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Study on Hawking Radiation and Tunneling Effect

Author: FangLiQing
Tutor: LiXiang
School: Nanchang University
Course: Astrophysics
Keywords: Hawking radiation Tunneling effect WKB approximation Evaporation rate Black hole entropy Black hole remnant
CLC: P145.8
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2011
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In 1975, Hawking’s semi-classical calculation of black holes radiance led to the possibility of black hole evaporation. This in turn, led to the conclusion that information may be lost forever. In 2000, Parikh and Wilczek treat Hawking radiation as a tunneling process to explain how information is conserved and Hawking radiation is a unitary process.After that, a lot of static or stationary rotating black holes are calculated by using this method.In chapter one,we start with a brief review of the hawking radiation、the laws of black hole thermodynamics and the black hole imformation paradox.Then,we introduce some possible souution to the black hole information paradox. After that, we introduce a short and direct deivation of hawking radiation as tunneling process.And we show that the radiation can indeed be viewed as tunneling particles and that this leeds to nonthermality.In chapter two,we use WKB method to calculate the probability of barrier penetration by treat Hawking radiation as a tunneling process, in order to get the first and second order correction to the Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole and Reissner-Nordstrom-de Sitter black hole entropy.And this result is still consist with the unitary theory and energy conservation.In chapter three, black hole evaporation is treated as particles emitted out process, and we calculate Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole the entropy carried out by radiation. The existence of remnant of Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole is proved, and we analyze the influence of cosmological constant A to the entropy carried out by radiation. After that, we try to build a numerically applicable model for modification of the black hole entropy to simulate the formation of a black hole evaporation rate. By using Stefan-Boltzmann Law, we discuss Schwarzschild black hole and Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole’s evaporation rate and black hole remnant. We draw Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole and Schwarzschild-de Sitter black hole evaporation rate with different entropy expression.Once again,we proved the existence of black hole remnant.At last, we summarize this thesis and make some prospect

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