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  1. A Research on Moderate Level of Enterprise’s Social Insurance Paying in Our Country,ZhangFan/Southwest University of Political Science,0/86
  2. A Study on Factors of International Speculative Capital Flows into China,DanPengFei/Southwest University of Political Science,0/18
  3. A Empirical Research on Offshore Financial Risks,LiJie/Southwest University of Political Science,0/116
  4. Study on Credit Risk Measurement of Listed Companies Based on KMV Model in Commercial Bank,LiYingChao/Southwest University of Political Science,0/18
  5. An Empirical Study about the Impact on the Intermidiate Business Income Structure to Commercial Banks Efficiency,LeiDongJie/Southwest University of Political Science,0/96
  6. Financial Product Innovations’ Effect on Monetary Policy’s Effectiveness in China,WeiZuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/126
  7. A Research on the Influence of Euro Exchange Rate on Sino-german Trade,LuYao/Southwest University of Political Science,0/36
  8. Based on the Perspective of Consumers to Buy the Product Factors Research on Channel Choice Behavior,TongZuoZuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/44
  9. Research on the Influence of Online Social Interaction Forms over Consumer Purchase Intention Using Perceived Risk as the Medium,ZuoHaiZuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/81
  10. Research on the Key Success Factors of Internet Enterprise,LuYaLing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/305
  11. The Empirical Research of the Relationship between Ultimate Controlling Shareholder and the Quality of Accounting Information,YeMing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/14
  12. A Research on Factors Influencing Customer Satisfaction in Credit Card Business in China,QiGang/Southwest University of Political Science,0/31
  13. Study of Share of Institutional Investors, Protection of Medium-small Investors and Corporate Value,YuQiWei/Southwest University of Political Science,0/40
  14. Research on Western High-tech Enterprises Strategic Risk Factor Identification and Prevention and Control,YuChengXi/Southwest University of Political Science,0/12
  15. Research on Political Connection and Corporation Investment Behavior,HeYiChuang/Southwest University of Political Science,0/58
  16. A Research on the Influence of Bank Employees’ Work Pressure on Work Satisfaction and Work-family Conflict,ChenBin/Southwest University of Political Science,0/51
  17. A Research of the Differences between the Role Stress of Bank Employees at the Status of Implementation of the Balanced Scorecard,Ming/Southwest University of Political Science,0/18
  18. Research on the Relationship of Social Network.integration of Resources and the Performance of New Venture,YuanJingJing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/51
  19. A Research on the Influence of Perceived Organizational Support on Organizational Citizenship Behavior,QinZuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/54
  20. Private Listed Company External Guarantee Behavior and Company Performance Relation Research,RanTao/Southwest University of Political Science,0/12
  21. Research on Job Stress and Its Influence of Chinese Bank Employees,ZhangYunJing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/81
  22. Research on the Influence of Family Friendly Programs on Job Satisfaction,ChenChen/Southwest University of Political Science,0/42
  23. An Empirical Study on the Impact of Family Control on Executive Compensation,HuangJunJie/Southwest University of Political Science,0/15
  24. The Research on the Correlation between the External Governance of the Small and Medium-Sized Listed Companies and the Corporate Performance,QinHaiBo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/29
  25. Research on the Financial Synergies of Corporations’ Merger and Acquisition,LiLi/Southwest University of Political Science,0/126
  26. The Empircical Research of M&A Performance of List Companies in China’s Steel Industry,ChaiZiJun/Southwest University of Political Science,0/49
  27. Research on the Influencing Factors of Our Country’s Advanced Manufacturing Industry Development,WuYuGuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/125
  28. Research of Capital Contrubition to Chongqing’s Economic Growth,ShenYang/Southwest University of Political Science,0/15
  29. The Research of the Impact of the Income Gap on Property Income,LiuXiaoBin/Southwest University of Political Science,0/42
  30. The Research of Income Redistribution Effect of the China’s Basic Pension System,LiPei/Southwest University of Political Science,0/102
  31. Debt Contract Angle of the Structure of Real Estate Company Earnings Management Empirical Study,LongCuiFang/Southwest University of Political Science,0/35
  32. Study on the Measuring of Interest Rate Risk Based on VaR Model as the Example of Inter-bank Market Bond Pledged Repo Rate,WangYongFei/Southwest University of Political Science,0/167
  33. The Volatility Spillovers between Futures and Spot about the HS300Index,HuGuangYuan/Southwest University of Political Science,0/19
  34. A Empirical Study on the Influence of China’s Macro Economic Variables to Beta,LiTao/Southwest University of Political Science,0/25
  35. A Research of the Effects of FDI on Economic Growth and Employment,LiuYuHao/Southwest University of Political Science,0/57
  36. Study of Our National Staff Placing Legal System,HuangTianJing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/76
  37. Research on the legal problems in the statistical system,ZhuChengZhi/Southwest University of Political Science,0/36
  38. Research on Four Generations of ICSID Annulment Standard,YangYan/Southwest University of Political Science,0/18
  39. Multinational Bankruptcy Ownership of Reserves Research Problems,LiaoWenYan/Southwest University of Political Science,0/7
  40. Research on the Standard of Proof Involving Bribery in International Arbitration,NingQingQing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/18
  41. Study on the Customs Protection System of Intellectual Property Rights in the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement,ZhangJing/Southwest University of Political Science,0/35
  42. Research of Basic Principles of International Economic Law Based on System Science,FuYu/Southwest University of Political Science,0/9
  43. Evolution of Athletes Free Employment Rights under EU Law,ZhangZuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/9
  44. Study on Protecting the Legal Rights of Forest Carbon Sequestration Trading Entity of China,WangAiHua/Southwest University of Political Science,0/14
  45. International human rights responsibility of Multi-National Corporation,ChenZuoZuo/Southwest University of Political Science,0/36
  46. Research of the System of Case Guidance for Prosecution,YinYanRong/Southwest University of Political Science,0/10
  47. Overview of Making Public of Judgment Documents,LiuXueHua/Southwest University of Political Science,0/313
  48. On the Set in Contemporary Necessity Attorney Office,LinZhenZong/Southwest University of Political Science,0/42
  49. Analysis of Chinese Judge Professionalizing in China Path,ChenGuang/Southwest University of Political Science,0/289
  50. Discussion on Improving Civil Judicial Procedures,YaoLian/Southwest University of Political Science,0/12

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