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The Study on Immuno-Enhancing Activity and Mechanism of Nine Chinese Herbal Medicine Ingredients

Author: ChuYueFeng
Tutor: LiXiangRui
School: Nanjing Agricultural College
Course: Preventive Veterinary Medicine
Keywords: Active ingredients of Chinese medicine Immunostimulants Filter Mechanism Extract prepared Lymphocytes Peritoneal macrophages IL - 2 mRNA Natural killer cells Antibody-secreting cells Sandwich ELISA The rabbit plague hemagglutination antibody
CLC: S853.7.
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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Extracted from the six kinds of traditional Chinese herbal medicine prepared nine kinds of immune enhance the active ingredient, the application of immunological techniques, from screening as a novel immune enhancer composition or formulation, and to explore its mechanism of action. Way of seeing the combination of in vivo and in vitro experiments to explore their respective mouse-specific immune factors, the role of non-specific immune factors, immune cells and immune molecules effect, and animal experiments compared their respective clinical application enhance the immune effect, the final screening a part of traditional Chinese medicine active ingredient, as a low toxicity and highly efficient immune enhancer formulations. Experiment 1, the study extraction and preparation of Chinese herbal medicinal active ingredients are: angelica polysaccharide (77.28%), APS (82.48%), IRPS (82.94%), epimedium polysaccharide (66.38%), propolis polysaccharide (51.41%) of propolis (46.92%) of Epimedium Flavonoids (38.37%), Astragalus flavonoids (1.39%), Astragalus saponin (72.88%). Experiment 2, administration, intraperitoneal injection determination of nine kinds of Chinese herbal ingredients on normal mouse spleen and peripheral blood lymphocyte proliferative reaction. The results showed that nine kinds of drugs to promote Con A and LPS-induced murine peripheral blood and spleen lymphocyte proliferation activity, you can sort as epimedium polysaccharide> APS, propolis> ginsenosides, Angelica Polysaccharide> propolis polysaccharide, IRPS> appropriate dose of epimedium flavonoids> Astragalus saponin, screened out according to the role of the characteristics of each drug in vivo, were 20mg/kg · d polysaccharides, flavonoids and saponins 5mg/Kg · d. Experiment 3 was observed nine kinds of Chinese herbal ingredients on in vitro cultured mouse lymphocyte proliferation. Can be sorted according to the strength of the stimulus epimedium polysaccharide, APS, ginsenosides, propolis> epimedium flavonoids> Angelica Polysaccharide> astragaloside, similar to in vivo, reveal the results of in vitro and in vivo experiments there is a strong correlation ; and selected based on the characteristics of the drug in vitro In vitro experiments with dose the polysaccharides 20ug/ml, flavonoids and saponins 5ug/ml. Experiment 4, by semi-quantitative RT-PCR method for the determination of Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients spleen T cell IL-2 mRNA levels. In accordance with the level of IL-2 mRNA in T cells, the role of effects of the 9 components Sort: Astragalus polysaccharide> Epimedium polysaccharide propolis,> Angelica polysaccharide astragaloside> Propolis polysaccharide> isatis polysaccharide> ginsenosides> Longspur hwo flavonoids. Experiment 5, 9 kinds of Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients in vivo experiments to determine the dose to mice by intraperitoneal injection, were measured in the peritoneal macrophage function and spleen NK cell activity changes. Peritoneal macrophage activity, strong or weak Sort ginsenosides> Astragalus polysaccharide propolis> epimedium flavonoids Angelica polysaccharides> epimedium polysaccharide propolis polysaccharide, size Sort by the NKC killing rate the ginsenosides> propolis flavonoids> Astragalus polysaccharides> epimedium flavonoids of epimedium polysaccharide> propolis polysaccharide> Angelica polysaccharides, the role of the rest of the ingredients are not significant. Experiment with quantitative hemolysis of sheep red blood cell hemolysis test instead of the plaque assay to detect the nine kinds of Chinese herbal ingredients on the number of spleen antibody-secreting cells. The results can be arranged in accordance with the size of the absorbance ginseng soap Ring> propolis> Astragalus polysaccharide Epimedium flavonoids visits> Longspur off the polysaccharide> Huang Yi soap it, the rest of the ingredients is lower than that of the control. Experiment 7, the appropriate dose of Chinese herbal medicinal ingredients and (or) LPS was added to mouse spleen lymphocytes in vitro system, were cultured for 5 days after the determination of IgG levels in the culture supernatant. Found that can be arranged in accordance with the size of the 0D490 value: ginsenosides Wu propolis yellow Arts polysaccharide> the Longspur tea polysaccharide> Angelica Polysaccharide> epimedium flavonoids lower than that of the control, the rest of the ingredients. Experimental 8,9 Chinese herbal medicinal ingredient for 3 consecutive days before the rabbit plague organizations vaccinated rabbits were injected subcutaneously, hemagglutination inhibition test (HI) determination of the level of humoral immunity, observed each component the rabbit plague Organization inactivated vaccine immune-enhancing effect. It was found that the maximum titer of antibodies to compare the enhanced role of each component, you can sort: ginsenosides Intuit> the Longspur tea polysaccharide> propolis> yellow Arts polysaccharide> Angelica Polysaccharide> kinky thin flavonoids other ingredients. According to the results of these experiments, we found that the mechanism of action of each active ingredient and the role of the characteristics are not the same, we can foot the strength of their immune activity, polysaccharides of Huang Min, ginseng soap it, the Longspur Ming polysaccharide propolis as a novel immunosuppressive enhancer of choice objects of Angelica polysaccharides, flavonoids Longspur crossing, Huang Yi soap Chau options.

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