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Research on the Manufacture of Multi-Layer and Bifurcation Artificial Vascular Prosthesis

Author: LiGang
Tutor: LiZuoLing
School: Donghua University
Course: Textile Engineering
Keywords: Rigid rapier 1 × 4 shuttle box bodies Improve Multi - forked artificial blood vessels Design Preparation
CLC: TS106.67
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2009
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Blood vessels to play transport blood in the human body, and assigned the role of blood and material exchange vital organs when the body's vascular tissue lesions occur, they must be treated accordingly or replacement patch therapy. Special design and processing technology of tubular fabric as artificial blood vessels, can be used in human vascular tumor lesion surgical replacement surgery. The existing textile artificial blood vessel Usually adopted woven or knitted method of manufacturing a vessel wall are a single-layer structure and the bifurcated portion of one of single-layer sheet-like fabric stapling. In order to avoid coating oozing wall, a common approach is to increase the tightness of the fabric structure or a change in the surface structure of the artificial blood vessel wall, but the method is not conducive to the proliferation of human cells and tissues after surgery; the pregelatinised will increase the complexity of the surgical procedure; , which may cause allergic reactions, stress concentration lead to the destruction of the entire pipe permeability and bifurcated portion of the suture, these methods are not ideal. The Oxo found two different layers of the woven structure of the artificial blood vessels can prevent surgical bleeding while the smooth tissue proliferation. Specially designed tubular fabric without coating and pre-condensate directly as a surgical graft surgery with artificial blood vessels, and thus the application prospect. But such multi-layer machine woven vascular prosthesis preparation technology is still blank, because people have not yet found such tubular woven fabric design principles and preparation method. This topic is an important part of the process of artificial blood vessels more functional and shape more diversity. Grasp the artificial blood vessels and improve the processing and preparation techniques will provide the basis for its industrialization as well as to the international guarantee. This topic is based on previous research, there will be shuttle loom shuttle box technology used in high-precision the rigid rapier vertical machine, successfully developed a the rigid rapier 1 × 4 shuttle box institutions to replace the sample loom the original weft insertion system, either while providing continuous weft, the tube side continuous problem, they can weave density, a variety of shapes and special requirements of tubular and other fabrics. The shuttle box to apply for the two national invention patents, the name of the rigid rapier 1 × 4 shuttle box institutions, Patent Publication No.: CN101078150A. Name the rigid rapier 1 × 8 shuttle box bodies, Patent Publication Number: CN101215749A. In addition, a sample of four shuttle box rigid rapier improved binding characteristics of the weft insertion loom, with reference to the preparation of monolayer bifurcated woven synthetic vascular prosthesis and a multilayer woven fabric technology, multi-layered organization bifurcated tubular fabric structure and on the parameters of the design process of research and analysis of the system, laid the foundation for the further development of the multi-layer to bifurcation tubular fabric performance. And in accordance with the design of artificial blood vessels organization chart on the machine test weaving machine technology through continuous improvement, and ultimately get a satisfactory sample, can be observed through the sample apparent analysis and cross-section microscopy, clear and intuitive The layer structure, which proved effective transformation mechanism multilayer stars and artificial blood vessels new design method is also proved correct.

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