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The Design and Implementation of Coordination Foundation Platform for Integrated Environment of Intelligent Applications

Author: LiYueNan
Tutor: LiuDaYou
School: Jilin University
Course: Applied Computer Technology
Keywords: Tuple space Cooperation Linda collaboration
CLC: TP311.52
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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Intellectual application system encapsulates domain knowledge, canwell utilize the human expert’s knowledge to solve the problem that inthe real world , for instance assessing risk of credit, diagnosingagricultural production, trouble are apply to many kinds of fieldsextensively at present. While with the expansion of the application andthe specialization gradually of domain knowledge, and the problemsolved steps the domain direction to develop, the contradiction betweenthe two makes the intellectual application system with specific expert’sknowledge cannot meet users’ need and complicated solution. By this,solving and stepping the complicated problem of the field throughcooperating between the intellectual application systems becomesinevitable.National 863 Program “integrated environment of intelligentapplications "(IEIA) can realize the fast development of the intellectualapplication system, run high-efficiently. Because of the limitation of thedomain knowledge, intelligent application system, system carry on withother intelligence knowledge and data mutual to need, asks the ability ofsolving in order to improve the question or helps other systems to finishthe question to ask and solve . In order to meet the needs mentionedabove, this paper designs and realizes that one cooperates in the basicplatform.With such backgrounds, the research work of the mechanism that thispaper launches the communicating cooperation. Based on the Metacoordination theory, this paper analyzes and compares three kinds ofcooperation mechanisms: Linda cooperating mechanism, KQMLcooperate the mechanism, simple blackboard cooperating mechanism anddesign and realize Coordination Basic Platform framework. Besides, thispaper also design and realize an expanded Linda cooperating mechanismXMLLinda and transplant KQML legacy system.My work could be represented as follows:First, design and realize the coordination basic platform framework.Cooperate basic platform framework could provide commoninterface for different cooperating mechanism and also provide keyfunction module. This framework bases on the Meta coordination theoryand is abstracted from KQML language, Linda the language and simpleblackboard cooperating mechanism. So coordination basic platformframework can describe these cooperating mechanism generality, and canencapsulate different cooperation mechanisms and thus shields differentto cooperating mechanism for users and reduce users and cooperate thecoupling that the language realized, benefit and add and realize the newcooperation mechanism in cooperating in the basic platform at the sametime .Second, design and realize an expanded Linda cooperatingmechanism XMLLinda.XMLLinda realize nested tuple, nested template, and 5 kinds ofmatch mechanisms that can be made up. Comparing with standard Linda,the nested tuple in XMLLinda can also include Sub tuples. Its structurecould be represented as tuple tree and also have a concept of "depth ".Accordingly, the nestled template includes data fields, data typefields and sub tuples or sub templates. In addition, templates inXMLLinda also realize the simple data fuzzy matching relation. Fuzzymatching concerns the matching of the fuzzy relation of the simple datain fields that can be realized in the template. Now, we have alreadyrealized the fuzzy matching of the fuzzy matching relation functionsabout integer and string.According to the characteristic of the nested concept, this paperdesigns and realizes five kinds of match mechanisms: The simpletemplate matching, the depth template matching, the simple sizematching, simple type and matching, simple value matching. The simpletemplate matching is the most simple way to matching in 5 matchmechanism. It only considers the type of children of a tuple’s root anddoes not consider its son’s nodal structure or the data type of fields. Thismatching mechanism servers for the situation of when the users doesn’tnot know the structure of tuple;Depth template matching mechanism is akind of complete matching, it expands the matching of standard Lindacoordination with the nestled definitions. Depth template matchingservers for the situation of when the users familiar the structure of targettuples. It not only matches the data type and data of fields or data andalso checks the data of sub tuple or templates;other three kinds ofmatching mechanisms are between depth template matching and simplematching mechanism. They have request for different grain sizes to thesize, number value of the type, sub template. The realization of these 5kinds of match mechanisms has adopted Strategy mode, make theminherit the common interface. According to the definition of the template,5 kinds of match mechanisms can embed and use, can realize that thedifferent levels of the template realize different match tactics.Third, the transplantation of KQML legacy system.We analyze the key structure of KQML legacy system and gain therelationship between Coordination Basic Platform framework andKQML legacy system. Thus we transplant the KQML legacy system onthe Coordination Basic Platform.Fourth, providing an instance of Coordination Basic Platform.We provide a methodology of how to develop new coordinationmechanism on Coordination Basic Platform. Also, we provide anapplication instance in the field of the rice production, in order todemonstrate the basic platform communication through cooperating thathow the intellectual application system is and cooperate.In conclusion, Coordination Basic Platform can offer a flexible,encapsulated communication mechanism for IEIA. For one thing, TheCoordination Basic Platform framework offers to user in common useinterface to visit different communication cooperating mechanism;Foranother, comparing with three other kinds of Linda projects: Piranha,JavaSpaces, TSpace etc. we could find that XMLLinda has the advantagein data expressing and matching.

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