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  1. Factor Analysis Evaluation and Countermeasures Research of Smart Tourism,LiuLiNing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/305
  2. The Entrying Strategy on Extermal Enterprise of Supply Chain and the Analysis of the Evolurionary Stability,SunXiSheng/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/20
  3. Research on Group Detection Methods in Imaging Technique Based on Morphology,RenShaoBin/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/74
  4. Research on the Novel Electro-Hydraulic Flow and Direction Control Principle and Its Applications,ZhaoHu/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/44
  5. Research of Winter Hyarological Sensor and System Based on the Conductance Characteristics of Measured Medium,LiHuiPing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/11
  6. Research on Hypertension Diagnosis and Treatment System Based on Ontology and CBR,WuZuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/42
  7. The Research of Anti-Collision Algorithm in RFID,WeiJing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/33
  8. Human Action Recognition Research in the Video Surveillance,ZhaoYongQing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/17
  9. Research on the Attributes Selection Visualization Techniques and Clustering Algorithms,HouXiaoJing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/13
  10. Design and Implementation of Cloud-based Tisco Remote Real-time Office System,RenMin/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/41
  11. A Study of Voice Activity Detection Algorithm Based on HMM/SVM,FanChunZuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/52
  12. Research on Speaker Verification System Based on Perceptual Log Area Ratio,YinCong/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/13
  13. Research and Implementation of Emotional Speech Synthesis System,RenPengHui/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/78
  14. Research on Speech Enhancement Algorithm Based on Wavelet Packet Adaptive Threshold,RenYongMei/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/87
  15. Research on Improved Support Vector Machine Classification Algorithm in Speech Recognition Application,HeXiaoPing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/81
  16. Research of Data Analysis and Pre-selection Algorithm for Support Vector Machine Speech Recognition,PangZuoRu/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/39
  17. The Visual English Mandarin Computer-Assisted Pronunciation Training System,ZhengHongNa/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/24
  18. Interface Behavior of Organic Light-Emitting Diode and Its Effects on the Performance of Devices,GaoZhiXiang/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/52
  19. The Research of Microwave Yechnology for Detecting Mixed Liquid Components,MaYao/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/36
  20. On Dilemma and Strategies of Postgraduates'belief-Lost,ShangLing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/37
  21. Career Planning of the Reserver Military Officer,WangTao/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/53
  22. Aesthetic Appearance of Watching Television Ads from the Image Narrative Angle,LiZuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/94
  23. The Application of Schema Theory in Reading of English Short Novels,SuXiaoPing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/16
  24. The Experiment Study on Cell Proliferation and Collagen Metabolism of Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts under Pressure Coculture,LiuYang/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/12
  25. Study on Medical and Health Services System of Shanxi Province Based on System Dynamics,PangZuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/27
  26. Study on the Transfer Functions of Soil Water Retention Parameters,HanYongHong/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/15
  27. Study on Influences of Foundation Pit Excavation and Precipitation on Stresses in Support Structure and Land Deformations,XiangXingHua/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/112
  28. Study on Heat Transfer Factors and Optimal Design of Ground Heat Exchangers Under Groundwater Seepage,LiuHu/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/94
  29. Simulation Study on Trnsys Based Solar-earth Source Heat Pump System,YinLiZuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/160
  30. The Parameters Optimization in the Solar Latent Heat Storage Device and Trnsys Simulation about the Heat Pump System,ZhangFeiFei/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/171
  31. Reserch on Energy-Saving Scheme of Large Space Industrial Architecture Air-Conditioning System Taking the Web Press Workshop of One Print Plant for Example,ZhangZiJing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/89
  32. Shanxi College Application and Research of Low-Carbon Bulding,QinLiang/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/18
  33. Initial Analysis and Research on High School Teaching Building Thermal Comfort and Impact Factors,CongChuang/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/65
  34. Research on the Construction Enterprise Safety Management Personnel Competency Model,QinLing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/22
  35. Experimental Study and Application on Permeability Characteristics of Riverbed Sandy Pebble Media,ZhangMingBin/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/29
  36. Research about Vehicle Impact Action Effect on Prestressed Concrete Continuous Bridge with Multi-span and Wide Box-girder,RenZhenXing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/24
  37. Key Technologies of Health Monitoting of a Half-Through Arch Bridge with Steel-Concrete Composite Bridge Deck System in Service,NieYunJing/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/30
  38. Modeling and Simulation of the Pump Control Hydraulic System of the Loader Working Device,CaiYaNan/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/39
  39. A New Type of Vibrating Screen Key Part Analysis of the Fatigue,JiaJie/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/52
  40. Research on Dynamic Characteristics of Multi-Disk Rotor Systems Based on Torsional Excitation,SongGaoFeng/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/79
  41. A Study on Waste Water Treatment of Heavy Mentals Combining Porous Material with Engineering Bacteria,WangKai/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/53
  42. Studys on Removing Nitrogen Oxides by Dielectric Barrier Discharge Plasma,ChenHu/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/39
  43. Research on Cultivation and Immobilization of Nitrifying Activated Sludge in Low Temperature,FangMingLiang/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/63
  44. Garlic Wastewater Pretreatment Approach Study,WangZuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/24
  45. Orbal Oxidation Ditch Process of Upgrading and Reconstruction and the Use of Recycled Water,ZhaoXiuHui/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/106
  46. The Experiment and the Study of Phosphorus Removal in Municipal Wastewater Tratnent,YangTuo/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/53
  47. Rural Sewage Pipes Buried Experimental Study of Anaerobic Biological Treatment,XueKai/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/74
  48. Commissioning and Study of Nitrogen Removal Effect of SBR Process in Wastewater Treatment Plant,ZhaoYongBin/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/110
  49. Study on the Removal Rate of Total Hardness,Ca2+ and Mg2+ in RO,ShiYu/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/173
  50. Simulation Study on Leaching Characteristics of Polybrominated Diphenyl Ethers in Electronic Wastes,XuHong/Taiyuan University of Technology,0/41

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