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Effects of Oxytocic Hormone on Adenohypophysis Endocrine Cells in Mullet(Ophiocephalus Argus), Grass Carp(Ctenopharyng Donidellus) and Crucian (Crassius Auratus)

Author: ZengMinChao
Tutor: GuQing
School: Nanchang University
Course: Zoology
Keywords: oxytocic hormone Mullet grass carp crucian pituitary
CLC: Q492
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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The growth, development and reproduction of the teleostean are regulated byendocrine hormone. The teleostean pituitary is an important endocrine organ. It playsa very significant role in secreting hormone.The purpose of the artificial maturation is to promote some types of teleostean, tobe mature and ovulate or ejaculate in a limited time under an artificial condition,improving the efficiency of the artificial maturation. Cyprinoid pituitary, luteotropinreleasing hormone d-ala analog (LRH-A), domperidone (DOM) and human chorionicgonaclotropin (HCG) are frequently used.It is studied that the effects on the distribution of endocrine ceils in mullet, grasscarp and crucian pituitaries, which were injected oxytocit hormone in breeding seasonand non breeding season.Mullet, grass carp and crucian, each 40 fishes (males and females), were caught inthe May and November of a year. Four groups were divided: the control experimentgroup in breeding season, the control experiment group in non breeding season; theadministration group in breeding season, the administration group in non breedingseason. In the first two groups, mullet, grass carp and crucian, respective 10 fishes,were injected normal saline solution physiological saline of the freshwater fish to thethoracic cavity. While in the last two groups, mullet, grass carp and crucian, also 10fishes respectively, were injected LRH-A+DOM.The slices of the pituitary wasstained by HE staining, Mallory-Heidenhain-Azan staining and histochemistry. Afterbeing injected in different breeding seasons and non breeding seasons, volume densityand numerical density of endocrine cells in the different departments of pituitarieswere acquired by the stereology. Comparing the distribution of endocrine cells in thedifferent departments of pituitaries to tell whether there is a diversity. Besides,comparing the diversity of enzymatic activity, alkaline phosphatase (AKPase), acidicphosphatase (ACPase) and adenosine tricphosphatase (ATPase).The results showed that: After being injected in non breeding season, there was nodifference among most endocrine cells’ volume density and numerical density of thepituitaries, comparing with the control experiment group. While in the breedingseason, there was a dramatic difference among them, especially volume density and numerical density of basophilia cells (gonadotropin secretory cells) were more thanthe same in the control experiment in the breeding season and the enzymetic activitiesof AKPase, ACPase and ATPase in the pituitary was more than the same in the controlexperiment in the breeding season, even having dramatic difference. It suggested thatthe enzymatic activities of AKPase, ACPase and ATPase in pituitary are increased bythe oxytocin.

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