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Study on Designing and Simulating the Business Process of Multimodal Transport

Author: ZhaoYing
Tutor: WangZhanZhong
School: Jilin University
Course: Transportation Planning and Management
Keywords: Multimodal Transport Petri Net Simulation of the Business Process
CLC: F512.4
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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International multimodal transport means the carriage of goods by at least twodifferent modes of transport on the basis of a multimodal transport contract from aplace in one country at which the goods are taken in charge by the multimodaltransport operator, to a place designated for delivery situated in a different country,developing along with the global economic develop.Economic globalization, agile, manufacturing, speed-to-market delivery, andsupply chain management are creating greater demand for multimodaltransportation services. Multimodal container transport rapidly expand providingfast, cheapness, safety seamless door to door service, along with the net datacollection & release technology, information technology, integrated logisticsfacilities, the business process of multimodal transport has changed ,comparing tothe traditional multimodal transport .To study the business process of multimodaltransport, it is easy to find the problems and bottle-neck of the existing businessprocess of multimodal transport, then brings forward opinion and measures,expedites course of simplified and standardization of multimodal transport, toadjust the trade policy and improve the efficiency of multimodal transport.There are two aspects about strategy and technology research. Strategiesmainly research on the plan, prospect, market ,law policy, succeed operationexperience etc of container multimodal transport.Technologies mainly researchabout how to apply information techology to develop container multimodaltransport. In total, it can reengineer the business process of multimodal separately tomacroscopical and microcosmical.Multimodal transport route is composed by nodes and lines.Nodes include fullreturn location,port,port of discharge, container freight station, connected hylines,which inculde the export innner land part ,ocean part ,import inner landpart ,etc. to shift and join different transport modes .Multimodal transportopeators(MTOs) are responsible for organising the transport which are accompletedby transport actors.Multimodal transport involves cargo commission with the submission andconfirmation of multi main parts, cargo in/out of storage, cargo transport projectdesigning, means of transport choosing, transportation dispatch optimization,transportation execution, and other kinds of activities and the dealing withinformation. Because of the selection of different transportation modes, thedifferent locations of cargo handover, the corresponding business processes isdifferent either. Given the complexity of the process of multimodal transport, themethod of hierarchy detailed to describe the process of multimodal transport .Thetop flow of multimodal transport expressed multimodal transport carrierorganizations business processes. The second flow is expressed by the variousmodes of multimodal actors.The characteristics of multimodal transport business process are comflexoperation , multi main parts, comflex information interaction, according to theroute of multimodal transport .Comparing the currently common business processmodeling method,this paper selects petri nets.On the base of the theory ofdesigning business process , this paper founds the rail-sea multimodal transportbusiness process modal,using the color time hiberarchy high petri net,whichinvolves the service provided by the shipper, consignee, actual carrier agents,custom,bank etc principal parts ,and the information and cargo documents betweenthe principal parts, to move the cargo availability, to analyze, optimize andreengineer the business process of multimodal transport.This paper validates the structure correctness of rail-sea container multimodalexport business process Petri modal, including reachablity, boundedness,liveness,by calculating the S_invariant, and then simulates the business process ofmultimodal using ExSpect. This paper selects the cycle time as the performance ofrail-sea export multimodal, and analyzes diagnoses of business process, thenfounds that the information flow blocks the move of logistics, resulting in the lowefficiency of multimodal transport. The main reason is low-speed handling of paperdocuments which resulting in delays and errors. The role of customs and freightforwarders in multimodal transport is great, but the inefficient working fluidbecomes bottlenecks. To shorten the multimodal flow cycle time and improve thequality of services multimodal transport, measures could be taken, analyze ofsimulation results, on multimodal transport problems, resulting in some flowoptimization measures and methods. Improve and enhance the efficiency ofmultimodal transport systems, shorten the completion time of all operating systemsflow, such as increasing the efficiency of transport of goods in transit and theinterface between different modes of transport, the application of EDI, GPS, GISand other information technologies, structures and information platform to improvethe efficiency of information transmission. Optimize multimodal flow structurerefers to optimize and reorganize the multimodal transport system processes,subsystems. Simplification of the customs clearance process and shorten the timeof declaration. The authority of each unit is not regulatory, to maximize changesome original connections into parallel connection, to maximize shorten businessprocesses, to shorten the time of critical flow by using the modern informationtechnology. Information flows, documentation flow and cargo flow weresynchronous, or even the information flow was advanced than documentation flowand cargo flow. The modern information technology solutions enterprise"information isolated island", and realized the inter-enterprise information sharing.At the same time, we must also focus on non-critical processes, non-criticalprocesses to complete the cycle time does not affect the flow of time, but impactsthe quality and service. When the original key processes time was shorten, theoriginal non-critical flow may rise to critical procedures, the entire process cycletime will be subject to the original non-critical flow.The new business processes which have been optimized, compared with theoriginal, the new procedures increased parallel links, reduced the flow cycle time,and enhanced the implementation process efficiency. But independentdecentralized of resources and services, lower the level of information and weakerin cooperating with are ubiquitous in multimodal transport, so we should speed upthe development of key technologies for logistics innovation, focus on multimodaltransport systems.

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