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Research on the Relationship between Organization Silence and Employee’s Satisfaction in High-tech Enterprises

Author: MaXiYing
Tutor: LuoJian
School: Southwestern University of Finance and Economics
Course: Human Resource Management
Keywords: High-tech enterprises Organization silence Employee Satisfaction Correlation Analysis Regression analysis
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Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2010
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Organization silence (Organization Silence) as a new field of study, based on a negative image of organizational behavior discussed in theoretical circles vision. Organizational silence is a common phenomenon in the enterprise, is the majority of the members of the organization do not express their views in the face of the problems existing in the organization, who wish to retain their own views on the behavior. Organization silence makes the organization of information exchange and communication barriers, the organization can not be effective decision-making and experiential learning, and harm to the development of the enterprise; silence makes employees appear obedient and give up the behavior for individuals, organizations, and seriously affected employees responsibility and job satisfaction. Employee satisfaction (Employee's Satisfaction) employees are satisfied with all aspects of the work or an attitude and emotion. Employee satisfaction directly affect the enthusiasm for work and creative play. In the ever-changing knowledge economy, talent is the key to business success and core competitiveness, many high-tech companies are aware of the tremendous contribution of talent to add value to the enterprise value. Must improve in order to attract and retain qualified personnel, employee satisfaction, training employees on the sense of belonging to the enterprise, and constantly enhance the centripetal force of the staff of the enterprise, people-oriented management. The departure from the organization silence the negative organizational behavior employee satisfaction and silent study areas, on the one hand, we can enrich the organization, on the other hand can provide inspiration and reference for enterprises to improve employee satisfaction. The high-tech industry is an important position in international economic and technological competition is a pillar of the contemporary economic development, is an important symbol of a country's comprehensive national strength has played a pivotal role in the national economy of our country. Explore the high-tech enterprise organization Silence impact on employee satisfaction, and help build a harmonious atmosphere for business in the high-tech enterprises, inspire employees a sense of ownership, improve employee satisfaction, and enhance the innovative capability of enterprises. This paper aims to use the relationship between the employees of the organization in the empirical method of high-tech enterprises in silence and employee satisfaction, understanding organizational silence each dimension impact on employee satisfaction. Finally, according to the results of empirical research, the proposed management measures to reduce organizational silence, improve employee satisfaction, and provide some guidance for the practical work. This paper is divided into five parts, the first part is the introduction, this study, background, purpose, meaning, content, ideas, methods and innovations elaborated; second part at Home and Abroad, mainly on organizational silence, employee satisfaction existing research summary, overview; The third part of the study design and hypotheses; fourth part is divided into data collection and analysis, including the design and revision of the questionnaire, survey instructions, the reliability and validity of the test as well as statistical analysis, to examine organizational silence dimensions of employee satisfaction; fifth part of the study conclusions and management recommendations, based on statistical analysis of the results of the analysis, discussion, and proposed the corresponding countermeasures and suggestions, the sixth part of a summary of the full pointed out that the innovation of this study, limitations, and future research directions. This study built an organization silence model study on employee satisfaction, and use of data in the enterprise survey conducted an empirical test of this model. This study draws Zheng Xiaotao and others employees in the context of measurement as well as the trust of its silent influence \About employee satisfaction, summarizes the research results of Chinese and foreign scholars on the basis of the combination of the characteristics of high-tech enterprises and their employees, the employee satisfaction is divided into: organizational satisfaction, satisfied with their own development, work environment satisfaction wage returns were satisfactory, the work itself satisfied with the five dimensions. In this paper, the core assumptions significantly negatively related to organizational silence and employee satisfaction, and broken down into the organization to silence each dimension of various dimensions of employee satisfaction was significantly negatively correlated. In order to facilitate research, at home and abroad research preparation \responses to the questionnaire as a sample, the use of analysis of variance, correlation and regression analysis methods and empirical research, this paper, the theoretical point of view. Empirical analysis of this study the following conclusions: First, on the whole, high-tech enterprise organization silence each dimension of a significant negative correlation between the various dimensions of employee satisfaction was not completely verify. Organization silence with their own development satisfied the work itself satisfaction, work environment satisfaction, wages return satisfaction significantly negatively correlated, but the organization satisfied without significantly with correlation; Organization silent ignore sexual silence with their own development satisfaction, work environment satisfaction, wages return satisfaction work itself satisfaction was significantly negatively correlated, but with the organization satisfied without significant with correlation; Organization silent acquiescence sexual silence and organization satisfaction, satisfaction with their own development, satisfaction with the work environment, wage returns satisfaction significantly negatively correlated, but satisfaction with the work itself does not significantly with the correlation ; the organizational silence defensive silence and staff satisfaction each dimension was no significant correlation. Second, high-tech enterprise organizations silent indifference of silence and acquiescence silence a strong predictive effect on employee satisfaction, and that employees disregard silent acquiescence sexual silence the higher the degree of employee satisfaction lower the verified . Third, the personal circumstances of different age, job level, annual income, years of the establishment of the enterprise, the enterprise scale, will lead to the staff of the Organization of silence and job satisfaction cognitive differences. Specifically, the age of the employees under the age of 25 organizational silence degrees higher, probably lighter than the corporate identity and feelings; jobs low staff the organizational silence degrees higher, probably because of their competence, less need to avoid interpersonal estrangement attack and choose to protect themselves and others; annual income lower employees' self-efficacy is lower, the higher organizational silence, lower employee satisfaction; longer life Established business organization The higher the degree of silence, employees increasingly feel powerless to change the status quo, the vitality of the organization is also lower, lower employee satisfaction; enterprises are different in nature, the employees perceived indifference to sexual silence and satisfaction of their own development, the state-owned enterprises or institutions indifference feelings of sexual silence lowest high recognition of the employees of the organization, from employee satisfaction point of view, the employees of the Sino-foreign joint ventures is the development of a satisfactory evaluation itself was significantly higher than the state-owned enterprises and foreign-owned enterprises. Fourth, this study, age, job level, annual income, the enterprise established years of firm size as a control variable partial correlation analysis, the results show that age, job level, annual income, enterprises established age, firm size and other organizations silence relationship and employee satisfaction has a regulatory role, but it is not obvious. The main innovation of this study: First, the theoretical research model to build the organization between silence and employee satisfaction, to expand organizational silence and employee satisfaction research areas. Second, an empirical study of the relationship between the organization of high-tech enterprises of each dimension of silence and employee satisfaction, rich organization silence and employee satisfaction research, and made a series of management proposals and measures. Finally, due to the restrictions of the relevant conditions, this study has some limitations. In the last part of this article, this was discussed and proposed for these limitations, as well as from the results of empirical research inspired several issues that need further study.

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