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China’s National Image Optimizing Strategy in the 21~(st) Century

Author: ZhaoYing
Tutor: LiuQingCai
School: Jilin University
Course: International political
Keywords: National image Peaceful Development International Organizations Public Diplomacy
CLC: D60
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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As China` s strength and international influence power growing steadily, the great power status of China will be recognized and received by more and more states in the world. In the key period of the great power ` s growth, the good national image which is demonstrated by China will directly help her peaceful development strategy put into practice. In contrast, one bad and negative image will restrict her development strategy to a great extent. Moreover, as a socialism country whose national strength is growing stronger and stronger, China ` s development will be watched by world consensus widely and nearly. Under this condition, making a good national image and creating a beneficial international environment for China ` s peaceful development has become one important era task of China ` s foreign policy in this new period. This paper firstly analyzes the definition and elements of national image, and then analyzes the problems of China` s national image existing, finally put forward some constructive ideas for China` s national image optimizing. This paper is divided into three parts.Ⅰ. National image in the contemporary international relationsThe concept of national image is complicated and complex. National image is the synthesis reflection of sovereignty counties ` s inner factors, such as national strength, political institution and ethos. Secondly, national image is the common judge that sovereignty counties received in the international social process. Thirdly, national image is the news promulgating reflection in the world medium.National image possesses three characters. First, national image possesses static state and dynamic state. There is static state national image because of relative static state of objective physical and psychological carrier. What is so-called dynamic state national image is that it will change, even reshape because of the changes of one county ` s behavior in international society. Secondly, national image possesses positive-construct and passive-reflection two layers. The layer of positive-construct is the image that the state and her citizens want to shape. The layer of passive-reflection is the image that promulgating in the international society. Thirdly, national image possesses inner-initiative and outer-intention two layers. It is the county that shapes her national image, and the purpose of shaping national image is changing how the outer world sees us.National image is one of the most important parts of soft power. A good national image will strengthen one state` s credibility, and upgrade one state `s international prestige, make state place in a beneficial location in the international intercourse. It is very important to the great powers in the international society. As one kind of soft power which could be depended and used directly, good national power will maintain, enhance and show the foreign influence power of state which will push the national interest realized. As behavior forecasting and evaluating resource in international cooperation, national image is the important decision-making according to outer world.Being in a era which attaches more and more importance to brand and image, China` s national image construction faces opportunities and challenges. The optimizing and upgrading of national image has become a era subject in the process of China` s peaceful development strategy.Ⅱ. The review and survey of China ` s national imageHistory is a mirror. From the establishment of the people `s republic of China, she has gains and loses in the shaping of national image. These gains and loses are the important background factors that can not be ignored when China makes national image strategy in new era. Analyzing these gains and loses carefully will be beneficial to China reshaping and optimizing her image. From the establishment of the people ` s republic of China, she has insisted shaping the image of paddling her own canoe and the image of great socialism state. However , because of the inner and outer factors, China ` s image has been divided into two parts which are different in character. One is filled with the image of close-and-struggle characters before 1978. The other is full of open-and-join into the international society characters after 1978.After the analysis above, we can know that the restrictive factors of national image optimizing of China are these as follow. First, the differences of social institution and ideology are the disadvantage factors of constructing self-identity between China and the developed countries in western world. Second, the relative weak foreign propaganda ability of China can not express her voice smartly in international society, which has restrict the shaping and upgrading national image of China directly. Third, the views such as the threat of China and the collapse of China have been the important restrictive factors of optimizing national image of China.Ⅲ. The national image optimizing strategy of ChinaThe strategic aim of China `s national image design is the image of responsibility, this aim has two points. One is for the inner-state, it is to make sure China is developing healthily and steadily, and to demonstrate a paddling her own canoe, reform and openness, stability and solidarity, law-ruling and harmonious society image to the international society. The other is for the outer-world, it is to continue sparkplug the idea of harmonious world, strengthen the cooperation among countries, obey to the international laws and international relations guidance, safeguard world peace, support international right career, and shape an image of responsibility of China.As the platform of intercourse and cooperation among countries, International organizations have developed greatly because of their importance to international economy and political affairs. Now, because of the convenient conditions, international organizations are not only the important platform of cooperation among countries, but also the best place that state expresses herself, propagandizes herself, shapes and upgrades her image. If state wants to improve her national image, she must make use of all kinds of international organizations, improve the intercourse between herself and the international society with a good national image. Therefore, China should join into the international society more open and more self-confident, safeguard the authority of the UN, and make the advantage of the UN positively to optimize her national image.Public diplomacy is very important to improve national image, is the necessary diplomatic means of changing and upgrading national image. With the importance of national image being more and more recognized, public diplomacy which is a new way of diplomacy will be given more and more importance. For China, she should do as follows. First, making comprehensive public diplomacy strategy, construct highly effective public diplomacy system. Second, constructing multilayer information spreading system, and getting hold of the power of giving word positively. Third, reforming the way of propaganda, and demonstrate national image positively.In a word, national image has been one important factor in state behavior and will be given more and importance in the future. The optimizing of national image is a comprehensive project. China should make specific national image strategy and improve from little by little in order to shape her responsible image in the world.

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