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Zeolite Adsorbent with High Capacity of CO

Author: BaiRong
Tutor: MaJingHong
School: Taiyuan University of Technology
Course: Industrial Catalysis
Keywords: Molecular sieve adsorbent 5A 13X Carbon monoxide Adsorption separation
CLC: TQ424
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2007
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Carbon monoxide is an important industrial raw material gas, with the development of industry, the growing demand for raw gas; such as carbon monoxide, on the other hand, in some industrial gases harmful impurities enables catalyst poisoning, therefore, separation, and purification of these The gas has an important industrial significance. A pressure swing adsorption PSA technique is a new rise in recent years industrial gas separation technology, the difference in characteristics of its use the adsorption of the gas component in the solid material, as well as the amount of adsorption varies with the pressure changes in the characteristics by periodic pressure conversion process to achieve the separation and purification of gases. The adsorbent is the basis of the PSA technique, directly affects the performance of the adsorbent final separation effect, and even affect the life of the complexity of the process steps and PSA, the PSA adsorbent used destination gas has a high adsorption capacity and separation selectivity separation and energy saving have great significance. Modified molecular sieves, ion exchange modified molecular sieve as a the gas adsorbent has a wide range of applications and research. The subject respectively for A, X-type zeolite modified method by improving calcium exchange and load of cuprous chloride, reaching the effect to increase the amount of adsorption of carbon monoxide. Improve the A-type zeolite improved the degree of calcium exchange molecular sieve adsorbent 5A preparation process, combined with the traditional solution exchange method, part of the calcium compound is added to the roasting process occurs solid state exchange to improve the exchange of the A-type zeolite degree and adsorption properties. The XRD spectra of the samples showed that in the calcination process, the calcium compound and 4A, the solid-state ion exchange. Test investigated the best results the calcium salt is selected from a variety of compounds, and further investigated the addition amount and the influence of the calcination temperature on the amount of the prepared molecular sieve adsorption, the result is: - The optimum amount of addition of calcium chloride for 0.5mmolh / g zeolite; lower calcination temperature and rapid heating rate is more conducive to the sample on the adsorption of carbon monoxide and other gases. 2 13X load of cuprous chloride as CO efficient adsorbent by 13X cuprous chloride mixed roasting, cuprous chloride load obtained by 13X on 13X cuprous chloride mixed roasting chlorine The cuprous load in the 13X molecular sieve adsorbent having a greater amount of carbon monoxide adsorbed and selectivity obtained. Found through experiments investigated the cuprous chloride and 13X the mass ratio of 0.2-0.4 between the preferred carbon monoxide adsorption capacity, the mass ratio of about 0.2 exhibit good CO / CO 2 separation selectivity. Characterization: The XRD pattern shows that the crystal phase disappeared, mechanical mixing of 13X and CuCl crystals of CuCl in the calcination process may occur a monolayer dispersion of the atomic level and part of the solid-state ion exchange. Cuprous chloride into the pore surface area measurement is displayed with the downward trend in the zeolite on the increase in the amount of cuprous chloride load, specific surface area and pore volume. The advantage of this approach is to provide more monovalent copper complexation active center with CO to improve the adsorption capacity and selectivity.

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