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Process for Controlling Peptization of Sulfur Modified Polychloroprene Latex and Synthesis of Graft Copolymer by Controlled/Living Radical Polymerization

Author: ChenYun
Tutor: FuZhiFeng
School: Beijing University of Chemical Technology
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: Neoprene Chain scission Atom transfer radical polymerization Graft polymer
CLC: TQ330
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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In this thesis, the the the chain scission neoprene ATRP synthesis of chloroprene rubber graft copolymer . In study of neoprene scission , the first in the for TETD / SDC scission system in the join chain scission reaction with oxidizing potassium persulfate to suppress neoprene influence of temperature , added in an amount of SDC pair potassium persulfate suppression chain scission reaction. TETD single chain scission system chloroprene rubber latex was added to the potassium persulfate , potassium persulfate, also have an effective inhibition of neoprene scission reaction . Temperature inhibit scission role on the impact . Potassium persulfate is used in industrial GLUES TETD scission system, the same can be effectively controlled Mooney viscosity. Having oxidizing ammonium persulfate and hydrogen peroxide and its composite system instead of potassium persulfate, and also can effectively inhibit the chain scission of the reaction , to thereby control the Mooney viscosity and enhance the stability of the chloroprene rubber . Considering the composite of ammonium sulfate and hydrogen peroxide should be used to inhibit the chain scission system . Graft co- polymerization of the main chain in the synthetic chloroprene rubber , CuCl / PMDETA catalyst system as a model , with small molecules, allyl chloride , respectively, cyclohexanone, toluene , styrene and methyl acrylate atom transfer radical polymerization of methyl esters . Confirmed that allyl chloride can lead to styrene , methyl methacrylate polymerization . Found two solvents , styrene polymerization to the controlled poly Beijing University of Chemical master's degree Lun Yihe MMA polymerization uncontrollability . Thereafter , chloroprene rubber as a macromolecular initiator for graft copolymerization of styrene, methyl methacrylate cool initiator in both solvents . Neoprene degradation reactions occur in the reaction process , so that the decline in the molecular weight of the obtained polymer .

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