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Transferring Quantum Information in Cavity QED

Author: WuZuo
Tutor: YeLiu;NiZhiXiang
School: Anhui University
Course: Atomic and Molecular Physics
Keywords: Quantum Information Cavity QED Deliver Quantum entangled states Teleportation
CLC: O413
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Quantum information science is a product of the combination of quantum mechanics and information science, which mainly use the microscopic particles as carrier, by virtue of the specific nature of quantum mechanics to solve some classical information that are not able to complete the information processing capabilities, it shows that science is unable to classic information match advantage. Quantum information science major, including two parts of quantum communication and quantum computing, quantum communication is an important branch of quantum information science, including quantum teleportation of quantum dense coding, quantum secret sharing. Quantum information processing, we need to construct a quantum qubit operations hardware, including cavity quantum electrodynamics (cavity QED) program is one of the most promising quantum hardware design. Cavity QED quantum information processing, simple operation, the use of micro-cavity structure its expansion, integration. Currently, quantum information processing, or staying in the realm of theory, so finding more conducive to the experimental realization of quantum information processing has a very important significance to the development of quantum information. In quantum information science, quantum state transfer is one of the very important area of ??research, this paper studies the transmission of quantum information via cavity QED SQUIDs and the cavity field also carried out some preliminary studies to obtain The following results based on large detuning of the atom and the cavity field interaction send unknown entangled state of two atoms and two atomic the product state program, and our program can be extended to the transfer of N atoms. Our program does not require the Bell state measurement. Meanwhile, the program contains only large detuning of atoms and cavity field interaction can effectively overcome the impact of decoherence of the light field, and the atoms through the process of the cavity, the cavity field just imaginary excitation does not need to be passed between the atom and the cavity quantum information, so that the quality factor of the cavity is greatly reduced. 2 resonant interaction program transfer mode cavity field entangled states based on the single-atom and the cavity field, our program does not require the Bell state measurement, does not need any reconstruction of entangled initial state, and the transmission probability of successfully 1, and can establish a transfer of quantum information between the cavity field and cavity field quantum network. The program can also be extended to transfer N cavity field entangled states. At the same time, the program also can be used to successfully transmit unknown entangled state of two atoms, or between atoms and atomic quantum network to transmit quantum information, and to promote the state to send N-atom entanglement. 3, is proposed based on the single-atom and the cavity field resonance interaction send unknown two-atom product state solution, this solution does not require the Bell-state measurement, does not need any reconstruction of entangled initial state, and send a probability of success of 100 %. Meanwhile, the program can be generalized to send the product state of n atoms. 4, unknown two-atom entanglement in the program based on the number of atom and cavity field resonance transfer. This program contains only atoms and cavity field, cavity field is not used to store quantum information, and a very short duration of action of the atom and the cavity field, quantum information can be directly, 100% transmitted. 5 transmit quantum information based on the large field of SQUIDs and cavity detuning interaction program, this program can directly achieve 100% transmission of quantum information. The program in the cavity between the field and SQUIDs system quantum the letter Kai, the passing, the cavity field is only virtually excited, this greatly reduces the requirements of the quality factor of the cavity. Also can establish transferring quantum information between the SQUIDs quantum network.

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