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  1. Study on the Staff’s Education and Training of Star Hotels in Yanbian Area,XuMeiHua/Yanbian University,0/76
  2. Present Situation and Development Strategy of Telecommunication Industry in Yanbian,XuJianFen/Yanbian University,0/5
  3. An Comparative Study on the Effect Factors of Service Quality on Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty in Campus Mobile Communication Industry,CaiYinZhu/Yanbian University,0/87
  4. Comparative Research on the Korean and Chinese Patent in Communication Field,YangWei/Yanbian University,0/139
  5. Study on the Cooperation between Chinese and Korean It Industry,CaoShiJun/Yanbian University,0/9
  6. Research on the development of information industry in Yanji City,LiShi/Yanbian University,0/52
  7. Forecast the International Tourism Demand,JinShengQuan/Yanbian University,0/51
  8. Hun Chun Cruise Tourism Industry Competitiveness Research,ChenYaoLi/Yanbian University,0/39
  9. Study on the Chang Ji Tu Strategy and Tumen River Area Tourism Product Development,LiZhaoQun/Yanbian University,0/24
  10. The Development of Tourist Souvenirs and Consrtuction of Regional Tourism Image,SuiMeng/Yanbian University,0/85
  11. Study on the Development of Tumen River Border Tourism Cooperation Zone,DongZuo/Yanbian University,0/36
  12. Yanbian Tour Guide Personnel Survival Status and Countermeasure Analysis,LiuPengFei/Yanbian University,0/35
  13. The Study of the Development of Ethnic Tourism in Korean Autonomous Prefecture of Yanbian,CuiJingZuo/Yanbian University,0/44
  14. Study on the Development of Tourism Electronic Business in the Process of Yanlongtu Integration,ZhangYan/Yanbian University,0/121
  15. Comparative Study of Forntier Minority Areas Tourism Core Competitiveness,YeJia/Yanbian University,0/149
  16. The Research of Red Tourism Exploitation of Yanbian Area,ZhaoCui/Yanbian University,0/214
  17. In the Regional Tourism Spatial Structure Evolution and Optimization Research of Chang—ji—Tu Regions,ZhangLei/Yanbian University,0/216
  18. The Research on Location Choice Influencing Factors of Multional Companies in China Service Outsourcing,RenLiCai/Yanbian University,0/54
  19. The Preferential Tax Policy of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise Technology Innovation Research in China,LiXiaoGuang/Yanbian University,0/65
  20. Research on the Allocation of High-Tech Industries and Regional Economic Development in Chang-Ji-tu Region,ZhaoZhenHai/Yanbian University,1/168
  21. The Effects of Internal and External Knowledge on Subsidiary Performance:the Case of Korea Firms in China,ZhengZuo/Yanbian University,0/5
  22. Yanbian Area Smal and Medium-Sized Erterpiuse Financing Channel Eseearch,QuanLi/Yanbian University,0/50
  23. Research on the Internal Control Information Disclosure of Chinese Manufacturing Listed Companies,YuShuai/Yanbian University,0/123
  24. On the Packing Strategy of Regionai Products Research,MuLiPing/Yanbian University,0/39
  25. Determinants and Consequences of Emotional Labor,JinXiang/Yanbian University,0/38
  26. The Impact on Job Satisfaction and Turnover Inten Tion by Conflict between Work and Family,SongHongHua/Yanbian University,0/35
  27. The Effects of Corporate Public Service Activities on Consumers’ Purchase Intention,FangXiangMei/Yanbian University,0/40
  28. Performance of the Empirical Research in Chinese Listed Company Merger and Acquisition,LinYuMei/Yanbian University,0/50
  29. The Enterprise Ethic Management Significance,SuiShaoXuan/Yanbian University,0/66
  30. Research on Industrial Layout and Linkage in Yanbian Region,YangYang/Yanbian University,0/7
  31. The Research on Cluster Development Strategy of Textile Industry in Hunchun,LiWenYan/Yanbian University,0/12
  32. Yanbian Region Food Industry Consolidation Study,ZhangYuan/Yanbian University,0/4
  33. Study on Simulation and Optimization of Manufacturing Enterprise Supply Chain Management,YangQingWan/Yanbian University,1/145
  34. Study on Comparing the International Competitiveness of Sino-Us Passenger Cars,JinHuMing/Yanbian University,0/79
  35. Yanji City Agriculture Expenditure Impact on the Agricultural Development,RenGang/Yanbian University,0/12
  36. Differentiation of the Type of Rural Settlement and Agriculture on the Yanlongtu Rural Area,JinGuangYi/Yanbian University,0/15
  37. Researches on the Exploitation of Farmer's Tourist of Yanbian Area,LiYanXiang/Yanbian University,0/183
  38. The Research of Chinese Agricultural Exports to Japan under the Non-Tariff Barriers,LiuWenZuo/Yanbian University,0/512
  39. Research on Non-Tariff Barriers of Agricultural Products,LuJingYing/Yanbian University,0/680
  40. Development Study of Yanbian Region Leisure Agriculture,GaoYing/Yanbian University,0/27
  41. The Research of the RMB Appreciation Impact on the Korean Economy,FanZhiQiang/Yanbian University,0/21
  42. Industrial Policy and Development of the Republic of Korea,CuiYongZhi/Yanbian University,0/43
  43. Analyse Longjing Industrial Structure Optimization,ZhengSongChun/Yanbian University,0/33
  44. The Impact of Local Fiscal Expendituie on the Economic Development of Yanbian,JinZhaoYan/Yanbian University,0/37
  45. Development of Commercial Banks of the Yanbian Region Impact on the Regional Economy,LiDongHai/Yanbian University,0/59
  46. Research on Problems and Countermeasures to the Industrial Structure of Yanbian,JiangHuJie/Yanbian University,0/66
  47. The Comparative Analysis of the Industrial Structure between Yanbian and Dali,QuanZuo/Yanbian University,0/72
  48. Fiscal Transfer Payment Effect on Yanbian Growth,HanQingHua/Yanbian University,0/6
  49. Research on the Development of County Economy of Jiaohe,DuanRan/Yanbian University,0/10
  50. An Empirical Study of the Hun Chun Financial Expenditure and Economic Growth Relationship,YangWenXin/Yanbian University,0/11

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