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Study on the Effect of Acetochlor on Functions of Loach (Misgurnus Anguillicadatus)

Author: ZhangBinBin
Tutor: FuRongShu
School: Shandong Normal University
Course: Zoology
Keywords: Acetochlor Loach genetic toxicology Molecular ecological toxicology Biomarker SOD GPT GOT GSTs AChE
CLC: X592
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008
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Acetochlor is one of the most three representative, largest kinds of herbicides used in China. It’s original medicine in China has been the use of more than 1×107Kg.It is wellknown that the pesticide do harm to mankind through its own pesticide in the environment into the product directly or indirectly. It is worth exploring issue to evaluate a acetochlor toxicity, long-term contaminants by using a reasonable biomarker.Generally speaking,for such low toxicity, long-term pollution by Acetochlor,it is often difficult to detect the potential toxicity by chemical analysis.In the research ,we study systematically on the effect of water polluted by acetochlor on loach physiology by the use of Instructions biological testing such as acute toxicity test, the determination of the concentration of death and biomarker.The research provides much materials on pollution by acetochlor.Misgurnus anguillicadatus, a species of freshwater fish, has fairly capacity of anti-pollution. Hence, loach was chosen as experiment subject. It showed that water polluted by acetochlor had poisoning effects on it, there were very significant positive correlations between toxicity and duration of exposure, concentration of pollution water. The results showed that characters of animals poisoned were as follows: canker of muscles on belly, back, and mandible; blood spot appearance on skin, and eyespot were harmed et.al.After chronic toxicity test, further test of genetic toxicology on surviving loach were carried out. Blood blades were made to observe the form of cell.Compared to control groups, the rate of nuclear anomaly and micronuclei are greatly higher. The result showed that toxin from acetochlor made tremendous mpactson indexes of genetic toxicology.Activities of enzyms(SOD,GPT,GOT,GSTs,AChE)under different concentra- tion of liquor polluted by acetochlor were detected respectively in 24h,48h and 96h. Obvious induction effects were observed on SOD,GSTs,GPT and GOT, while AchE showed inhibitory effect. SOD, SOD,GSTs,GPT could be applied as reasonable biomarkers to detect water pollution.In the thesis, the innovation in this experiment was that it was the first time that biomarkers were systematically used to study the effects of acetochlor on physiological, biochemical changes, which provided theorical foundation for environments monitoring and fish cultivation.

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