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  1. The Study on Adaptive Segmentation Methods for High Spatial Resolution Remotely Sensed Imagery,LiuJianHua/Fuzhou University,0/42
  2. Study on Time Series Ocean Color Data Merging and Red Tide Information Extraction,ChenZuoZhi/Fuzhou University,0/64
  3. Intelligent Neural Network Control of Rigid-flexible Hybrid Free-floating Space Robots,HuangDengFeng/Fuzhou University,0/22
  4. Research on Intelligent Control for Rigid and Flexible Space-based Space Robot System,HongZhaoBin/Fuzhou University,0/28
  5. Research of Triangle Mesh Model Data Processing Technology Based on Mixed Blend Feature in Reverse Engineering,ChenJie/Fuzhou University,0/12
  6. Research on Some Key Technology of Task Scheduling in Wireless Sensor Networks,GuoWenZhong/Fuzhou University,0/29
  7. Research on Diagnosis of Oil-paper Insulation Condition in Transformer Based on Return Voltage Characteristic Quantities,ZhangTao/Fuzhou University,0/35
  8. Study of Flicker Detection and Flicker Transfer Characteristics Based on Dynamic Phasors Method,KangJian/Fuzhou University,0/20
  9. Research on the Intelligent Technology of Low Voltage Control and Protective Switching Devices,BaoGuangHai/Fuzhou University,0/57
  10. Research on the Key Technologies of Magnetic Integration in DC-DC Switched-Mode Power Converters,LuZengYi/Fuzhou University,0/46
  11. Research on Protection Technology of Induction Motor Based on3D Temperature Field Model of Stator Winding,YangMingFa/Fuzhou University,0/25
  12. Two-dimensional Seismic Behaviors and Designs on Spatial Frame Joints of Reinforced Concrete and Prestressed Concrete Structures,LiXuHong/Fuzhou University,0/35
  13. Research on the Out-of-plane Stability of CFST Solid Rib Arches,LiXiaoHui/Fuzhou University,0/15
  14. Reasearch on Vibration Isolation of High-rise Isolated Structure,ShangZuoJiang/Fuzhou University,0/47
  15. Research on Mechanical Behavior of Self-anchored Suspension Bridge with Multi-tower,ChenYongJian/Fuzhou University,0/32
  16. Study on Live Load Model for Highway Bridges Based on the Characters of Wheel Axles,WangQiang/Fuzhou University,0/38
  17. Research on Mechanical Behaviors and Design of Integral Abutment Curved Box Bridge,LinZhiPing/Fuzhou University,0/20
  18. Research on the Forensic Engineering System and Methodology of Large-scale Bridge Projects,LinLi/Fuzhou University,0/21
  19. Partner Selection with Fuzzy Completion Time and Fuzzy Due Date in a Manufacturing Virtual Enterprise,HuangBin/Fuzhou University,0/15
  20. Research on Hybrid Reasoning and Mapping Technology for Function Solving in Product Conceptual Design,YangYanHua/Fuzhou University,0/25
  21. Low Carbon Development Study in Fujian Province, China Based on Forest Carbon Sinks Information,JiangHong/Fuzhou University,0/27
  22. Study on Key Technologies for Complicated Shape Stone Manufacturing Control and Wastewater Treatment,ChenWeiXu/Fuzhou University,0/24
  23. Experimental and Theoretical Investigations on the PLC Effect in Pressed AZ Magnesium Alloy,ZengShaoFeng/Fuzhou University,0/34
  24. Study on Nano-WO3Gas Sensing Materials and NO2Gas Sensor,HuangShiZhen/Fuzhou University,0/37
  25. Research on Preparation, Characterization and Application of High Boiling Solvent Lignin,ChenYunPing/Fuzhou University,0/35
  26. Studies on Some POMs Based on Tungsten-clusters and Lanthanum Cobaltite Nanomaterials,JiangXiaoZuo/Fuzhou University,0/18
