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Synthesis and Catalytic Performace of Composite Molecular Sieve with Mesoporous and Microporous Structure

Author: HanChaoHui
Tutor: LiRuiFeng
School: Taiyuan University of Technology
Course: Industrial Catalysis
Keywords: Composite molecular sieve In hole Microporous Synthesis
CLC: O643.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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Relative microporous molecular sieves , MCM-41 zeolite has a regular six-party ordered pore arrangement , the aperture can be adjusted between 1.5 ~ 10nm , which has potential uses in the field of petrochemical and fine chemical . However , the poor hydrothermal stability , greatly limiting its use . The study found that the mesoporous molecular sieve introducing microcrystalline can enhance its hydrothermal stability . This paper introduced microcrystalline mesoporous molecular sieve conducted in-depth research . In this paper, two-step crystallization method , that is the first solid - liquid mixture of synthetic zeolite Y , then reloading plus template agent , sodium silicate , adjust the PH value with concentrated sulfuric acid to prepare mesoporous molecular sieve containing microcrystalline Y/MCM-41 and the added amount of raw materials , time , temperature , and other factors . The results show that : The two-step crystallization method can successfully the synthesis Y/MCM-41 molecular sieve ; of fill plus order of raw Y/MCM-41 zeolites synthesis of ; very obvious but added the amount of impact by adding different dosage waterglass can be prepared MCM-41 the different Y/MCM-41 and Y relative content ; in the first step in the crystallization process , as the crystallization time increases , the product of the relative content of the mesoporous molecular sieve ; in Cap two-step crystallization , the optimum temperature of 130 ° C , and the best time in one day . Taiyuan University of Technology Master's Thesis Y / MCM -41 physical and chemical properties were characterized by XRD, SEM and BET . The results showed that : Y / MCM -41 has both Y and MCM - 41 zeolite peaks ; and crystalline phase morphology of pure Y and MCM -41 zeolite crystal phase morphology is significantly different , and and NZ adsorption- desorption curves showed only characteristics of the MCM- 41 , the hysteresis loop appears , according to the desorption isotherms calculated pore size of the molecular sieve are distributed in microporous and mesoporous range . For the catalytic activity of the Y / MCM -41 , the use of phenol in the alkylation reaction to examine. The results showed that : Y / MCM -41 zeolite having a ratio of the Y - type or MCM-41 higher catalytic activity ; while for the Y / MCM 41 (D) molecular sieve, with the tert-butanol and the temperature increases , the conversion of phenol is also increased , and longer service life ; for Y/MCM-41 (A) molecular sieves , with the reaction time increases , the rate of conversion of phenol increased , but after three hours of reaction , the phenol conversion rate increase is not obvious .

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