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  1. Preparation and Application of Ractopamine, Clenbuterol Electrochemical Sensors,GaoWen/Liaoning Medical,0/14
  2. The Research of College Students Marxist Belief Education,LiYingFu/Liaoning Medical,0/17
  3. Ethical Reflection on the Ecological Province Construction in Liaoning,LiuSiTong/Liaoning Medical,0/7
  4. Ethical Reflection on Building the Harmonious Labor-capital Relations of the Private Enterprises in China,XinYingWei/Liaoning Medical,0/8
  5. Experimental Study of AZ31Magnesium Alloys on Repairing Jaw Bone Defects and Distraction Osteogenesis,WangShuFeng/Liaoning Medical,0/12
  6. The Preparation and the Study of Biological Performance of Nano Hydroxyapatite/Chitosan/Tussah Silk Protein Ternary Mixed Materials,ZhangJiBo/Liaoning Medical,0/8
  7. The Antigenicity of Osteogenesis Induced by ADSCs and Its Effects on the Repair of Bone,LiLei/Liaoning Medical,0/1
  8. Effect of Neuroactive Peptide Urocortin Ⅱ on Rat Striatum Neuron's Spontaneous Discharge and It's Mechanism,ZhangDi/Liaoning Medical,0/4
  9. Effectes and Mechanisms of Atorvastatin on the Expression of Synapse-associated Proteins Cultured by Rat Cortical Neuron in Vitro,YuShengXue/Liaoning Medical,0/7
  10. Protective of Atorvastatin Against Aβ1-42 Cultured Neurotoxicity in Primary Cultured Hippocampal Nourons,QuWenHui/Liaoning Medical,0/5
  11. Protective Effects of α-lipoic on High Glucose Induced Cardiac Myocytes Hypertrophy in Neonatal Rats,LiZhaoGang/Liaoning Medical,0/5
  12. The Influence of the Protein Expression of Rho-GTP Enzyme Family with Atovastatin on Culture Cortical Neurons in Vitro,JinYingXin/Liaoning Medical,0/1
  13. Research on J774Cell Oxidative Damage Induced by Pseudomon Asaeruginosa and the Protective Influences of N-acetylcysteine,LiuDan/Liaoning Medical,0/3
  14. The Influence of Atorvastatin on Lithium Chloride Induced Expression of Wnt/β-ca Tenin Sinaling Pathway Related Factors of HUVECs,ShenYuChao/Liaoning Medical,0/6
  15. The Effection of Estrogen on Adipogenic Differentiation of Kidney Fat Capsule Adipose-derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells Which Were after Long-term Cryopreservation,ZhangHui/Liaoning Medical,0/2
  16. Association between PON1Gene Polymorphisms and Clopidogrel Resistance,LiuZuoFei/Liaoning Medical,0/20
  17. Preparation and Combined Effects of Cucurbitacin B and Furazolidone on Alcohol Dependence Animal,ZouAiZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/3
  18. Preparation and Application of γ-amino-butyric Acid Selective Electrode Modified with ZnO Nanoparticles,ZhangJing/Liaoning Medical,0/10
  19. Synthesis of4-Methox-3-(3-morpholinop-ropoxy)benzonitrile,YangShiZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/5
  20. Synthesis of5-trifluoromethyl-3-(4-methyl-1H-imidazol-1-yl)-aniline,HaoYue/Liaoning Medical,0/9
  21. The Han Ethnicity's Craniofacial Form Asymmetry in Liaoning Province Based on Euclidean Distance Matrix Analysis,ZhangGuangXia/Liaoning Medical,0/6
  22. A Study on the Accuracy of Craniofacial Reconstruction Based on Euclidean Distance Matrix Analysis,DiGuiYing/Liaoning Medical,0/10
  23. The Study of the Enamel and the Dentin Color Relapse to the Teeth Color Relapse after Bleaching a Short Time,ZhuLiLi/Liaoning Medical,0/21
  24. Experiment Research of Reattaching the Broken Tooth,ChenGang/Liaoning Medical,0/2
  25. The Effect of Platelet-rich Fibrin on Periodontal Ligament Cells and Rat Osteoblast in Vitro,ZhouFang/Liaoning Medical,0/12
