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  1. Yanbian Korean Prefecture Heating Management Tegulations of the Legislation,GaiJingBo/Yanbian University,0/15
  2. Research on the Public Participation in the Administrative Legislation Procedure,JinYuanFu/Yanbian University,0/49
  3. Discussion on Legislative Regulation of Administrative Compensation Under the State of Emergency,SongXiaoXue/Yanbian University,0/51
  4. Population and Family Planning Separate Regulations Legislative Conception of the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture,LuYao/Yanbian University,0/51
  5. The Principle of Law Reservation in the Perspective of the Service-Oriented Administration,WangXue/Yanbian University,0/64
  6. Other Administrative Normative Documents Legal Oversignt Mechanisms,LiZhongRi/Yanbian University,0/67
  7. On the Other Decision Procedure Perfect of Administrative Normative Documents,LiMeng/Yanbian University,0/69
  8. The Application of Negotiated Judicial Ideas in Coordinating Outside the Case in Administrative Trial,YuZuoHe/Yanbian University,0/63
  9. China’s Poloce Force Perfecting the System Immediately,JiangSongQuan/Yanbian University,0/77
  10. On the Administrative Guidance in Current Owners’Committee Elections,XuChuanXiang/Yanbian University,0/72
  11. The Realization of the Righet of Letters and Visits of Citizens in the View of Supervisory Authority,ZhangMengXia/Yanbian University,0/74
  12. The Research of Regulations on Autonomy of Chinese Soccer Association,YinGuoQuan/Yanbian University,0/1
  13. Convergence Mechanism between Administrative Penalties and Criminal Penalties,PuZhe/Yanbian University,0/29
  14. On the Legal Regulation of Administrative Promise,LiHaiHua/Yanbian University,0/3
  15. Theory of Non-Litigious Administrative Mandatory Execation in Our Country,ZhengYanHong/Yanbian University,0/14
  16. On Universities Student Disciplinary of Administrative Law Relief,LiuJianWei/Yanbian University,0/89
  17. Thesis on Realty Service Contract with the Owners’ Rights Safeguard,WangRui/Yanbian University,0/119
  18. The Administrative Hearing Procedure on Our Country’s Legal Regulation,CuiYu/Yanbian University,0/180
  19. Study on the Judicial Relief in the Administrative Contract,BaiMingAi/Yanbian University,0/212
  20. To Perfect the Law on Chinese Public Servants Property Declaration System,LiYiBo/Yanbian University,0/276
  21. South Korea Administrative Review Judicial and Its Revelation to China,ShenZheZhu/Yanbian University,0/47
  22. The Research about the Current Problems of the Legislative Procedure of the National Autonomy Laws and Regulations,ZhaoChun/Yanbian University,0/79
  23. The Rights Protection for Minorities That Disperses Countrywide,JinChangHuan/Yanbian University,0/81
  24. Study on the Korea No Par Value Stock System,LiYan/Yanbian University,0/0
  25. Comparative Research on the Visitation Right System between China and South Korea,LiuHaiYan/Yanbian University,0/19
  26. Study on Due Process of Law in Korean Constitution,HeLe/Yanbian University,0/31
  27. Korea Unconstitutional Reviewing System’s Inspiration to China,ShenAiShun/Yanbian University,0/29
  28. Discussion on "the Basic Law of Administrative Investigation" in Korea and the Legislation Enlightenment to Our Country,ZhaoXueZuo/Yanbian University,0/61
  29. A Comparative Study of the Contracts for Construction Projects System between China and South Korea,JinChangJie/Yanbian University,0/93
  30. Korean Administrative Procedures for Public Participation in the System and Implications for China,CuiYongWan/Yanbian University,0/92
  31. A Comparative Study on Environment Tort Liability Between China and Korea,ZhaoMingGuan/Yanbian University,0/104
  32. The Comparative Study on the Company Bankruptcy Reorganization System between China and Korea,ZhengGuiHua/Yanbian University,0/126
  33. South Korea Administrative Review Judicial and Its Revelation to China,ZhongZuoZuo/Yanbian University,0/122
  34. South Korean Legal Protection to Intellectual Property Rights of Online Game Software,CuiFengHuan/Yanbian University,1/142
  35. A Comparative Study on Presaling Commercial Residential Building Systems between China and South Korea,LiXiangShun/Yanbian University,0/177
  36. The Enlightenment of South Korea’s Internet Real-Name Registration System to Chinese Internet Regulation,CheYongHao/Yanbian University,0/352
  37. On the Protection of Consumers’ Rights and Interests in the Internet Trading,JinZhenLing/Yanbian University,0/614
  38. Improve the Structure of Local Legislative Supervision Procedures,RenHongYan/Yanbian University,1/56
  39. The Significance of the Practice of Community Correction in China under the Guidance of Marx Theory,YaoHongJu/Yanbian University,0/6
  40. The Status of International Cooperation of the Drug Problem in Non-Traditional Security and China’s Countermeasures,LiDeXu/Yanbian University,0/188
  41. Improve the Public Security Organs in the Community Drug Duties,CuiJingGuo/Yanbian University,0/42
  42. The Milttary Cumpound Cultural Reconstruction and Its Moral Educati on Function,LiYang/Yanbian University,0/87
  43. Concerning the Implementation about the Policy of National Minority Cadres in Yan Bian,CuiJiaBin/Yanbian University,0/55
  44. The Study on the Differences between Han Nationality and Korean Nationality Securities Investment Behavior,GaoWei/Yanbian University,0/0
  45. The Analysis of Social Support to Disable People in the Minority Regions,JinCan/Yanbian University,0/7
  46. The Emplayment Problem Investigation for the Colleg Gtaduates of the Korean Nationality in the State of Yanbian,JinChengRi/Yanbian University,0/9
  47. Research from Ethnology Perspective " the Effectiveness of Actions Implemented to Make Prosperous Frontier",DuGuoChuan/Yanbian University,0/17
  48. Research on the Change of Yanbian Korean Chinese Cross-Border Behavior Since the Reform and Opening-Up,ZhangHua/Yanbian University,0/57
  49. The Application of the Twentieth Century Western Ethnic Identity Theory in the Field of the Chinese Nation,SunFei/Yanbian University,0/53
  50. Yanbian Chinese Korean Support Research,PuQianHu/Yanbian University,0/76

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