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Single-mode waveguide end face diffraction field characteristics

Author: LiLianHuang
Tutor: GuoFuYuan
School: Fujian Normal University
Course: Optics
Keywords: Waveguide Mode field Diffraction Full width at half maximum width Beam parameter
CLC: O436.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Along with the rapid development of WDM technology, from the 20th century, 90 years, for WDM optical communication research is focused to integrated optics technology, while the intrinsic dielectric waveguide mode field distribution, end diffracted field characteristics and non-contact coupling face features are a number of integrated optics design. Therefore, this paper focuses on the end face of the optical waveguide characteristics and the diffracted beams diffracted field characteristic parameters for the design of integrated optical devices or optimize provide theoretical support. Single-mode planar waveguide as the research object, directly from the Rayleigh - Sommerfeld scalar diffraction integral formula, using the most rapid descent method, derived in deep zone Fresnel diffraction source field and the diffraction field distribution is the same , using the Rayleigh criterion, simplifying scalar diffraction integral formula, also got Fresnel diffraction formula and Fraunhofer diffraction formula, combined with computer simulation to validate; deep-field analysis of the Fresnel Fresnel diffraction Field and Fraunhofer diffraction field and to compare the characteristics of each of the differences between them. According to Rayleigh - Sommerfeld scalar diffraction integral formula and the convolution theorem to derive the fundamental mode dielectric planar waveguide slit diffracted by the diffraction field Dirac distribution function and the sinc function, Lorentz function convolution, clarify diffraction-limited nature of the field distribution and the diffraction characteristics are discussed in detail; characterized as a central bright sign diffraction fringe full width at half maximum intensity of the slit width varies with the variation of half-width, and their fitting function. Through mathematical modeling and the use of curve fitting methods, fitting single-mode waveguide end face diffracted beam waveguide characteristic parameters and the relationship between the normalized frequency, were given second-order differential operator defined moments and near-field mode field radius, second-order differential operator defined moments and far-field divergence angle corner radius and second moments defined based on the beam propagation factor and waveguide normalized frequency, waveguide core function of radius relationship, and there is a high precision Degree: analysis of single-mode fiber at a certain normalized frequency range, the fundamental mode field distribution using the Gaussian approximation is reasonable, proposed using the equivalent Gaussian approximation matching efficiency when determining the mode field radius of the fundamental mode is given an equivalent mode fiber field radius core fiber-based normalized standing wave parameters and normalized cladding evanescent wave parametric formulas and fitted with optical function of the normalized frequency relationship. These conclusions, to a certain extent for the rapid analysis and calculation of single-mode and single-mode optical waveguide fiber end plane diffracted beam parameter provide a theoretical basis.

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