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Since reform and opening Urban Women Equal Employment Issues

Author: JiAiXiang
Tutor: XiaHongYu
School: Kunming University of Science and Technology
Course: The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords: Reform and opening up Women Equal Employment Fairness and justice Harmonious society
CLC: F249.21
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Employment since the emergence of industrial civilization, plagued human society a historic problem. Whether political economy is relatively backward country, or political economy is relatively developed countries, are not a nation dare claim to have solved the problem of employment. Marx, Engels and later Marxist, Western feminists have been to women's equal employment issues involved, Marx, Engels discussion about women equal employment mainly interspersed in the emancipation of women, the all-round development, social justice discourse them; Lenin and Stalin discussed mainly throughout the theory and practice of socialist construction in which; while China equal employment for women is inadequate attention, and studies comparing fractions; Western feminists, pay attention to the study of gender differences in women's issues, Women Equal Employment interspersed in the feminist movement is one of the issues, such as the right to employment is the first focus of the feminist movement, and equal pay for women's rights movement has become the second major goal of founding of New China, China has implemented to full employment as the core of employment policy, the labor administrative means women and men will be scheduled as allocated to various economic fields. Surface looks founding of our country to achieve full employment, but it is essentially the problem of employment of a recessive. This neglect physiological differences between men and women, one-sided pursuit of gender equality machinery employment system is not conducive to long-term economic development of women in the labor force is not conducive to lasting protection, but not conducive to the healthy growth of the next generation. 30 years of reform and opening up, along with economic development, people's living standards have been greatly improved, but employment remains China must face a social problem, especially in urban women equal employment issues. In the overall employment situation is grim environment, by social attitudes, political, economic and other factors, urban women in employment disadvantage. Discussion paper is divided into four parts, its inner logic, the first part discusses the problem of urban women made equal employment, research ideas and methods, the study's purpose and significance, at Home and Abroad; second part of the theory of women's equal employment overview summarizes the socialist feminist theory and feminist Equal Employment Equality on female employment theory, the theory summarized, not only conducive to a better theory to guide practice, and social conditions in the new theoretical sort out, there are also conducive to improving the theory; third part, through the reform and opening up China's urban female employment status analysis, combined with sunshine Urban Employment Survey questionnaire female data obtained to identify the process of China's urban female employment problems, and analyze problems reasons; fourth part, discussed in the previous section, based on the successful experience of the countries from abroad, according to China's national conditions, propose suitable for China to promote equal employment of urban women countermeasures, and finally discusses urban women to achieve equal employment right Harmonious social significance. Main innovation of this paper is to build a socialist harmonious society closely linked to China, the issue of equal employment of urban women rose to Marxism on the comprehensive development, social equity and justice theoretical level, the use of Marxist scientific thinking and analysis methods, Since the reform and opening up of equal employment of urban women. In today's deteriorating employment situation, research equal employment of urban women, not only conducive to the development of urban women and social advancement of building a socialist harmonious society equally significant.

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