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Studies on Ferlization Biology of Myxocyprinus Asiaticus

Author: LiYong
Tutor: ZhangYaoGuang
School: Southwestern University
Course: Zoology
Keywords: Rouge fish Fertilization biology Cortical reaction Activation Ca2 Ca2-ATPase
CLC: Q954.44
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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March 2005 - March 2007, obtained from the Fisheries Research Institute of Wanzhou by artificial oxytocin, dry rouge fish embryonic development after fertilization, pond water activation histological, histochemical, scanning electron microscopy and transmission electron microscopy, cell chemistry method, the fertilized egg histological structure, ultrastructure, sperm penetration process of migration and the combination of male and female pronuclei fertilized egg changes the process of fertilization Ca 2 and of Ca , 2 -ATPase changes were studied in detail. The results show that: the egg surface in addition to the fine holes around the diameter of about 100 μm distribution villous structures. Micropylar tube vestibular and fine holes. Vestibular funnel-shaped, the largest diameter 64.94μm 78.64μm. Deep Fine orifice tube is located in the bottom of the fine holes, long 2.55μm, diameter of 2.40μm. From a scanning electron microscope to see the the fine hole are mired type its vestibule area showed a spiral-shaped structure. Sperm 3s began after fertilization through the fine holes tube after fertilization, the 10s the formation of sperm Starlight. After fertilization 35s micropylar tube formed at the bottom of the fertilization cone. Gathered a large number of sperm after fertilization 40s fine holes fine bore tube blockage, the fine hole inside sperm aggregation and lose the complete morphology of sperm. 80s, fine hole after fertilization duct obstruction, honeycomb, fine hole inside sperm condensate further integration group. 180s, fine holes inside the sperm after fertilization began to disintegrate, the blurring between only see group substance together. Mature egg's chromosomes have been stagnant in the second meiotic metaphase With the entry of the sperm, the animal pole began to form the blastoderm. 15min, after fertilization, the egg in the second meiotic division late to begin the formation of the second polar body. 20min, after fertilization, the egg is in the end of the second meiotic division, the second polar body formation. 90min, male and female of the original fusion after fertilization. Fertilization after 140min, at first mitotic metaphase. 180min, after fertilization, the first time the end of mitosis, the two-cell formation. The egg cortex vesicle egg metabolic waste accumulated in the process of growth and development. According to the morphological and biochemical characteristics of the inclusions and ultrastructural features of the rouge fish cortical vesicles divided into Ⅰ - Ⅳ types; cortical district cortex in vesicles derived from physiological changes in oocyte growth process; Ⅳ class cortical vesicles transformed from degradation by certain basophilic yolk granules, respectively, appear in late cortical reaction and cleavage stage. The cortical vesicles release order cortical reaction process exhibit a certain regularity, followed by the release of Ⅰ - Ⅳ class cortical vesicles. Release process, extrapolation, a process of fusion, in this process cortex vesicles inclusions electron density also has a weakening process. According to the cortical vesicle release intensity, cortical reaction can be divided into four periods of the incubation period, the development period, the height of the recession. After fertilization 10s in the a weak cortical reaction off the fine hole is 352.85μm of the area, the starting point of the cortical reaction; height of 80s-120s cortical reaction after fertilization; fertilization after 10min, the end of the first cortical response. 50min-60min, animal pole cortex region appear cortical vesicles, and exocytosis occurs, a second cortical reaction after fertilization. Speculated that cortical vesicles participation in the cortical reaction, but also to provide adequate membrane system for the latter part of the plasma membrane repair and cleavage. The process of fertilization in the rouge fish eggs the calcium content fluctuated closely related to the the cortical reaction process of this change with the egg, the cortical vesicles release is based on the result of the increase of calcium within the egg. Ca 2 -ATPase in sperm-egg binding process, there are two active period. 80s or so after fertilization, the climax of the cortical reaction, the calcium concentration highest, and the of Ca 2 -ATPase activity is the highest. Therefore the calcium ions and Ca , 2 -ATPase in a series of dynamic changes in the egg fertilization process play a relevant role, and is associated with cortical reaction. In order to make a more reasonable explanation of egg activation mechanism, we integrated the previous study, the same time according to the change of the whole egg in the calcium content in the rouge fish egg fertilization process, the calcium ion channel theory hypothesis: exogenous signal substances (various ion even water) to activate the egg membrane receptor induced intracellular calcium release through a variety of signal transduction pathways, triggering the cortical reaction. The cortical response resulting in the release and absorption of the cortical vesicles inclusions egg membrane expansion sub-structure of the egg membrane changes, the egg membrane calcium ion channels to open. Ion channels open so that the calcium ions into the eggs, while the performance of content increases. Large influx of calcium ions, so that the membrane potential changes and for maintaining the balance of the membrane potential, Ca 2 -ATPase in the calcium ion pump eggs, which showed activity fluctuations in the calcium ion content is reduced, so the of Ca 2 -ATPase activity fluctuations associated with the changes of calcium content; the of Ca 2 and Ca 2 -ATPase role in the final result in egg activation.

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