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Study on Functions of Fructooligosaccharides in Jiangcun-Yellow Broilers

Author: FengZiKe
Tutor: DanAnShan
School: Northeast Agricultural University
Course: Animal Nutrition and Feed Science
Keywords: Gyaincain yellow chicken FOS Endocrine Immunity Microecology
CLC: S816
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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The test from the growth performance, endocrine, immune and cecum microecology four aspects of fructo-oligosaccharides (FOS) for 0 to 6 weeks Gyaincain yellow chicken. The trials to select the initial conditions consistent 1-day-old Gyaincain yellow chicken male chicks 96 birds were randomly divided into four treatments, four replicates per treatment, each repeated six birds. The four treatments were added in the corn - soybean meal basal diet based on 0% the FOS 0.09% the FOS, 0.15% of the FOS or 75mg/kg chlortetracycline, other conditions the same. Weekend in the first six weeks, each treatment randomly Eight birds were killed after the cardiac blood collection, the collection of samples required for analysis. The research results show that the FOS of 0 to 6 weeks Gyaincain yellow chicken whole term growth performance had no significant effect (P> 0.05), but it can significantly improve the first four weeks of growth performance, which good to 0.15% FOS added. The findings show that 0.09% FOS and 0.15% FOS had no effect (P> 0.05); 42 days Gyaincain yellow chicken serum T 3 level of the FOS 0.09% lower serum T 4 (P> 0.05) and IGF-I (P> 0.05) trend, while the ratio of T 3 / T 4 (P> 0.05) and GH (P> 0.05) somewhat elevated; 0.15% FOS also reduce serum T 4 (P <0.05), but the ratio of T 3 / T 4 (P <0.05), GH (P> 0.05) and IGF-Ⅰ (P <0.01) were improved to varying degrees. Overall growth performance and endocrine indicators that growth hormone (GH) and insulin-like growth factor - Ⅰ (IGF-Ⅰ) linear correlation with Gyaincain yellow chicken growth performance exist. The results show that, compared with the control group, dietary supplementation of 0.09% FOS and 0.15% FOS 42-day-old Gyaincain yellow chicken thymus and bursa its index increased spleen weight index decreased, but The above indicators are not significant; 0.09% FOS and 0.15% FOS can increase blood leukocyte phagocytosis rate (P> 0.05) and serum new seal epidemic hemagglutination underpricing (P <0.01); distribution of Jiangcun yellow chicken caecal tonsil the SIgA-positive cells found, 0.09% FOS and 0.15% FOS SIgA the number of positive cells were significantly increased, particularly 0.15% FOS is preferred and the number of fluorescent antibody staining. The four indicators of results, that the FOS can significantly improve Gyaincain yellow chicken immune function. The research results show that the number of bacteria Bifidobacterium add 0.09% FOS and 0.15% FOS 42-day-old Gyaincain yellow chicken cecal contents were increased by 2.89% (P> 0.05) and 5.23% (P <0.05); Escherichia coli and Salmonella reducing the total number of 4.99% (P> 0.05) and 3.04% (P> 0.05). The study did not significantly affect the FOS on cecal mucosa micromorphology.

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