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Promotion of Some Technologies for Cultivating Coprinus Comatus in a Factory Farm

Author: LiZhenHai
Tutor: HuangYi
School: Fujian Agriculture and Forestry University
Course: Olericulture
Keywords: Coprinus comatu used substrate of Flammulina velitupe technological parameter
CLC: S646.1
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Quote: 3
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Coprinus comatus has high nutritional, medical and economical values, nowadays, there is little research on the technology of cultivating Coprinus comatus in a factory farm. The research takes cultivating Coprinus comatus in a factory farm as study subject, experimenting on the primary technology and systemic analyzing the experimentation data to search the technology and parameter of cultivating Coprinus comatus in a factory farm under the existing cultivating condition and environment. The conclusions are as follows:1.Substrate formulationCombining the interrelated productions of research on Coprinus comatu with profit of enterprise that cultivating Flammulina velitupes year-round in a factory farm, we used cotton seed hulls, straw, used substrate of Flammulina velitupe , wheat bran and corn flour five ingredients to optimize the formulation of substrate. It is found that the yield increased with a reasonable increase of the volume of used substrate of Flammulina velitupes while preparing the substrate, increasing the volume could result in the opposite effect. The figures from the experiment are calculated with stepwise regress analysis method, and regression equations for the yield and formulation, cycle and formulation are given, with which, an optimized formulation was produced for cultivation Coprinus comatu: 10% cotton seed hulls, 20% straw, 50% used substrate of Flammulina velitupes, 15% wheat bran and 3% corn flour.2.Moisture content in substrateMoisture content in substrate has an important effect on the yield and quality of Coprinus comatu. Under the condition that using cotton seed hulls, straw, used substrate of Flammulina velitupe , wheat bran and corn flour five ingredients as substrate formulation and others production portions , management are been properly done, the moisture content in the substrate is about 66.5%, the yield, quality, cycle of Coprinus comatu could reach an optimal combination.3.Filling weight of bagIf the conditions and the manipulation are possible, it is confirmed that the more weight the bag is, the more profit will be brought. A regression model of cost of filling weight and profit is also given:P=S(-161.5818+3208.4030X)-1.3341-2.3339XOf which X is filling weight of bag, S is sale price. When in summer and winter, the price is high, the filling weight is to be the maximum weight of the bag itself to get the maximum profit.4.CasingCasing is a very important technical measure in the cultivation of Coprinus comatu. Casing material, casing height, casing style, casing pH have closely relationship with yield and quality of Coprinus comatu. Calculating the experiment data with stepwise regress analysis method, we got the regression equations about the cycle(Y1) and casing material(X1) , casing height(X2) , casing pH(X3) ; yield(Y2) and casing material(X1) , casing height(X2) , casing pH(X3) :Y1 = 78.6666-3.1119X3 +0.1304X2X3Y2=-25.0148+32.5666X3Concluding from the regression equations, it was confirmed that the yield, quality, cycle of Coprinus comatu could reach an optimal combination when pH is 8.9960, casing height is 3.9983 cm, casing material is a kind of compound soil that 30% plant ashes and 70% garden soil in volume.5.Environmental factorsComplete random section design is conducted to create 36 combinations of different levels of environmental factors, the overall performance of the fruit bodies matured and fruited under these conditions is judged with several merchandise figures. The results show that the optimum maturing environmental conditions for yield , cycle and the overall merchandise figures of Coprinus comatu are: temperature20℃~21℃, related humidity 75%~80%, and CO density 2000×10~3000×10.

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