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Use of Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) for Study of Adsorption of Protein onto Surface of Chitoan and Its Derivates

Author: HanMingChuan
Tutor: XuZuoHua
School: Tianjin University
Course: Materials Science
Keywords: Chitosan Graft copolymerization Protein adsorption Adsorption kinetics
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2004
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Quote: 7
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Biomedical materials and tissue contact occurs a complex series of biological reactions. The protein adsorption is the first step, the impact implant material performance and may lead directly to the formation of thrombus. In different fields of application of the biological material, the amount of adsorbed protein on the surface of the material and types have different requirements; cells and materials present on the surface of the protein-mediated adhesion mechanism. Therefore study the adsorption behavior of the surface protein of the biological material in the biocompatibility of the material in the study have important significance. Chitosan is a basic polysaccharide containing reactive hydroxyl and amino groups, can be of a variety of chemically modified chitosan and its derivatives in the field of biomedical engineering has important application value. In this thesis, the biocompatibility of water-soluble polyvinyl pyrrolidone grafted on chitosan improve their hydrophilic reduce the amount of surface protein adsorption; quartz crystal microbalance as a means of chitosan and its derivatives surface protein adsorption behavior. Ammonium persulfate as initiator, synthesized the chitosan graft polyvinylpyrrolidone, by infrared spectroscopy and elemental analysis confirmed product formation. The initiator system, the amount of initiator, the chitosan concentration, monomer concentration, reaction time, reaction temperature and the like impact on the reaction system. The optimum reaction conditions were as follows: reaction time 2h, the reaction temperature is 70 ℃, chitosan concentration of 5 g / L, the monomer concentration of 0.4 g / L, initiator concentration 6mmol / L. The quartz crystal microbalance study of protein adsorption behavior of chitosan membrane surface. different pH values, the adsorption amount of proteins is also different in the protein isoelectric point, the maximum amount of adsorption; different ionic strength of the adsorption amount of proteins is also different in the same pH value, the amount of adsorption of the protein with the increase of ionic strength increases; the smaller the molecular weight of the protein is smaller in the amount of adsorption of the film surface. Alkylated chitosan membrane protein adsorption behavior of bovine serum albumin and γ-globulins of two different sizes, the different length of the alkyl chain is N-alkylated chitosan showed differences in the protein adsorption amount The adsorption amount of the protein, N-octyl chitosan. Hydrophilic N-alkylation of chitosan and electrostatic interaction with the external environment changes are the main factors that affect the adsorption of proteins in the membrane surface. Comparison of the chitosan grafted polyvinylpyrrolidone film and chitosan, polyvinylpyrrolidone blend films of bovine serum albumin adsorption behavior. Experiment confirmed chitosan easily adsorbed than the the chitosan grafted polyvinyl pyrrolidone film and chitosan polyvinylpyrrolidone blend membrane surface proteins; under the same conditions, the chitosan-graft-polyvinylpyrrolidone film surface adsorption minimize the amount of a protein. Membrane adsorption of BSA molecules in chitosan and its derivatives is basically monolayer adsorption, the Langmuir model, the BSA adsorbed amount and concentration is not a linear relationship. Discuss the dynamics of BSA in the the surface adsorption early chitosan and its derivatives, assuming metastable complex formed mainly early in the adsorption of an intermediate state, and deduced the calculated adsorption rate constant k1 desorption The rate constant k-1 and the value of the binding constant KA.

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