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The Crescent Moon Poetry School of the Chinese Classic Poems Traditional Inheritance and Development

Author: DengXinPing
Tutor: WenZhaoHai
School: Yanbian University
Course: Contemporary Chinese Literature
Keywords: The crescent Moon School of poetry traditional Chinese classicalpoetry inheritance artistic characteristics
CLC: I207.209
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2013
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Chinese poetry is the most primitive form of literature, in the thousands of years of Chinese literature history, poetry has been a writer’s preference, and obtained the certain achievement. In twentieth Century, launched a new study of five four new culture pioneers on the development of modern poetry, the "inheritance and Sublation of traditional Chinese classical poetry" has become the focus of debate this time poetry.The mainstream of the crescent Moon School of poetry in the history of modern Chinese poetry and Chinese classical poetry advocated to traditional contact connection, in order to promote the standardization construction of new poetry. This not only disadvantages of early vernacular poetry to corrective action, but also made important contribution to the development of Chinese modern poetry.The crescent Moon School of poetry and the tradition of Chinese classical poetry have connection and communication has two main aspects, namely the poet’s own choice and the external environment. New moon poets are mostly received a traditional education good, I have ever read classical poetry, and the school had had a similar experience of studying abroad, in the conflict between traditional culture and the western culture gradually formed self fusion process, thus to the broad and profound Chinese traditional culture to create a poetic theory and creation of their own. In addition, five four after the new culture movement, the modern poetry development bias and abandon the traditional Chinese classical poetry is the Crescent School Choice for communication and coordination with the tradition of Chinese classical poetry provides the opportunities of the times.In the theory of poems, the crescent Moon School of poetry consciously made communication with the traditions of Chinese classical poetry poetry, they advocated from the classical poetry tradition "mournful but not distressing, joyous but not indecent" in put forward his theory of new poetry, namely rational control emotion. In the construction of the pursuit of poetry theory over, they also pay attention to explore the external form of poetry, and actively put forward to construct their own poetry system from the traditional Chinese classical poetry forms beauty, namely the theory of "Three Beauties", advocated poetry to music, painting beauty and architectural beauty. At a later stage, the crescent Moon School of poetry in early poetry theory, and again from the traditions of Chinese classical poetry theory advocated poetry for resources, obscure and symbolic, it is connected with Chinese classical poetics advocated by the "Xing".On the artistic characteristics of poetry, the crescent Moon School of poetry to seek new artistic features from the aesthetics of traditional Chinese classical poetry, from the aspects of mood and imagery, poetry and music, poetry and painting, created a unique aesthetic of poetry, not only inheriting the classical poetry aesthetics, but also have their own creation, created a large number of outstanding works of classical poetry.The theme of this study is to follow the "inheritance", in the poetry of semantic field specific effects of the crescent Moon School of poetry inherit and development of Chinese classical poetry and traditional literary theory and creation features, as well as the crescent of the tradition of classical poetry to accept the influence of other schools of poetry and the view of the Chinese modern poetry development, in order to be able to to a certain reference value for the connection and communication of poetry and other literary style and traditions of Chinese classical poetry from.

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