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  1. Study of the Impact of Organizational Communication Factors on Knowledge Sharing,JinGuangLin/Yanbian University,0/121
  2. Study the Development Countermeasure of Property Insurance Industry in Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture,YangLi/Yanbian University,0/3
  3. Tresearch About Introduction of Korean Investment in Hunchun City,PuHuNan/Yanbian University,0/4
  4. The Preferential Tax Policy in Western Development,XuDongJun/Yanbian University,0/326
  5. Influence of Changjitu Strategy on Business Travel of Yanbian Region,JinYiNa/Yanbian University,0/114
  6. The Development Situation and Countermeasures of Yanji High-Tech Industrial Development Zones,ZhaoYong/Yanbian University,0/8
  7. Itesearch on the Development Strategy of Yanbian Forest Industry,JinChunJi/Yanbian University,0/5
  8. Yanbian Area Dual Economic Research,WangZuo/Yanbian University,0/9
  9. Research Development Strategy for International Cooperation in Hunchun City,MaWenHao/Yanbian University,0/19
  10. Study on Border Trade Effects on Economic Growth of Yanbian,JinDongHai/Yanbian University,0/25
  11. A Comparative Study on the Competitive Ability of China National Team Women Taekwondo Athletes,LiuYang/Yanbian University,0/27
  12. Jilin Province Present Situation and Existing Problems of Mass Skiing Analysis,AnBaiZuo/Yanbian University,0/18
  13. Asian Basketball Championship the Twenty-Fouth of Offence Technique Application Foreign Comparative Study of Women’s Basketball,CuiRuiZuo/Yanbian University,0/5
  14. Mass Sports of Urbanresidents in Baishan Regionstudy on Influencing Factors of,ZhangYan/Yanbian University,0/7
  15. Korean Sports Culture in the Sight of the People' Slivelihood Development and Path Selection,HuangKai/Yanbian University,0/27
  16. Teaching Research and Analysis on the Internal Sports Teachers of Independent Colleges in Jilin Province,YangHua/Yanbian University,0/4
  17. Jilin Province Sports Master Graduate Education System Presentsituation Analysis,ZhangEnNing/Yanbian University,0/12
  18. Celebrity Endorsement of False Advertising Law Responsibility,CheJunJia/Yanbian University,0/22
  19. Theory of System of Legal Protection of Geographical Indications in China and Its Perfection,LiuWei/Yanbian University,0/62
  20. Chinese Villagers the Right to Vote Judicial Relief Studies,TangJunJie/Yanbian University,0/6
  21. Comparative Study of China and Korea Rescission Right of Contract,ZhangYingShi/Yanbian University,0/19
  22. On a Comparative Study of China and Korea's Social Transformation after the Second World War,ChenShanZuo/Yanbian University,0/8
  23. The Northeast Asian Security and Cooperation under the New Situation,LiangXiuYue/Yanbian University,0/22
  24. The Way and Cause of the American"Intervention" on the Korean Peninsular Affairs,WangTianZi/Yanbian University,0/11
  25. On the State Obligation to the Support of Elderly Losing Single-Child,YangZuo/Yanbian University,0/171
  26. The Empirical Resarch of Tourism Purpose and Tourism Trend of Silver Peer,PuLiHua/Yanbian University,0/35
  27. Studies on Authoring Language of Copperplate Etching,WangYanFeng/Yanbian University,0/13
  28. A Comparative Study between the Korean TV Drama "Dae Jang Geum" and the Japanese TV Drama "Oshin",CuiYiHua/Yanbian University,0/112
  29. Study about Playing Technique of Korea Haegeum and Chosun Sohaegeum,LinJingYan/Yanbian University,0/4
  30. Hanyouhan Creative Music Influences in the Modern Education in China,HanYiQin/Yanbian University,0/3
  31. A Brief Study on the Final Endings of Korean Sort by Sentential Type's Counterpart in Chinese,ZhangZuo/Yanbian University,0/6
  32. Comparative Study on the Compound Word between Japanese and Korean,JinJinJi/Yanbian University,0/6
  33. Resaearch on the Effectiveness of Formative Assessment in Teaching of Writing for English Major,Meng/Yanbian University,0/34
  34. A Comparative Study on the Semantic Relation of Middle Construction between English and Chinese,ZhuYanHong/Yanbian University,0/31
  35. Studies on Interrogative Sentences of "Q+Alternatives" in English,GuanShanShan/Yanbian University,0/19
  36. Chinese and Korean Systemic Action Verbs,XuHongYue/Yanbian University,0/9
  37. Comparative Study of Chinese and Korean Adjectives Vivid Form,NanXiangLin/Yanbian University,0/11
  38. Comparative Studies of the Cultural Consciousness and Color Word in Japan, China and South Korea,JinQuan/Yanbian University,0/9
  39. The Booksshops of Hangzhou and Huzhou in Ming and Qing Dynasty and the Popular Novel,ZhaoYang/Yanbian University,0/19
  40. The Crescent Moon Poetry School of the Chinese Classic Poems Traditional Inheritance and Development,DengXinPing/Yanbian University,0/15
  41. The Tragedy Spirit of Luxun's Literature,LuoChong/Yanbian University,0/31
  42. A Study for Zheng Zhirong's Skills of Vocabulary Stylistics in His Poetries,LiSong/Yanbian University,0/18
  43. Clinical Application of320-Detector Row CT One-Stop Scanning in Acute Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease,WuZhenGang/Yanbian University,0/4
  44. A Comparative Study of Curative Efficacy of Using Comprehensive Systemic Treatment in Children Burn,JinMingZhu/Yanbian University,0/11
  45. The Study of Insulin, Insulin-Like Growth Factor System and Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor in Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome,GuoPeng/Yanbian University,0/17
  46. The Effect and Mechanism of Polygalae Japonicae on the Airway Inflammation and Remodeling of the Bronchial Asthmatic Mice,JinYanYan/Yanbian University,0/9
  47. Study for Relationship between the Polymorphism of Guanine Nucleotideregulatory Protein(GNB3)Gene SNPs and Essential Hypertension (EH) in Korea and Han Nationality of YanJi Province,China,LvYou/Yanbian University,0/17
  48. Effect of Phosphodiesterase Subtype3on the Cnp-Decreased Gastric Antral Smooth Muscle Spontaneous Contraction in Rats,SunZuo/Yanbian University,0/1
  49. Yanbian Road Transport Development Strategy,ZhangHui/Yanbian University,0/4
  50. Research on Status and Countermeasures of the Ecological Environment Construction in Yanbian,PuChunJie/Yanbian University,0/68

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