  26. Clinical Effects of LIPUS on Moderate or Server Chronic Periodontitis as Adjunctive Treatment,LiZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/12
  27. Effects of IL-10Gene Transfectionon Rat Corneal Transplantation,HuangZhu/Liaoning Medical,0/0
  28. Intervention of Tea Polyphenols to NF-κB, Caveolin-1Expression on H2O2-induced Rat Lens Epithelial Cells,MenBaoCheng/Liaoning Medical,0/5
  29. Anti-PDGFR-α Antibody Induction in Rust Role in the Process of Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cell Proliferation,LiLinLin/Liaoning Medical,0/1
  30. Expression Analysis of IGF-1and TGF-β1in Human Nasal Polyp,XuYaNan/Liaoning Medical,0/0
  31. Changes of Ribbon Synapse of Cochlear Inner Hair Cell in Two Modes of Ionizing Radiation and Gentamicin,SunJianHua/Liaoning Medical,0/8
  32. Construction of PTEN Eukaryotic Expression Vector and Its Effect on Human Tongue Cancer Cell Line SCC-4,DongXiaoZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/4
  33. Ray Cartilage Glycosaminoglycans Generated Mouse Melanoma Vascular Mimicry Temporal Changes and Related Factors,MengKang/Liaoning Medical,0/2
  34. Effect of Protein Kinase CK2ɑ and TBB on Proliferation of Human Thyroid Carcinoma,GuDiXi/Liaoning Medical,0/8
  35. Studies on Apoptosis of Human Hepatoma Cells SMMC-7721Induced by Periplaneta Americana Extract,DongJingQian/Liaoning Medical,0/12
  36. The Evaluation of Anti-angiogenic Effects of Endostar on Rabbit VX2PVTT Using f-Msct,FengGuoQuan/Liaoning Medical,0/0
  37. Primary Liver Cancer Infiltration of Lymphocytes CD4~+T and CD8~+T and Its Subsets Expression Analysis,ShiXueFeng/Liaoning Medical,0/22
  38. Inhibition of PI3K/AKT Pathway Enhanced Through Oxaliplatin Colon Cancer RKO Cell Apoptosis Induced by TRAIL Sensitivity Mechanism,XuMingZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/4
  39. Effects of Aberrant Expression of XIAP and Caspase-3Proteins on the Pathogenesis and Progression in Colorectal Adenocacinoma,ZhangZuoZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/1
  40. Effect of PI3K-AKT Signaling Pathways on Human HCT-8/FU Drug-resistant Cell P-GP Expression and Drug Resistance,ZhangJinYuan/Liaoning Medical,0/14
  41. The Expression and Significance of Livin and Caspase-3in Colonic Adenocarcinoma,YangChangMing/Liaoning Medical,0/6
  42. The Clinical Significance of Aberrant Expression of Twist and E-cadherin Proteins in Colorectal Carcinoma,WangYuan/Liaoning Medical,0/0
  43. TIMP-3Gene Methylation and the Expression Level and Significance of MMP-3Protein and TIMP-3Protein in Colon Cancer Tissue,LiWenSi/Liaoning Medical,0/6
  44. Expression and Clinical Significance of K-ras and Cyclooxygenase-2in Colorectal Cancer,ZhangWangNa/Liaoning Medical,0/2
  45. Effect and Mechanism of Gallium Nitrate on Proliferation and Apoptosis of Gastric Cancer Cells,WangXueZhe/Liaoning Medical,0/1
  46. Study of RNAi Silencing CXCR4Gene Inhibits the Invasion and Metastasis of Gastric Cancer Cell SGC7901,HuangLinFei/Liaoning Medical,0/6
  47. Guidance of Carbon Nanoparticles Tracer in Advanced Gastric Cancer Lymphadenectomy,GongXiMing/Liaoning Medical,0/10
  48. The Expression and Clinical Significance of Survivin and DcR3in Gastric Cancer,MiaoLanYing/Liaoning Medical,0/1
  49. The Study on DNA Methylation of MicroRNA-375and the Expression of PDK1in Gastrointestinal Cancer,DongZuoZuo/Liaoning Medical,0/17
  50. Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor-2Gene Cloning and Expression, and Its Effects on Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor Cells,CaoZhe/Liaoning Medical,0/1

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