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Study on Water Use and Community Characteristics of Helianthmum Soongoricum Schrenk in West Ordos

Author: QingHua
Tutor: Yang
School: Inner Mongolia University
Course: Ecology
Keywords: Helianthemum West Erdos Distribution pattern Water Use
CLC: Q948
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Helianthemum (Helianthemum soongoricum Schrenk) formations is one of the major West Ordos desert formations around the table mountain and Gang Degel mountain rocky low hills and gravelly hills was the island relict distribution. Helianthemum ancient Tertiary relict plant, only one case in our country a national two rare and protected plants, not only in maintaining the desert ecosystem function has an important role, and for the evolution of the research environment, flora biological evolution, biodiversity and global change have significant academic value and diagnostic significance. By community characteristics Helianthemum Transpiration Characteristics of the plants, the investigation and determination of the community transpiration water consumption and evapotranspiration, try to explore the mechanism of water use and community Helianthemum formation mechanism, the results are as follows: 1. Helianthemum roots concentrated in the 0-30cm of the soil surface, and distribution of up to 10-20cm; mainly distributed in the low mountains and hills of gravel, middle and top of the rocky slope, the surface has a lot of stones, slope 0 - 10cm layer of small gravel tight sand, 10-20cm soil gravelly tight sand ,20-30cm soil gravelly sandy loam; community structure is simple, sparse vegetation, low total coverage in 3% -13%, the vast majority of species xerophytic strong xerophytic shrub or less than half of shrubs and xerophytic perennial bunchgrass, a biennial plant lamellar moisture conditions better when more obvious, can be divided into Helianthemum SAGE-like Ajania barbed bindweed - small grass and the Helianthemum Tetraena wood trigyna - small grasses two community types; 7, 8 and 9, three months, and each organ its aboveground biomass Helianthemum volume in August, the highest underground biomass showed an increasing trend. 2. The Helianthemum population spatial distribution pattern was random type and aggregation type semidiurnal thorns bindweed SAGE like Ajania - small grasses communities, because of the slope and the top of the hill the reduction of soil moisture heterogeneity makes environmental resources more evenly distributed the optimal sampling area, so Helianthemum population was randomly distributed, and the investigation of the spatial pattern of 8m × 8m; Helianthemum population is gathered in the the Helianthemum Tetraena wood trigyna communities - small grasses type may be set with quadrats and soil moisture spatial heterogeneity, and the investigation of the spatial pattern of the optimum area of ??16m × 16m. 3. Half-day the mosaic water potential in the early morning maximum, minimum value, at 13:00, the water potential gradually increased after 17:00, the day the maximum and minimum potential difference 2.21MPa atmospheric temperature and relative air humidity affect the half-day mosaic water potential major factor; Helianthemum the per plant transpiration Day process as a single peak curve, the highest point at 13:00, throughout the day transpiration 0.13kg / m ~ 2, atmospheric temperature and solar radiation affect Helianthemum transpiration main environmental factors: the growth season (July and August), Helianthemum communities daily net production of 0.55g / m ~ 2, water use efficiency 4.23g/kg. 4.7 months and August abundant rainfall, the soil in a period of higher water content, the top of the hill slope and foot soil moisture in the 0-10cm ,10-20cm and 20-30cm soil highest in September due to no precipitation, and the average moisture content of the soil at a low level, and surface soil moisture decreases; slope position 7,8,9 month average soil water content showed as close to the slope in the highest, and the top of the hill and its base; Helianthemum community water budget slightly negative balance in the growth of the high season (July and August), water deficit 5.98mm, most of the rainfall to soil evaporation, surface runoff and leakage in the form of loss of become invalid precipitation.

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