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The Cultural Reconstruction Filed in the Vision of Chinese Peaceful Development

Author: LouWenJuan
Tutor: MaoJianQun
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: The basic principles of Marxism
Keywords: Peaceful development Culture Cultural strength
CLC: G120
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Persist in the peace road of development leaking, is our nation’s development strategy with ultimacy significance in the new century. In the course of realizing peaceful development and starting the nation better future, we must attach great importance to the culture construction and development. The culture is the premise condition of the national existence and progressive, which not only accumulates all country’wisdom and civilized achievement, but also contains its spirit gene of realizing new uninterrupted growth, Cultural power, deeply in nation’casting life-force , creative ability and cohesiveness. Depend on the world in nowadays especially, with the quick development of economic globalization and the modern information technology, the culture gets in touch with the economy and politics mutually, and the union with science and technology is also gradually rapid and intense, Cultural status and functions in the competition in overall national strength is outstanding also gradually, and become the important dimension of measuring the synthetical strength of country. The world is harmonious or not , already no longer, is economy benefit and politics benefit coordination, but goes deep into to the cultural layer face. At the same time, since the reform of opening to the outside world, Deep change happened in economic pattern and social structure of our country, the mode of distribution and the pattern of interests diversify gradually, have initiated people from the diversification of thinking, value adopt and the culture. Under this big background, the culture significance lays stress on gradually in the course of peaceful development. Knowing culture sufficiently has significant effects for peace development strategy, make great efforts to build and develop advanced socialist culture, Ceaseless lifting country culture strength, Energetically, make rubbings from exhibition cultural exchange with foreign countries and spread a channel, Expand and strengthen the Chinese culture world influence, All these will surely provide reliable thought guarantee and intellectual impetus to attain peaceful development strategy objectives. Singapore cabinet money political affairs Lee Kuan Yew once said: "China rises abruptly again responding to road of a cultural renaissance leaking" ", such whole world will see, Chinese great ambition is not conquer the world , but to be full of the vigour, high level with one kind , that what been fond of by masses makes whose civilization split again coming culture puts in luster , makes Chinese People enjoy the high quality life. Such China is to have attraction’s very much as for the world".Because Chinese peaceful development has the close relationship with culture, the main body of a book with comment from three aspect:Firstly, Chinese peaceful development needs big and powerful culture strength. Inherent ideological form regulation article has been discussed mainly developing strategy peacefully being Chinese culture tradition and main current, Culture strength is of country comprehensive national strength ingredient, Not only the important content of realizing development, but also the thought guarantee and intellectual impetus of developing, Important position and effect in explaining that culture is put into effect in the development strategy pushing forward peace thereby.Secondly, adverse effects primal problem and their had on facing the real Chinese cultural advancement. Two aspect s go deep into the secondary in the homeland sum international having discussed our country oneself strongly with a lot of deficiency and western country having developed existence power of cultural advancement culture gives the country the culture construction and develops the impingement bringing about, And proceed to the next step to the adverse effect pushing forward peace development strategy being put into effect having pointed this out, Have restricted culture at home the strength strengthening, the country has accepted feeling and the national cohesion coming down, has restricted the comprehensive national strength ;Competition and influence have restricted culture externally, having weakened the active response of Chinese world utterance rights, and it is not convenient for world public opinion to Chinese.Thirdly, the thought of solving problems, is developing with the advanced prosperous culture, strengthen culture power, putting into effect and pushing forward peace development strategy. Be hit by have problem specifically for cultural advancement, suggesting that the power should strengthen a comprehensive national strength, and provides the forceful moral kingpin for peace develops developing culture; World influence and attraction reinforcing cultural exchange with foreign countries, lifting Chinese culture, peace develops the environment building fine world opinion; Structure country culture safety system, ensures that culture is healthy development, providing solid insurance for peaceful development.

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