  27. Preparation and Modification of Cathode Materials for Amorphous/Nanocrystalline Ni-Mo Alloys by Electrodeposition,LiNing/Fuzhou University,0/28
  28. The Growth of Doped Lanthanon Potassium Gadolinium Tungstate Crystal and a Number of New Crystal Structure Design and Preparation,ChenJie/Fuzhou University,0/12
  29. Analysis of Shellfish Toxin and Environmental Hormone in Foods by Pressurized Capillary Electrochromatography,WuWeiMin/Fuzhou University,0/10
  30. Preparation of Novel Polymer-based Capillary Monolithic Columns and Application in Electrochromatography,WangXiaoChun/Fuzhou University,0/21
  31. Application of Capillary Electrophoresis for Determination of Active Components in Tea Samples,WangQingPing/Fuzhou University,0/25
  32. Study on Some New Materials for Electrochemiluminescence,ZhengLiYan/Fuzhou University,0/44
  33. Study on the Separation and Determination of Trace Residues in Complex Food Matrix,YangFang/Fuzhou University,0/25
  34. Study on the Determination Methods for Some Plant Hormones and Drugs and Their Interaction with Biological Macromolecules,YeZuoZhen/Fuzhou University,0/19
  35. Study on the Novol Sample Pretreatment Methods Coupling with Chromatographic Separation and Analysis of Plant Hormones,LuQiaoMei/Fuzhou University,0/119
  36. DNA Biosensor and Its Application Based on G Guadruplex and Three-arm Junction Probe,ZhangJing/Fuzhou University,0/36
  37. A Theoretical Study of the Reaction Mechanism on Cu2O(111) and the Coverage-dependent Behavior on Chemical Functionalization of X(100)(X=C, Si, Ge),SunBaoZhen/Fuzhou University,0/8
  38. Specific Analysis of the Main Active Species and Mechanism in Degradation of Organic Pollutants by Aqueous-phase Photocatalysis,LiWenJuan/Fuzhou University,0/10
  39. Synthesis, Structures and Properties of Coordination Polymers with Flexible N-multicarboxylate Ligands,ChaiXiaoChuan/Fuzhou University,0/15
  40. Theoretical Studies on the Group VB/VIB Transition Metal Oxide Clusters,WangBin/Fuzhou University,0/3
  41. Wormlike Micellar Systems Formed by Quaternary Ammonium Gemini Surfactants: Effect of Intermolecular Hydrogen Bonding,PeiXiaoMei/Fuzhou University,0/30
  42. Preparation and Spectroscopic Properties of Carboxy-containing Zinc Phthalocyanines and Their Covalent Albumin Conjugates,XiaoRongPing/Fuzhou University,0/15
  43. Structure Modification of TiO2Film and Its Novel Application for Promoting the Anti-contamination Performance of High Voltage Outdoor Insulators,ZhuangJianDong/Fuzhou University,0/26
  44. In Situ IR Study on the Surface Adsorption and Photocatalysis of TiO2,LinHuaXiang/Fuzhou University,0/36
  45. Studies on Synthesis, Characterization and Photocatalytic Properties of Graphitic Carbon Nitride,ChenXiuFang/Fuzhou University,0/249
  46. Study on the Field Test and the Design Calculation Method of Antislide Pile,ZhangXiaoYong/Fuzhou University,0/46
  47. Research on Mobile-based Spatial Data Organization and Adaptive Positioning Map Services,ZhangAiGuo/Fuzhou University,0/89
  48. Research on Key Technology of Spatial Information Service Chaining,LiangJuanZhu/Fuzhou University,0/28
  49. Quantum Information Processing with Two-mode Cavity QED and Neutral Rydberg Atom System,WuHuaiZhi/Fuzhou University,0/13
  50. Fracture Simulation and Failure Mechanism Study on Rubber-steel Bimaterial Components,LiuXiaoYing/Fuzhou University,0/21

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