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  1. Reduction of the Instantaneous State Vectors of Spacecraft Based on VLBI Tracking Data,GuoLi/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,3/267
  2. Black Hole Quasinormal Modes and Black Hole Entropy,ShuFuWen/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/187
  3. Investigation of the Absorption in Active Galactic Nuclei Using VLBI,CaiHongBing/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/67
  4. Studies on the Prediction of Earth’s Variable Rotation by Artificial Neural Networks,WangZuoJie/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,8/204
  5. Some Topics on Dark Energy,SunZuYao/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,2/337
  6. Spectral Line Observations of Massive Star Forming Regions and Circumstellar SiO Maser,ChenZuo/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/49
  7. Accretion and Jet Physics in Low Luminosity Active Galactic Nuclei,WuQingWen/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/106
  8. Studies on the Applications of SAR and InSAR Techniques to the Earth Science,ChenYanLing/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,10/791
  9. Researches on the Central Black Hole Masses and Emissions of AGNs,GuMinFeng/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/211
  10. Key Technologies Research of Satellite Timing Receivers,CaiFan/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,4/1211
  11. Studies on Convection Instability and Differential Rotation in Planetary Interior,FengTianHou/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/58
  12. Establishment of CCD Drift-Scan System and Observing and Positioning for GSS with It,MaoYinDun/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,1/260
  13. Inclination-Dependent Luminosity Function of Spiral Galaxies and the Statistic Analysis for Dust Extinction,XiaoQuanBao/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/56
  14. Some Key Techniques of Fizeau-type Optical Aperture Synthesis Telescope,ChenXinYang/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,5/345
  15. Research on Digital Base-band Converter in VLBI Data Acquisition Terminal,XiangYing/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,5/283
  16. Study on Some Problems of LEOs Orbit Determination Based on GPS,WuJiangFei/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,16/1197
  17. Orbit Determination of the First Chinese Lunar Exploration Spacecraft CE-1,HuangYong/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,21/1233
  18. Researches on Gamma-ray Emission Mechanism in Active Galactic Nuclei,FanZhongHui/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/90
  19. Angular Momentum Distribution Within Dark Halos and Implications for Disk Galaxy Formation,ChenDongNi/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/75
  20. Central Engine and Radio Jets in Radio-loud Active Galactic Nuclei,LiuZuo/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/56
  21. Strong Lensing in N-body Simulated Clusters,LiGuoLiang/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,1/71
  22. Black Hole Entropy, Black Hole Information Paradox & Quantum Teleportation in Curved Space-time,GeXianHui/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/304
  23. Researches on the Broad Line Regions in Active Galaxies Nuclei,XuYun/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/138
  24. Semiclassical Approximation and Low-laying Quasinormal Modes of Black Holes,ChangJiaFeng/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,3/115
  25. Studies on Convective Stability and Nonlinear Characteristics in Planetary Interior,ChangYingLi/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/77
  26. GPS Radio Occultation Technique and CHAMP Occultation Data Retrieval,GuoPeng/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,4/595
  27. The Analysis of the Three-point Correlation Function from Simulations and Theory,HouYongHui/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/108
  28. Hale - Bopp comet near nuclear research,TaoZuo/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/56
  29. Black hole entropy , the black hole of the de Broglie-Bohm quantum Quintessence cosmology,GaoChangJun/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/249
  30. Semi-Analytic Model of Galaxy Formation,KangXi/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/127
  31. China region ionosphere based on ground-based GPS monitoring and delay corrective research,ZhangHongPing/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,42/963
  32. Study and Software Implementation of GPS Data Pre-processing and Onboard GPS Kinematic Orbit Determination,ZhengZuoYa/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,30/1876
  33. Vacuum dark energy and cosmic baryon number asymmetry,ChenChiYi/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/233
  34. Block Adjustment of Overlapping CCD Frames,YuYong/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,1/222
  35. Dual-wavelength satellite laser ranging,ZuoJingFu/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,2/525
  36. Study of Wavelet Method for VLBI Correlation Processing of Satellite and Radio Source,XiaHaiBo/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/200
  37. Numerical Simulations of Galaxies,Peter Robert Williams/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/74
  38. Radio Observational Studies of High Luminosity AGNs and the Dim Galactic Center Object Sgr A~*,AnTao/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/92
  39. Statistical studies of galaxy size distribution,ShenShiYin/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,2/105
  40. Researches on the Realization of Satellite Navigation Coordinate Reference System,JiaoWenHai/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,12/1249
  41. 3-D Natural Electromagnetic Field Source Geo-Electromagnetic Response Study,ZhangDaHai/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/126
  42. Study on Some Problems in Atmospheric Inversion by GPS Occultation Amplitude Observations,ZhangGuiXia/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/264
  43. A Study of the High Frequency Variations of Earth Rotation Parameters Based on VLBI Observation,ZhangBo/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,4/215
  44. Radio observations and research in high-energy Gamma-ray AGNs,WangWeiHua/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/51
  45. Globular cluster NGC6656 HST WFPC2 photometry and dynamics of,ChenDing/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,1/48
  46. Sensing Three Dimensional Water Vapor Structure with Ground-based GPS Network and the Application in Meteorology,SongShuLi/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,38/729
  47. Semi-analytic Modelling on the Formation and Evolution of Disk Galaxies,LuoZhiJian/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,1/118
  48. Molecular Spectra in Massive Star Forming Regions,XuZuo/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/90
  49. The dynamical evolution of the galaxy planet -like cluster system,WuZhenYu/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,0/82
  50. Present-day Crustal Deformation in China and GPS-derived Coordinate Time Series Analysis,FuYang/Shanghai Astronomical Observatory,39/662

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