Super High Rise Piers under Earthquake,FanZhenHua/Wuhan University of Technology,0/37
  24. Research on the Materials of Modified Emulsified Asphalt Bridge Deck Waterproofing and Bonding Layer,WangWei/Chang'an University,0/21
  25. Reasearch on the Load Bearing Characteristics of Bridge Group Piles Foundation on Loess Non-uniform Deformation,DongXiaoMing/Chang'an University,0/33
  26. Research on Technology of Deck Snowmelt or Deicing with Tunnel Hot Spring,LuKaiZuo/Chang'an University,0/12
  27. The State Investigation and the Maintenance Analysis of Culverts in the Permafrost Regions,CuiGuangYi/Chang'an University,0/13
  28. The Waterlogging Prevention and Control Technology Research of Small Bridge and Culvert,GaoMingYong/Chang'an University,0/15
  29. Research on the Minimum Thickness of Asphalt Concrete Pavement for Small and Medium-span Beam Bridge,JiangXingFa/Chang'an University,0/12
  30. Study on Reasonable Compaction Method and Roller Arrangement Based on the Bridge Safety,RenYaPeng/Chang'an University,0/5
  31. Inverse Analysis and Protection Countermeasure Study of Bridge Pier Under Wave Excitation Response,WangZiJian/Chongqing Jiaotong University,0/18
  32. The Design and Performance Study of Rubber Powder Asphalt Used on Steel Bridge Deck Pavement,GaoZuoHui/Chang'an University,0/7
  33. Research on the Stress Absorbed Layer Composite Materials of the New Steel Bridge Deck,QiuLing/Chang'an University,0/3
  34. Research on the Performance of Epoxy Asphalt Mixture for Concrete Bridge Deck,LiKai/Chang'an University,0/22
  35. Study on the Anti-icing Bridge Deck Pavement Technolgy,NiuKai/Chang'an University,0/12
  36. Fatigue Properties Analysis of the Overall Node of through Truss Steel Bridge,JiangLiMei/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/8
  37. The Fatigue Research of Joint to the Railway Steel Bridge,HaoTianTian/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/15
  38. Construction Controlling Analysis and Study on Closure Technology of a Speed Railway PC Continuous Girder Bridge,LiangLiWei/Dalian Jiaotong University,0/3
  39. Research on Wave Response of Deepwater Pier on Cross-Sea Bridge,ZuoShengRong/Wuhan University of Technology,0/44
  40. Analysis on the Early Cracks of Concrete Bridge Deck Pavement and Study on Repair Materials,LiXiangQian/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/101
  41. Temperature Effect Analysis on Bridge Natural Frequency and Monitoring System Construction of Forces in Hangers in Chill Region,ShiYuPing/Jilin University,0/71
  42. Research on the Strengthening Technology of80m-span Deck Steel Truss Bridge's Lateral Stiffness on the Heavy Haul Line,XuanHaiFu/Beijing Jiaotong University,0/44
  43. Study on the Theory and Method of National Freeway,GuanChangYu/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/93
  44. Research on Colored Warm Mix Asphalt Mixture and Pavement Technology,GongJinFang/Chang'an University,0/0
  45. Study on the Deflection Design Criteria System of the Flexible Base Asphalt Pavement,WangZuo/Chang'an University,0/2
  46. Analysis of Soil Pressure on Retaining Structures and Research on Pressure-reducing Measures in Frozen Soil Region of Qinghai-Tibet Plateau,HuKunPeng/Chang'an University,0/2
  47. Study on the Subgrade Treatment Measures for Insular Permafrost,CuiYunCai/Chang'an University,0/52
  48. Study of the Convergence Line between Highway and Urban Road,WangHui/Chang'an University,0/3
  49. Promoted Policy Study of Regenerated Technology of Asphalt Pavement Based on Cyclical Economy,LiuNaNa/Chang'an University,0/13
  50. Study on Effective Thermal Conductivity of Asphalt Concrete Based on Modeling Method of Physics Engine,HuWeiChao/Harbin Institute of Technology,0/24

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