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Study on Extraction and Active Function of the Chemical Composition of Cacumen Platycladi

Author: ChenXingFen
Tutor: ZhangWeiMing
School: Nanjing Normal University
Course: Botany
Keywords: Cacumen Platycladi total flavonoids volatile oil biological activity
CLC: R284
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Cacumen Platycladi is the desiccated, delicated branch tip and leaves of Platycladus orentalis (L.) Franco. Recently, there was a few domestic reports on the chemical composition and biological activity of Cacumen Platycladi which contains flavonoid, volatile oil, tannin and so on. The article studied the extraction and purification of total flavonoids, the results were similar to the reported literatures. The antimicrobial activity of the volatile oil on mildews was tested, comparing with potassium sorbate. Then the experimentation was studied by promoted hair growth in the mouse model and another prevented CYP-induced depilation in the mouse model. The tyrosinase inhibition activity was also researched in this thesis, comparing with 3 - O - Ethyl - ascorbic acid.In the first part, the influence factors of extracting total flavonoids from Cacumen Platycladi were studied through orthogonal array experiment. The results showed that total flavonoids was 1.70% used the optimal procedures which extracted twice by used 65% aqueous ethanol(V/V) as the extraction solvent with a material/liquid ratio of 1:15 for 2h.The static adsorption and desorption capacities of 6 different types of macroporous resins were further studied in term of the technical conditions for purifying total flavonoids from Cacumen Platycladi. AB-8 resin was finally chosen for the purifying due to its better adsorption and desorption performance. Static adsorption experiments showed that the optimum static adsorption conditions of AB - 8 resin were sample solution with an initial concentration 1.4 mg/mL, pH4.5, adsorption on a shaking table for 8 h at 25℃. Then the optimum static desorption was used 80% aqueous ethanol with an amount of 10 mL/g.In the second part, distilled water steam distillation was used to extract the volatile oil from Cacumen Platycladi. Via many of extraction, the yield of volatile oil was about 0.6%, by used the extraction solvent with a material/liquid ratio of 1:12 for 5 h. The amount of the chemical compositions which were analyzed and identified by GC-MS was determinated by monolirition methord. Fifty - three compounds were detected, of which five main chemical compositions were identified. Then the antimicrobial activity and minimum inhibition concentration (MIC) of the volatile oil on three kinds of mildews was tested in vitro comparing with potassium sorbate, the common used food preservative. The results showed that the volatile oil had strong antimicrobial activity on those mildews and higher than potassium sorbate. The MIC values of volatile oil were 25 mg/mL, on both Aspergillus niger and Penicillium funiculosu and was 12.5 mg/mL on Rhizopus sp. Meanwhile, The MIC values of potassium sorbate were over 50 mg/mL on both Aspergillus niger and Penicillium funiculosu and was 40 mg/mL on Rhizopus sp. So the volatile oil of Platycladus orentalis could be developed as a potential natural preservative.In addition, we induced the hair of mice from anagen to telogen by depilation with wax:resin (1:1) mixture.The experimentation was studied by promoted hair growth in the mouse model. The results showed that the volatile oil (0.005 g/mL) could promote hair growth most obvious. Then the second was ethanol extraction (0.01 g/mL). Another experimentation was studied by prevented Cyclophosphamide (CYP)-induced depilation in the mouse model. The results showed that the volatile oil (0.005 g/mL)and ethanol extraction (0.01 g/mL) could alleviate the depilation properly. The volatile oil and ethanol extraction could protect the hair follicle cells from damnification by CYP - induced depilation and both had significant discrepancy in statistics, comparing with antitheses. In this experiment, the mouse would have obvious depilation after 7 days by injecting CYP.Moreover, colorimetric method was used to evaluate the different polarity parts of Cacumen Platycladi on inhibition of tyrosinase, using the L - tyrosine as the substrate obtained from potato and 3 - O - Ethyl - ascorbic acid as positive antitheses. The IC50 of the ethyl acetate extraction, purificated flavonoid and 3 - O - Ethyl - ascorbic acid was 0.529、0.314、0.496 mg/mL. The IC50 of the ethanol extraction on the activity of tyrosinase was above 0.8 mg/mL.

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