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Study on Bamboo/Wood Composite Strengthened Laminated Veneer Lumber Procedure by Impregnating Resin Method

Author: LiuHuanRong
Tutor: LiuJunLiang
School: Chinese Academy of Forestry
Course: Wood Science and Technology
Keywords: Wood composite Strengthen Laminated veneer lumber Dipping Hot-pressing process
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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With the implementation of natural forest protection project, the high-quality, large-diameter timber resources dwindling, especially wood can be used for building structure material fewer resources, such as timber-framed houses, bridges, etc., replaced by fast growing plantations. The purpose of this study is China's largest resource of bamboo (Phyllostachys pubescens) and plantation poplar (Populus spp.) As raw material, the use of water-soluble low molecular weight phenolic resin impregnated technology, developers can replace the use of high-quality timber structure with wood composite strengthening of laminated veneer lumber. Thesis phenolic resin impregnated poplar veneer and bamboo processing technology, different groups billet technology, hot-pressing process on the the sheet physical and mechanical performance indicators, analysis of the heat transfer of the slab during sintering process The law strengthening the variation of the physical and mechanical properties of laminated veneer lumber and wood composite obtained optimized wood composite reinforced laminated veneer lumber production process. By studying the following conclusions: 1 at room temperature and pressure and pressure two processes on the type of immersion time of the study indicate that veneer impregnation amount increases with the prolongation of the immersion time, the immersion time within 2h impregnation amount of the growth speed. The rapid increase in the the solution impregnation amount under pressurized conditions. Considering production efficiency and cost issues impregnated production of wood composite reinforced laminated veneer lumber recommended pressure impregnation process. 2 resin content is the same, compared to dipping glue two ways laminated veneer lumber production performance, the results show that the same density are two ways to the production of laminated veneer lumber, veneer production dipped laminated timber and glue way compared to the modulus of elasticity (MOE) and bending strength (MOR) increased 20.17% and 44.74%, 24h thickness swelling (TS) decreased 21.76%. 3 different impregnated veneer production of laminated veneer lumber density, MOE, MOR With the increase in the amount of impregnation increases, TS decreases. Veneer impregnated amount of 168% of the production of laminated veneer lumber, the density of 0.66g/cm 3, MOE, the MOR for 15.34GPa and 135.31MPa, respectively, and more than the Japanese standard structural laminated timber 140E (14GPa ) and 180E the Privilege (67.5MPa) standard. 4 hot heat transfer law strengthened through the production of wood composite impregnated laminated veneer lumber: sizing the same amount, the the slab core layer with glue compared dipped heat transfer faster; accelerate the rate of heat transfer and with the increase in the amount of veneer impregnated slab. 130% of the amount of impregnation, pressing temperature 150 ° C, when the pressing pressure of 1.0MPa, the core layer 18mm thick slab pressing temperature is reached the pressing time of the phenol resin (PF) when the curing temperature (139 ° C) for 18min. Five pairs of wood composite reinforced laminated veneer lumber 8 different set of blank: bamboo position close to the surface more wood composite reinforced laminated veneer lumber greater mechanical strength; With the bamboo layers increased, density, MOE, MOR and TS decreased. Impregnated amount of 130% of the thickness of 2.0mm veneer on the surface for the the bamboo group blank production of wood composite strengthened laminated veneer lumber and pure laminated veneer lumber MOE and MOR were increased by 16% and 33 %. The thickness of the veneer laminated timber performance variance analysis showed that the thickness of the veneer to strengthen the inspection wood composite laminated veneer lumber no significant effect on performance indicators. 6 hot pressing process to strengthen the performance impact of laminated veneer lumber wood composite: the higher the pressing temperature, pressing time is longer, the higher the mechanical strength of the compression ratio the greater bamboo composite reinforced laminated veneer lumber. Taking into consideration all conditions, when the the dipping production of wood composite reinforced laminated veneer lumber recommended that the hot pressing process: pressing temperature 140 to 160 ° C, pressing time of 1.2 to 1.6 min / mm (thickness) compression ratio of 15 to 25%, can be selected according to the device condition and production capacity as well as the final product performance requirements.

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