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Study on Dynamic of Flammable VCE Process in Special Operation Conditions and Analysis of Accidental Consequence

Author: ZhangYuRuo
Tutor: WangJingYu
School: University of North
Course: Safety Technology and Engineering
Keywords: Vapor cloud explosion CFD numerical simulation Blocking rate Minimum Safety Distance Evaluation Method Binding Assay
CLC: X928.7
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Industrial processes, especially in the chemical and petrochemical production, combustible gas has been widely used. Combustible gas leak gas cloud explosion, often cause huge casualties and property losses. Therefore, study leakage due to an accident caused by the flammable vapor cloud explosion propagation law, has a very important value. Especially in industrial production conditions, due to the connection of the plant, pipeline and complexity makes the vapor cloud explosion more dangerous than open space explosion. Evaluation of the consequences of vapor cloud explosion of TNT equivalent method is the most widely TNO multi-energy range of applications, however, the former belongs to the empirical model, applies only to a rough estimate of the far-field; although the latter is more reasonable, but the application with with a strong subjectivity; numerical simulation methods to solve the hydrodynamic equations, chemical reaction kinetics and obstacles near the theoretical study of the turbulence equations yet to be perfected. The classification and statistics the typical vapor cloud explosion cause of the accident happening at home and abroad, according to the results of statistical analysis to determine the flammable vapor cloud explosion model and working conditions as the research object. Vapor cloud explosion in the special conditions of the explosion flame propagation law and Propagation of Shock Wave. The main contents include: (1) unit within the vapor cloud explosion propagation law the obstacle itself features, embodied by the different structures of the obstacles in the vapor cloud explosion flame propagation blocking rate is not the same incentive effects. For high blocking obstacle explosion flame propagation speed is the greater, the higher the overpressure is generated. The same blocking rate, the more complex the structure of the obstacles arising from the higher overpressure. Combustible gas flame speed and gas activity into a positive relationship. (2) unit vapor cloud explosion propagation law simulated the the mixed vapor cloud overpressure - time curve changes in the different separation distance relationship. It can be seen as the separation distance increases, the explosion overpressure - time curve characterized by a large explosion source to two separate explosions source development. Combined the ethylene vapor cloud explosion, to determine the critical separation distance for 0.25D (zone size). In the connection relationship between the unit case, since the spacer to enhance the speed of the flame distance, so that the critical spacing distance is shortened than the case of no connection. (3) shock wave with an obstacle interaction law, vapor cloud explosion shock wave numerical simulation and its protective wall design: the shock wave in the process of interaction with obstructions, except for the reflection of the diffraction (diffraction similar to \) phenomenon; impede the surface pressure distribution on the front and the back there is a difference, one of the biggest differences is the overpressure distribution of the back corners, small at the center; come to the \wall slow overpressure effect is most obvious. Explore a variety of engineering evaluation method combined analysis of the way of the vapor cloud explosion risk, the main conclusions: (1) TNT equivalent method with TNO pluripotent wears a combination of methods for the quantitative calculation of the consequences of the accident risk; obtained TNO method the Disaster (calculated from the value) and TNT the Act (calculated the explosion equivalent value) combined evaluation method. (2) In the CFD method is based on the case of the accident to simulate and calculate the explosion overpressure. The same time the combined with TNO law analysis the the CFD simulations law (identified to participate in the explosive gas quality) and TNO (calculated the explosion overpressure value) Evaluation of a combination of ideas.

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