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Studies on Chromosome Location of the Ribosomal Protein Genes in Bombyx Mori

Author: LiWeiHua
Tutor: GuoXianRu;MiaoXueXia
School: Henan Agricultural University
Course: Agricultural entomology and pest control
Keywords: Silkworm SSR CAPS Molecular marker Ribosomal Protein Gene Chromosome Location
CLC: S881.26
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2006
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The silkworm, Bombyx mori, had been domesticated for silk production for more than 5000 years, sericulture and its attached industry are Chinese traditional superiority industry. The silkworm is the entire metamorphosis insect. Its characters are easy to observe, and mutations affecting virtually every aspect of the organism’s morphology, development, and behaviour had been collected and well characterized. Some silkworm races are multivoltine, and can generate lots of offspring, these are advantage on the research of genetics and mutant screening. As an ideal model Lepidoptera with visible hereditary feature, silkworm has been a main basic research and experiment material, and has been well researched in the genetics, physiology, biochemistry, molecular biology, cytobiology and so on. Beside producing beautiful silk, the whole body of silkworm can be used in other fields. As an ideal biological reactor, Bombyx mori can produce the precious useful protein. In addition, most of the harmful insects damaging the farming crops and forestry belong to the Lepidoptera, the research of genome of silkworm can promote the research of Lepidoptera insect, and it would be advantageous in comparison biology and the development of Integrated Pest Management.Chinese and Japanese scientists had completed the genomic shotgun sequence of silkworm, the following research will be the high density molecular linkage map, the gene localization and map-based cloning, constructing the fine genome map, at the same time, many scientists will engage in the research of silkworm function genome. All of these will impel the researches of entire insect subject. Until now, approximately 300 full length genes had been cloned, few of their function is clear, and fewer had been located in the chromosome. This has brought the difficulty for the map-based cloning and the research of gene function, so the basic research of screening more molecular marker is imperative extremely and important.

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