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Homogeneous But Anisotropic Cosmology Model Within the Framework of Stachel String Cosmology Model

Author: YiYing
Tutor: LiFangZuo
School: Chongqing University
Course: Theoretical Physics
Keywords: homogeneous but anisotropic Bianchi typeⅠcosmology model String theory Stachel string cosmology
CLC: P159
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Since the discovery of General Relativity, Cosmology started to attract scientists’intensive attention. No one would deny that Einstein was the founder of cosmology. He first proposed the cosmology principles, the whole universe is homogeneous and isotopic and the only force that leads the cosmology dynamics is gravity, is still thought to be the best description of our universe. However, those kinds of cosmology models can’t explain problems like the galaxy formation. Therefore people started to study the models like Bianchi type cosmology models, which are more general cosmology models. They are homogeneous but anisotropic universe, inhomogeneous and anisotropic universe, and inhomogeneous but isotropic universe. Since it is always possible for us to assume our universe is a homogeneous but anisotropic universe. The left question is that which theory should we use, general relativity or quantum field theory. As we all know, general Relativity has its great achievement to predict phenomena like radar detention and it is precise at large scale, but when it comes to small scale and high energy it fails and quantum theory become important. Some scientists think that there might be an unified theory to explain the four forces (strong force, electromagnetic force, weak interaction, and gravity) in one framework and did a lot of amazing work on it.Currently, there are three prospective theories: loop quantum gravity, string theory and supersymmetry. It is always a hot topic to judge these theories. In this thesis I will use String theory, which is thought to be a prospective theory of gravity that doesn’t contradict quantum theory. In this thesis, I first studied the suitability of using string cosmology theory. Then I will apply it into Bianchi typeⅠcosmology model, which is thought to be a reasonable explanation of our universe at least in the early epoch of evolution. Then I obtained a class of exact solutions. Al last, I categorized the solutions achieved by some other researchers and analyzed them with certain restrictions like the energy condition, observational phenomena (Hubble Relation) and so on. Because I noticed there are a lot of exact solutions, which they are barely studied. Some of the solutions will be abandoned for sure. There are two fold meaning to study this: first, it might be a prospective way to check the string theory indirectly via the observation in cosmological experiments; secondly, it might shed some light on the understanding of our universe. I analyzed the results and find it is very suitable to explain our universe. Hopefully, it will help us to know more about our universe.

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