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The Preparation and Study of the Ruthenium Catalyst for Ammonia Synthesis

Author: FuWuJun
Tutor: ZhengXiaoLing
School: Fuzhou University
Course: Inorganic Chemistry
Keywords: Ruthenium Activated carbon Alumina Additives Ammonia synthesis Supported Catalysts
CLC: O643.3
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2003
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In this paper, a variety of activated carbon, alumina as the carrier prepared by impregnation with a series of ammonia synthesis ruthenium catalyst , using physical adsorption , chemical adsorption, elemental analysis and scanning electron microscopy characterization methods , combined with the ammonia synthesis activity evaluation , explore the carrier to help , preparation process and conditions of use of ruthenium catalyst for ammonia synthesis activity. The results showed that the activated carbon carrier having a high purity, high specific surface area , large pore volume and reasonable pore distribution conducive to effective and uniform dispersion of the active ingredient , the preparation of highly active ammonia synthesis catalyst of ruthenium . Ru / AC catalyst , an alkaline earth metal additives promoting effect is superior to the aid of an alkali metal , and the optimum amount of both type . Dual additive ruthenium catalyst system of higher catalytic activity compared with the single additives ruthenium catalyst , using the step-by-step impregnation method is more effective than the co-impregnation method . The ruthenium metal precious metals, from cost considerations , ruthenium loading of 4 wt% better . RuCl3/AC can be carried out at lower temperatures the dechlorination restore dechlorination reduction temperature is not too high to avoid the wastage of high temperature carbon support and ruthenium particles sintered . Simulated industrial ammonia synthesis conditions , study temperature , pressure , space velocity of Ru / AC catalyst . The results showed that the ruthenium catalyst at a low temperature , low pressure use shows a good catalytic activity . The reaction pressure is higher , elevated temperatures helps to overcome the ruthenium catalyst under high pressure hydrogen adsorption phenomena . Ammonia synthesis ruthenium catalyst supported on alumina , the dispersion of the active phase does not depend entirely on the alumina carrier surface area, large pore volume , reasonable pore size distribution is to determine the degree of dispersion of the main factors of the metal . CsNO3 , Ba ( NO3 ) 2 of Ru/Al2O3 catalyst effective additives ; the poor promoting effect of the rare earth nitrates of Sm ( NO3 ) 3 , but if the modified alumina carrier with its processing , can effectively inhibit the ruthenium strong catalyst under high pressure hydrogen adsorption, significantly increased the activity of the ruthenium catalyst .

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