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A Case-control Study on Risk Factor of Lung Cancer in Nosmoking Female

Author: QinZuo
Tutor: ZhouBaoSen
School: China Medical University
Course: Epidemiology and Health Statistics
Keywords: Female lung cancer Risk factors Logistic analysis
CLC: R734.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2002
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Preface high lung cancer incidence and mortality in all countries in the world ranking. The incidence of lung cancer in China has been an upward trend the urban female lung cancer incidence and mortality among the highest in the world. Although the etiology sure that smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, but still can not explain the reason for the high incidence of lung cancer continued, especially in recent decades, no significant change in female smoking rates, but female lung cancer incidence and mortality straight up, indicating that in addition to smoking, there are a variety of factors and the occurrence of lung cancer is closely related to. The study non-smoking female lung cancer risk factors, and to provide a theoretical basis for the cause of prevention. The experimental method of Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University in Shenyang City, Provincial Cancer Hospital and City 5 homes have been diagnosed 126 cases of non-smoking women with primary lung cancer cases 1:1 matched case-control study. The cases ordinarily resident in Shenyang City (5 years), not smoking (cumulative smoking less than 100 cigarettes products accumulated time of less than 6 months), the clinical diagnosis (histological diagnosis) for women with primary lung cancer patients . Taking into account the memories of the accuracy of the information in the course of the investigation, we selected cases younger than 70 years old. Control the same as ordinarily resident in Shenyang City, by Shenyang Municipal Public Security Bureau Huzhengbumen 1:1 mode, randomly selected from the population of the library and case living in the same administrative region (± 3 years) women of the same age group, and then in the streets offices and neighborhood committees to assist the household survey, selected non-cancer non-smoking women selected as controls in the premise of informed consent. Through face-to-face survey was conducted by the investigators asked to fill in a form the way, investigators for persons aged 45 to 55-year-old after three nurses uniform training, investigation include the general condition of each case and control (including age, culture, the economy and the degree of menstrual history, reproductive history, physical condition, tea drinking, drinking habits, etc.), family history, medical history, living history, passive smoking history, occupational exposure history, diet history (55 kinds of food), cooking history (six kinds of cooking methods ) and indoor microenvironment, diet analysis of the history of the intake frequency calculations, control distribution quartile method converts rating variable. Boundaries of body mass index (BMI) is also defined by previous studies slim (BMI 20), normal (BMI: 20 - 25), obesity (BMI gt; 25) is divided into three levels from low to high. Investigation object lifetime coal-fired heating and cooking Years the multiplicative correlation coefficient (set according to the kitchen and the location of the heaters) and then divided by age (P two Yi Yi (; bi.) / Fork Y,) draw indoor soot pollution index. Collection of each case with the corresponding control survey at intervals of not more than two months. Secondary data by full-time recorded with Epilnfo (6.04) software for data entry, checking and logic error detection, analysis with SAS package. The variables by a single factor and stepwise regression screened meaningful statistically meaningful and epidemiological variables satisfied multifactorial intestinal gistic analysis to identify independent risk factors eliminate confounding factors and protection factor. Which continuous variables under the control distribution quartile method convert level variables. Adenocarcinoma of the experimental results is the major tissue types of female lung cancer, accounting for 62.7%, the average age of cases and controls was 57.7 years old, 51.6% more than 60 years old, no statistically significant difference in educational level. Adjust the socio-economic indicators, found that the more the number of births, the higher the risk of lung cancer (OR = 1 .466,95% Cl: 2.01 1 .06). The smaller the body mass index (BMI), the higher the risk of lung cancer (OR = 2.082,95% Cl: 1.2 to 3.60), and along with the increase of the BMI, the lower risk of lung cancer. Eat lots of animal offal (OR two 1.891,95% Cl: 1 .45 2.46), corn sorghum can increase the risk of lung cancer (OR = 1 .538,95% Cl: 1 .22-1.93), etc., and a large number of consumption of green vegetables and other foods rich in vitamin C can reduce the risk of lung cancer (oR = 0.712,95% Cl = 0.56 a 0.91). To living history as adjusted for confounding factors, found that the use of LPG as fuel (OR = 1.741,95% Cl: 1.29 a 2.34) and the indoor burning coal (OR = 1.785,95% Cl: 1.33 a 2.38) non-smoking female lung cancer risk factors. The relationship between passive smoking and female lung cancer is not significant (oR 1.328,95% CI: 0.96 a 1.82). First-degree relatives of lung cancer patients, the increased risk of lung cancer in non-smoking female (OR = 3.18,95% Cl: 2.43, 4.15). Discussion in recent years, the etiology of lung cancer research has done a lot of work, made a lot of the etiology of assumptions, but still can not fully explain the etiology of lung cancer. The mid-1980s we had in Shenyang nearly 1,200 pairs a case-control study found that smoking and indoor coal-burning is a major cause of lung cancer (SCC), but in the past 20 years, no significant increase in smoking rates, most of the fuel coal for heating and cooking can also be replaced by central heating and gas, but the incidence of lung cancer, female lung cancer incidence rate has been on the rise, the tissue types of lung cancer has also undergone significant change, our research in the 1980s adenocarcinoma accounted for 38.4% of female lung cancer, adenocarcinoma in the study accounted for 62.7%, significantly higher than it was 20 years ago, environmental factors, individual factors, and other new. The foreign large number of studies have shown that smaller, BMI, the greater the risk of lung cancer. Domestic Shanghai and other studies also confirmed that non-smoking female lung cancer, especially lung adenocarcinoma associated with BMI. The greater the risk of the BMI the smaller women suffering from lung adenocarcinoma. The Kabat research linear relationship between BMI decline in lung cancer risk rise, the study concluded the same. The study found that a large number of food animals offal, corn sorghum, etc. will increase the risk of lung cancer, other studies have confirmed eat lots of animal organs, more intake of thiamine will increase the risk of lung cancer. The Liling Deng research that eating more corn will reduce the risk of lung cancer, with the conclusions of this study. The majority of epidemiological support regular consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially and is rich VitC and p-carotene, has a protective effect on lung cancer, in this study, regular consumption of fresh vegetables OR = 0.71, statistically significant. A large number of studies suggest that coal-fired heating is a risk factor for female lung cancer of northern China. The study found that coal-fired is the case-control study in non-smoking female

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