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A Study on New Secuirty Concept of China and Its Choice of Security Strategy

Author: WangBaiSong
Tutor: LiuTong
School: Northeast Normal University
Course: CPC's history
Keywords: Traditional security concept New security concept of China Harmonious world Security strategy Peaceful development
CLC: D820
Type: PhD thesis
Year: 2013
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With the in-depth development of globalization and the huge change of internationalpolitical structure after the Cold War, the international security situation has undergoneprofound changes, the traditional security threats and non-traditional security threats are beingintertwined, and the global issues about the threats of national security are increasinglyprominent. Adapting to the situation, China has given the new answer and explanation to thesources of security threat, connotation of security, subject of security, defending means ofsecurity, ideal pursuit of security and etc. The New Security Concept of China featuring"mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality and cooperation" is the ideological crystallization togive the latest elaboration to the new security threats. The New Security Concept of Chinawith rich ideological content, theoretical implication and extremely important theoreticalvalue, which has not only inherited the traditional national security thinking since thefounding of the People’s Republic of China, but also absorbed the rational core of "newsecurity concept" prevailing in international society, is an important guiding thought tosafeguard China’s own security, regional security and world security. The New SecurityConcept of China is developed in the successful practice of economic security in ShanghaiCooperation Organization and China-ASEAN. The practice of the New Security Concept ofChina in Central Asia and ASEAN has confirmed that the regional cooperation big and smallcountries can be promoted to realize win-win and common security based on furtherdeepening interdependence between countries and their equality and mutual benefit.Therefore, the new security concept is of importance in practical value. At the beginning ofthe new century, the proposed concept of harmonious world is deepening and developing theNew Security Concept of China, is the latest distillation to seek the ideal security. The twoaspects are an indivisible organic whole to protect the lasting peace and promote commonprosperity.The New Security Concept of China is a specific principle about national security conceptwith a certain degree of stability, but lack of operability. Under the guidance of the newsecurity concept, the practical national security strategy with dynamic characteristics isplanned and developed to compensate for its lack. Meanwhile, the strategy should beconstantly adjusted to adapt to the security situation at home and abroad to play a more activerole in guiding the national security. Under the guidance of New Security Concept, China haschosen a road of peace and development with the Chinese characteristics and regarded peaceand development as the inevitable choice of China’s national strategy based on China’sspecial historical tradition, strategic culture and its social system.This thesis, on the basis of combing and analysis for the relative theories of nationalsecurity, reviews the developing course of China’s national security concept from the twoCPC generations of collective leadership taking Mao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping as the coreafter the founding of New China, adheres to the principles of dialectical materialism andhistorical materialism, takes the multidisciplinary research approaches combined political science, military strategy, Marxism and history of CPC, profoundly analyzes theestablishment, practice, pursuit and national security strategy under the New Security Concept,and makes some important recommending thinking on the development of New SecurityConcept and improvement of its strategy of peace and development.This thesis contains the introduction and main body with six chapters.The introduction is the introductory part of the paper, mainly on the issues and theirsignificance, Chinese and foreign research status reviews, research ideas, research framework,research approaches and innovations.The first chapter in main body is the theoretical framework of the full paper: the authorhas a detailed analysis on some concepts of security, national security and its security strategy,and compares the three classical security paradigm about realism, liberalism andconstructivism, which has laid the theoretical foundational for the research of China’s NewSecurity Concept.The second chapter reviews the development course of China’s national security conceptafter the founding of New China. The author has a combing and analysis on the traditionalChina’s national security concept by means of forming background of the times, ideologicalorigins and main content. Despite the two generations of central collective leadership withMao Zedong and Deng Xiaoping as the core did not form the systematic special elaborationof national security concept, their political thoughts to safeguard the interests of the state andthe nation which have still been valuable so far, are the direct theoretical sources of China’sNew Security Concept.The third chapter is the focus of this thesis. The author analyzes the background of thetimes, ideological source, core connotation, theoretical implication and innovative theoreticalvalue. Compared to the prevailed international "new security concept", the New SecurityConcept with the Chinese characteristics featuring "mutual trust, mutual benefit, equality andcooperation" to realize the purpose of "common security","comprehensive security","cooperative security" is the systematic elaboration on the latest security theories ininternational relations in the new period, and is a valid and feasible the new security theory toresolve the current non-traditional security threats.The fourth chapter analyzes the practical course of China’s New Security Concept throughthe specific cases. China’s New Security Concept has been enriched and improved on thebasis of Shanghai Cooperation Organization and China-ASEAN. Meanwhile, the authordiscusses the facing challenge in the multilateral regional cooperation and its valid solvingroutes and opportunities.The fifth chapter focuses on the Chinese-style exploration on the pursuit to seek the idealsecurity. The concept of harmonious world is deepening and distillation of China’s NewSecurity Concept, in line with the need of human beings to achieve lasting peace and commonprosperity. The author focus mainly on the analysis the thinking on the relationship betweenthe New Security Concept and harmonious world and on the challenges faced by theconstruction of harmonious world and its resolving measures.The last chapter is another focus of the thesis. China’s New Security Concept is a concreteprinciple, with a certain degree of stability. To make its stronger operational, the feasible national security strategy under its guidance should be formulated. The author, along thelogical thinking, profoundly summarizes the enlightenment value from the main world powers,expounds the inevitability of peace and development as the current strategic choice of China’snational security from the perspective of overall national security strategy, and has raisedsome valuable thinking and suggestions in view of the facing challenges from the existingChina’s external security.

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