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Transdifferentiation of the Primary Myocardium and Development of the α-SMA Positive Cell in the Endocardium during Septation of the Outflow Tract of the Embryonic Mouse Heart

Author: YangYanPing
Tutor: JingYa
School: Shanxi Medical
Course: Histology and Embryology
Keywords: Development Outflow tract separated Transdifferentiation α-SMA - positive cells Apoptosis Mice
CLC: R321
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2002
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Background: early embryonic cardiac outflow tract original myocardial main pulmonary septum and endocardial α-SMA-positive mesenchymal cells involved in the separation of the outflow tract is still unknown, but the mechanism of action of the different cellular components of the outflow tract separated. In this study, mice outflow tract distribution and temporal variations of original myocardium during development mesenchymal differentiation characteristics and endocardial α-SMA-positive cells in the outflow tract separated to clarify the outflow tract myocardial differentiation and α -SMA-positive cells and outflow tract separated shortened relations. Methods: In this study, using immunohistochemical PAP method, with anti-α-SCA, anti-α-SMA, anti-desmin monoclonal antibody of gestational age 9-16 days of serial sections of mouse heart stained with TUNEL apoptosis staining gestational age 11,13,14,15 day mouse cardiac outflow tract apoptosis staining. Results: the embryonic development of the first nine days, outflow tract myocardium distal sector, which amounts to the arterial sac near the bow at the arterial branch, the development of the first 10 days, mesenchymal cells differentiate into myocardial cells, the increase in the length of the outflow tract. 11-12 days of embryonic development, the distal outflow tract myocardial cells begin to lose the striated muscle-specific expression of α-SCA, especially in the right side of the wall is obvious. Cells lose the expression of α-SCA, continued to show strong expression of α-SMA. TUNEL staining no outflow tract myocardial apoptosis. In myocardial cells lose the expression of α-SCA parts, the endocardial cell density increased significantly, and significantly strong positive α-SMA, sparse endocardial characteristic loss of cell arrangement. Stare medical J suck Master of Science t prompt loss of α-SCA the myocardial Hill expressed perilous than they Lun Wen cells and its inner endocardial transdifferentiation liter cellular components of the free wall of the aorta and the pulmonary artery. Distal outflow tract myocardial cell transdifferentiation, shorten the cardiac outflow tract. The outflow tract separation began in the embryonic development of the first 10 days, visible arterial sac posterior wall Q SMA positive primary pulmonary septum formation, main pulmonary septum formed at the same time, Q SMA-positive cells along the bow artery wall is moving into the outflow tract heart glial, with the development of the Q SMA-positive cells increased. The gestational age of 11 days, and the lower end of the outflow tract myocardial inner Q SMA positive and Q-SMA inter-negative mesenchymal cell aggregation, the formation of the two longitudinal rows of the arteries ball Yasushi. 12 13 days of embryonic development, the main pulmonary artery across the semilunar distal outflow tract separated for the ascending aorta and pulmonary artery, the main pulmonary septum differentiation relative medial wall of the ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk, ascending aorta and pulmonary artery occasionally thousands separator in the process of apoptotic cells. 13 days after the semilunar proximal left and right arteries ball Qiao healing, the formation of the ventricular outflow tract septum, the outflow tract is divided into left and right ventricular outflow tract. The visible part of the Q-SMA-positive cells gathered outflow tract septum was swirling. Gestational age of 13 days, the mesenchymal outflow tract septum is gradually myocardialization. With the mesenchymal the matter outflow tract septum myocardial and part mesenchymal cells to apoptosis. Conclusion: The distal outflow tract myocardial the Q an the SCA expression of the disappearance of the ascending aorta and pulmonary trunk proximal free wall smooth muscle or fibroblasts myocardial cell transdifferentiation, not apoptosis. Distal outflow tract myocardial cell transdifferentiation, which is the main reason for the shortened cardiac outflow tract. Outflow tract septum myocardial apoptosis accompanied by mesenchymal cells. Endocardium and the main pulmonary artery across the Q a strong SMA-positive cells from the neural Partly clear of nerve cells move into the cardiac outflow tract is a heterogeneous cell population outflow tract in different parts of the Q-SMA positive nerve Qiao cell function, nerve Qiao cells and other cellular components of the outflow tract interaction, complete separation and reconstruction of the outflow tract during development.

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