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Thinking of the Valley Shizhe academic and clinical experience and Treating depression

Author: FengYongWei
Tutor: GuShi
School: Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Course: Acupuncture and Massage
Keywords: The Valley Shizhe old Chinese medicine experts academic thought and clinical experience depression
CLC: R249.2
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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Background:Professor Gu Shizhe, Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina College, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, is the chief physician, doctoral tutor, the advisor of experience heritage of national famous veteran TCM doctors, and also the former dean of Acupuncture-Moxibustion and Tuina College, Beijing University of Chinese Medicine. Professor Gu Shizhe has worked in the fields of medical education, clinical work and scientific research for more than 40 years, and gained a wealth of academic thought and clinical experience in the treatment of various complex di seases by acupunc ture. Depression is one of the diseases with increasing incidence in modern society. Although the Western treatment methods varied, there are still lots of side effects, high cost and other disadvantages. While the acupuncture treatment for depression demonstrates more and more advantages, such as being simple, convenient, effective and cheap, of which would have a wide range of applications. Professor Gu Shizhe has done lots of deep and detailed study on the etiology pathogenesis and syndrome differentiation of depression, using the methods of acupuncture for diagnosis and treatment, and achieved a significant effect, forming a unique academic thought and clinical experience.At present, Professor Gu Shizhe’s academic thinking and clinical experience, yet stay in phase of the collation and induction, with a certain degree of subjectivity, which needs a comprehensive and systematic summary in-depth.Objective:To comprehensively and systematically summarize the clinical experience, academic thought and syndrome differentiation of depression of Professor Gu Shizhe.Contents:Analyze Professor Gu Shizhe’s academic origins; research and summarize comprehensively Professor Gu Shizhe’s clinical experience of miscellaneous diseases and refine his academic thinking; by using modern information technology, research deeply on depression and summarize the syndrome differentiation and point selection rules, in order to dig deeper for his academic and clinical experience.Methods:1. Origins of academic thinking:Study the clinical practice from family heritage to explore the origins of the Professor Gu Shizhe’ s academic thinking.2. Summary of academic thinking:Summarize the academic thinking, such as "focus on channels, and stress syndrome differentiation", "use western medicine for traditional Chinese medicine and diagnosis with syndrome differentiation", "combination with acupuncture and Chinese medication to cure stubborn diseases", "multiple insertions met hods" and "noble medical ethics of famous veteran TCM doctors".3. Summary of clinical experience: Summarize the clinical experience of syndrome differentiation, treatment method, and point selection from clinical practice for complex diseases.4. Research of syndrome differentiation on depression:By using Microsoft Excel 2003 to establish data table with statistical analysis methods, analyze point prescriptions of effective cases of depression with acupuncture treatment. Summarize the key prescription of depression treatment by calculating the frequency of single point. Based on the meridian the point belongs to, characteristics of point and method of reinforcing and reducing, summarize the law of point selection and differentiation of symptoms and signs for classification of syndrome for depression.Conclusion:1. Origins of academic thinking:Professor Gu Shizhe had long family history, influenced by his father Gu Jisheng, and originated from the clinical pract ice.2. Summary of academic thinking:Focus on the meridian and stress the symptom differentiation. Meridian and its system are important component of human body, and the "root and tip", " Qi Street" and four sea are the basis of special points. Professor Gu Shizhe researched deeply on the related references, and added the "root and tip" and related points which the Magic Pivot did not mention for Hand Yin and Yang. Use western medicine for traditional Chinese medicine and diagnosis with syndrome differentiation, combination with acupuncture and Chinese medication to cure stubborn diseases, multiple insertions methods and noble medical ethics of famous veteran TCM doctors.3.Clinical experience:herpes zoster:tutor Gu think the reason of herpes zoster is because of fire in TCM. Do acupuncture by using fire needle at "dragon head", "dragon eye", "dragon tail" to get rid of the fire evil. Combine acupuncture and Chinese herbs to treat the herpes zoster. Using some needles to do acupuncture around the herpes zoster area. Use one cun needle direct to the middle spot of the herpes zoster along the edge of the affected area.Bye combining acupuncture, fire needle and Chinese herbs, titor Gu get the good effect of treating herpes zoster.facial palsy:multiple acupoints:GB14,ST4, ST6, ST2, LI4, LV3, EXTRA8.EXTRA3. wind and cold symptoms:plus GB20, ST7.SI18, REN24, BL2, wind and hot symptoms plus SJ17, SJ5, DU26, ST8, GB4, ST7. Tutor Gu often uses LV3 to treat facial palsy because of the line of liver meridine.4. Research of syndrome differentiation on depression:4.1 By analysing the frequencis of acupoints of treating depression, summarize the key 16 acupoint:DU24, GB13,EXTRA1, EXTRA2, PC6, HE7, LV3, REN17, EXTRA15, SP6, DU20, KI3, LV5, REN12, ST36, HE8.4.2 By analysing the meridines of the 16 key points, the charistics of the key points, to summarise the thinking and the clinical experience of treating depression of tutor Gu.That is:according to syndrome differentiation, especial viceral syndrome differentiation and meridine syndrome differentiation,using the key priscription (DU24, GB13, EXTRA1, EXTRA2, PC6, HE7, LV3, REN17, EXTRA15, SP6, DU20, KI3, LV5, REN12, ST36, HE8), emphasize adjusting shen in acupuncture.5 New thinking:Tutor Gu emphasize adjusting shen in acupuncture. So I use the key priscription (DU24,GB13,EXTRA1,EXTRA2, PC6, HE7, LV3, REN17, EXTRA15, SP6, DU20, KI3,LV5,REN12, ST36, HE8) to treat other mental diseases. I sumarise the thinking is:5.1 Shen is from the head, so using the acupoints in the head is very important.5.2 Sanjiao is the pathway of the qi and blood, so adjusting the viceral organs is very important.5.3 Emphasize the importance of the root and the tip of the meridines. treat the deseases according to the theory of biao and ben.5.4 Emphasize adjusting shen.Adjusting the emotion of the patients is very important.Signif icance:This research more comprehensivly summarizes expert Gu Shizhe’s academic thoughts and clinical experience in the treatment of depress ion:,and enable people enhance and glorify it. It has provides more comprehensive treatment pathways for Chinese acupuncture on depression disease.

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