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Identification of Morphology and Molecular Biology on 15 Turber Strains

Author: FangMing
Tutor: YaoFangJie
School: Jilin Agricultural University
Course: Olericulture
Keywords: Truffle morphological identification molecular identification S equence of mt DNA Sequence of nuclear DNA
CLC: Q93-331
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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Truffle is the common name of hypogeal fungus with clump shape, and it is not the independent taxon unit. The truffles studied in this articles are the numbers of Ascomytot a, Ascomycetes, Pezizomycetidae, Pezizales, Tuberaceae, Tuber. Some species of the genushave greatly economic value. The main distributions of truffles are in si chuan province, yun nan province and Tibet in the southwest of our country where the species are abunda nt. The research on truffles were relatively later in our country than west countries. The c lassification, identification and phylogeny relationship of truffles were ambiguity. The tradit ional morphology was used in classification .identification and phylogeny. Different researc hers were differ from each other when studing on the same character. Also a few morpho logical, physiology and biochemistry index changing with environment were unstable. Thes e all result in difference on the taxonomy and identification of truffles. It also led to the difficulty for the development, conservation and utilization of truffles.Morphology combining with molecular biology methods can remedy the deficiency ofmorphological identification. Mitochodrial DNA was used in classification identification an d phylogeny because of its abundant differentiation and genetic information in recent year s. So MS primers and ITS primers were used to amplify the sequence of mt ssu DNA an d nuclear DNA of 15 samples on the base of morphology identification. Phylogenetic relat ionship were constructed by using correlated softwares hoping to definitude the identical a nd phylogenetic relationship and supply scientific evidence for the conservation, developme nt and utilization of truffles. The results of identification are as follows:(1) Truffles used in the this experiment can be divided into 8 groups: T.sinense, T.hu idongense, T.liaotongense, T.gigantosporum, T.borchii, T.pseudoexcavatum, T.himalyense andT.californicum.(2) The homology between the sequence of T.indicum(U89362) searched by BLAST s oftware in gene bank and Z-H-2 were analysised by DNAMAN software, the result showe d that the homology of these two sequences are 99%,which suggest that the sequences se quencing in this experiment are credible.(3) Systematic relationship was constructed by using MS sequences. The tested strains can be divided into 3 groups. The genetic relationship of E-2-2 is far from others in Group A, and there were 50 bases more than others in the sequence of it. It resembles with T.californicum in morphology.

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