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Preparation, Properties and Application of Stearate Starch

Author: XuAiGuo
Tutor: ZhangYanPing
School: Jiangnan University
Course: Cereals, Oils and Vegetable Protein Engineering
Keywords: corn starch stearic acid esterification emulsifier non-dairy whipped topping indigestible components
CLC: TS236.9
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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It is studied in this thesis the preparation, structure, properties and applications of Stearate Corn Starch (SCS).Stearate Corn Starch is obtained from corn starch by esterification with stearic acid in dry processing. In single factor experiments, the effects of the varieties of factors on the degree of substitute(DS) and reaction efficiency(RE) are studied, including reactive temperature and time , the quantity of water, stearic acid and hydrochloric acid and so on. Based on those, the perpendicular experiments are used to optimize the technology. The most optimal process condition is as follows: initial content of water 22%; reactive temperature 150; stearic acid 3%(w/w); reactive time 4h; HC1 0.08%(w/w). The DS of the product is about 0.006038, RE is 35.34%, and the color is white.The structure of SCS is researched with modern instruments. Infra-red spectrometris show the weakening of the intensity of the peak which is between 3000-3 700cm-1, due to hydroxyl bond stretching. This happens because there is a decrease in the concentration of hydrogen-bonded hydroxyls, as they are converted into ester groups during the reaction. The result of SEM photoes and X-ray diffraction reveal that reaction mainly occur at amorphous region. DSC analysis show that the introduction of C18 chain into starch granule result in glass transition temperature’s increasing, which benefits food storage. HPLC shows the occurrence of indigestible components resulting from the high temperature and low pH. The determination of molecular weight further proves the decrease of molecular weight and amylose’s content..The common properties of SCS are discussed in this paper. The SCS paste is shear-thinning, which should belong to Pseudoplastic Liquid. The clarity of SCS rises and the solubility descends. With the introduction of C18 chain into starch granule, SCS gets the ability of emulsification.SCS can be used as food additive because of its ability of emulsification, densification and stabilization. With the decrease of the paste viscosity, it can be used as encapsulant, satisfying the requirement in low viscosity but high content. It also can be use as fat mimic with the proper intensity of paste.Lastly, the application of SCS as fat mimic in the non-dairy whipped topping was researched, and it can result in the decrease of hydrogenated vegetable oil. The optimum formula is: hydrogenated vegetable oil 12%, SCS 7.3%, monostearin 0.3%, sodium caseinate 1.5%, xanthan gum 0.2%, guar gum0.1%, SSL0.15%, sugar 20%, water 58.45%. The product prepared according to the optimum formula has similar properties to the Jinzuan brand whipped topping sold in the market, such as texture, taste and rheological properties.

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